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BandUNION OF URANUS aka Uranus
GenresPunk / Metallic Hardcore / Black-Metal / Screamo / Grindcore
Related artistsHis Hero Is GoneTragedyChokeholdBrutal Knights, Career Suicide, Hacksaw, Hassler, RammerDouble Think, Speedy Huffler Kings, Dead Man's Right Hand and Valley Boys.
CountryOttawa, Ontario CANADA
Years Active1993-1997
Song: "Circumstance"
Album: "Disaster by Design"
Year: 1995
For fans ofRorschachAcme, Carol, One Eyed God Prophecy, The Flying WorkerSystral, Mörser, His Hero Is Gone, Buried Inside, Zann, Protestant, Orchid, June Paik, Never Better, Converge, Lamantide, Knut, Resurrectionists and Drift aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): The Great American Steak Religion / Doomsday Machine Records / Daybreak / Re-Education / Farewell Records / Stonehenge Records / Ugly Pop Records
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As you may have noticed, I've been getting hard into mid-90s German (Bremen, specifically) hardcore with recent reviews of Carol and Acme, with more coming from Mörser and Systral, at the very least. Somehow at that exact moment in time the exact same thing was happening all the way across the world in Canada, most notably with UNION OF URANUS, One Eyed God Prophecy and Drift.

UNION OF URANUS' demo cassette is titled 'Backhand' was originally released in 1993 on tape before being used again in 1997 for their split 12" with His Hero Is Gone. Opener and title track "Backhand" is unrelenting in its barrage of metallic hardcore laced with thick, acidic and destroyed screams. The driving nature of the instrumentals as they let single notes ring out and then provide a nice fill to count the next note hold. "One Eye Strengthens" is even darker and chaotic than the opener, and some truly mortifying vocals, "Weight of Tomorrow" is fucking ferocious, "Equilibrate" definitely reminds me of Acme and Carol and is a raging good time, while the closer "Pressure" is a Negative Approach cover.

The following year (1994) they released a huge track 5:32 in length titled "Believer" on a split 7" with fellow French Canucks Immoral Squad. This thing truly is massive, includes dual vocals and even bares some resemblance to Belleville, Ontario's Shotmaker in its jarring, discordant approach.

1995 saw the final new output from URANUS (they had lost a member and were going by the shortened name at this point) with a 2x7"LP called 'Disaster By Design'. Housing five volatile and highly influential hardcore jams, with a bit more focus on dual vocals and some higher-pitched, screamier stuff from Geoff. Opener "Circumstance" goes full-fucking-tilt with some insane drumming and empties the tank by 2:10, making it one of my favourite songs by the band. "Face Value" isn't much longer but is definitely slower, darker and more powerful than its predecessor, and that stop/start thing they've got going on at the 60-second mark is amazing. "Panacea" has a slow, droning intro that lasts two minutes before the remaining three tears the listener to shreds. "Pedestal" isn't too different but skips the lengthy intro and seems to blow by all too quickly, while the closer and final URANUS song "Revolve" surpasses the five-minute mark and strangles the listener with those smothering guitars.

In 2004 a retrospective cd was released, but for some reason the 'Backhand'/'His Hero Is Gone split' tracks are lumped together as three instead of the proper five tracks. For this reason I have included the discography cd as well as the original releases so you don't have these silly double-tracks - UNION OF URANUS' only real mistake 😏


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

1993 - Backhand cassetteEP
1994 - Immoral Squad split 7"EP

1995 - Disaster By Design 2x7"/12"LP

1997 - His Hero Is Gone split 12"EP (same as 'Backhand' EP)

2004 - To This Bearer Of Truth cd compilation


(1994) UNION OF URANUS - "Backhand" (from 'Backhand')

(1994) UNION OF URANUS - "Equilibrate" (from 'Backhand')

(1994) UNION OF URANUS - "Believer" (from 'Immoral Squad' split)

(1995) UNION OF URANUS - "Circumstance" (from 'Disaster By Design')

(1995) UNION OF URANUS - "Face Value" (from 'Disaster By Design')


UNION OF URANUS out of print mp3 discography download

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