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***NATIVE exclusive video interview***

GenresPost Punk / Math Rock / Emo / Experimental / Post-Hardcore / Screamo / Twinkle
Related artistsN/A.
CountryIndiana, USA
Years Active2007-present
Song: "Fundraiser"
Album: "Orthodox"
Year: 2013
Label(s): Sargent House / Topshelf Records / Kid Sister Everything
This post's artist is from the January 2014 Mix. This is track #8.
You can download the January 2014 Mix#1 right here.
For fans ofKidcrashKill SadieThese Arms Are SnakesLadder DevilsMy First Castle,
                  Q And Not UTrachimbrodThis Town Needs GunsRaeinAnimal Faces,
                  Maps And Atlases, and Minus The Bear.

NATIVE have been turning heads for years. For quite some time the band played broken, jazzy, mathy, chaotic songs that bounced around playfully and left the listener confused and content. Imagine Q And Not U meets Kidcrash and you've got a pretty good idea of the sound these guys mash together - catchy/aggressive rock with some screamo and hardcore tendencies.

Upon hearing the new 'Orthodox' cd/LP it was obvious the band had shed their collective past skin and ventured into new waters for the band. That being said, NATIVE still retains all the things that made them great in the past - but the light and dancy vibes have generally been replaced with dark, haunting, disorienting, ominous, oppressive and epic-sounding songs. The first thing I thought when I heard the LP was These Arms Snakes. The vocals, the bass-heaviness of it all - and let's not forget the track "Fundraiser", which causes me to constantly second guess myself during the intro as to which band I'm actually listening to. The vocals have also gotten much thicker and more aggressive, as the bassist/vocalist has done away with the shouted megaphone vocals and opted for a harsh yell more in line with Steve Snare during his These Arms Are Snakes days.

NATIVE has definitely matured, as they craft songs now, as opposed to sweet riffs that are strung together with less thought as to how they sound as an amalgamated whole. The 'Orthodox' material was the ONLY material the the band chose to play live in Toronto, as the band (and myself) felt they have progressed past that older sound. The live set is linked below in its entirety (minus the first song) along with the exclusive video interview I had with Ed, one of the two guitar players of NATIVE. He was exceptionally sweet and answered all of my questions. Special thanks to my boy Tim Pienta for putting together another classy looking video file, something I cannot do. If you have the chance to see NATIVE live - do so!!! They are amazing.


LIVE (2 of 6 videos)

1 - Monday Night
2 - Books On Tape (go here)
3 - Fundraiser (go here)
4 - Coin Toss (go here)
5 - Brass (go here)
6 - Kissing Bridge



2007 - Are You There Hello EP (download here)

2008 - We Delete; Erase cd/12"EP (stream/buy/download here)
2008 - Mans / Lautrec / Lion Of The North Split cd (I need this, anyone have it?)
2008 - Winter Tour Demo cdEP (download here)

2010 - Wrestling Moves cd/12"LP (stream/buy/download here)

2013 - Orthodox cd/12"LP (stream/buy/download here)

(2008) NATIVE - "Flaschdance" (from 'We Delete; Erase')

(2010) NATIVE - "Members List" (from 'Wrestling Moves')

(2013) NATIVE - "Kissing Bridge" (from 'Orthodox')


NATIVE out-of-print mp3 downloads / additional links


***DEATH OF ANNA KARINA exclusive interview***

GenresPunk / Noise Rock / Post-Hardcore / Screamo
Related artistsOrnaments, By All Means, Lady Tornado, Mourn, No Somos Nada,
                       Society of Jesus, La Ceneri and La Quiete.
CountryCarpi/Correggio, ITALY
Years Active1999-present
Song: "Sparate Sempre Prima Di Strisciare"
Album: "Lacrima Pantera"
Year: 2011
Label(s): Slave Union / Heroine Records / Unhip Records / Tannen Records / Mashnote /
               Life Of Hate Records / To Lose La Track / Shove Records / Blinde Proteus
This post's artist is from the January 2014 Mix. This is track #1.
You can download the January 2014 Mix#1 right here.
For fans ofKaospilot, Yage, Orchid, The Flying Worker, La Parade, Loftus, Refused,
                  Sed Non SatiataThe Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, La Mantra De Fhiqria,
                  Third MemoryThe Blood Brothers, La QuieteReversal Of Man12XU, Raein,
                  Baton RougeTrapdoor Fucking ExitDaitro, VauxJR Ewing, Danse Macabre
                  and Envy aka PROPER Screamo.

THE DEATH OF ANNA KARINA was quite the enigma for almost a decade (for me, at least). They shared a member with La Quiete, which made me buy the album right away...back in 2002. The self-titled album was a caustic romp through European screamo and Orchid-worship territory, which obviously sent me into a frenzy. This was back before band stuff was plastered around the internet, so after obsessing over the band I basically was unable to find anything besides their split with The Flying Worker and the 'Death Of Anna Karina' LP.

Fast forward 8 years and I'm looking around random blogs and I see the band has a new LP and split with Chambers. What?!?!?! Needless to say, I was excited as all hell. I downloaded it immediately and sat back expecting unrelenting chaos with politically charged lyrics. Instead I got the new DOAK, post-hardcore meets epic prog-rock. I was shocked at first, but their new style grew on me quickly. The old material was screamy and blistering hardcore while the new is groove-based prog-rock with slight remnants of screamo. It's much more layered and structured, with almost no chaotic parts. Instead, the band builds some pretty thick soundscapes that are extremely catchy, deep and driving. The throaty screams and wails are a thing of the past, as the new vocals lie more in the Dominic and later La Quiete sound, which is more of the gruff European yellin'. The band also incorporates some serious sass and attitude (sassitute?), especially on the self titled album with tracks like "You Are My Cannibal" and a few newer songs like the throwback-heavy-and-screamy "E Poi Niente". Check it all out below and be sure to read the interview!

As I just stated, I was able to email-interview Alessandro from the band, who was really nice and answered my questions even though English isn't his first language.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2002 - The Death Of Anna Karina cd/12"LP

2003 - The Flying Worker Split 7"
2003 - The Microwave Says To The Pacemaker Compilation 2x7"

2006 - New Liberalistic Pleasures cd/12"LP

2011 - Lacrima/Pantera cd/12"LP

2013 - Dicotomia - Chambers Split 12"LP (stream/donate/download here)


(2002) THE DEATH OF ANNA KARINA - "Mission" (from 'The Death Of Anna Karina')

(2003) THE DEATH OF ANNA KARINA - "Castration" (from 'The Flying Worker' split)

(2003) THE DEATH OF ANNA KARINA - "Love and Anti-Christ" (from 'The Microwave Says to the Pacemaker' split)

(2011) THE DEATH OF ANNA KARINA - "Sparate Sempre Prima Di Strisciare" (from 'Lacrima/Pantera')

(2013) THE DEATH OF ANNA KARINA - "Nero" (from 'Chambers' split)


THE DEATH OF ANNA KARINA out-of-print discography mp3 download / additional links

EVERYTHING but the new split (download here)


Tuesday 28 January 2014

(o) DRUMMER needed! Can you help?

Alright people. Dave, aka me, and my axe-wielding friend are looking for a drummer to join a newly established band in the Hamilton/Toronto area of Ontario, Canada. If you or anyone you know is aware of a drummer who is proficient with the sticks, please send me, aka Dave, a message to with DRUMMER as the subject. We are looking to play a dark screamo/post-hardcore hybrid - although labels don't really mean anything. So here are a list of bands that we are influenced by and may influence our sound. Or some shit. If you are unsure of saying hello because you think a crapload of people will submit, you are most likely mistaken. I would love to talk to ya!

Much love,

Dave and Axe.

Back When
Buried Inside

Monday 27 January 2014


GenresRock / Fuzz Pop / Emo / Acoustic / Alternative / Indie / Garage / Lo-fi
Related artistsGood Driver, Animal City and Once More.
CountryLouisville, Kentucky USA
Years Active2007-present
Song: "Never Enuff"
Album: "Best Of The Bees"
Year: 2010
Label(s): Sophomore Lounge / Clifton Motel / Onto Entertainment / Burning House Records
               Doghouse Records / Cougar Child Tapes / 
This post's artist is from the January 2014 Mix. This is track #10.
You can download the January 2014 Mix#1 right here.
For fans ofStephen BrodskyNada Surf, Into It. Over It., Rocky Votolato, Harvey Danger,
                  Ben Kweller, Manchester Orchestra, Fences, Down With The Butterfly
                  Marco Solo, Said Goner, John Vanderslice and By Divine Right.

The brainchild of Christopher Browder, MANSIONS have been rocking my world in a cute and awkward way since he (who I will now refer to as 'they') dropped 'New Best Friends' back in 2009. The music is definitely on the slower side, as it generally plods along at what just seems like the right pace for a MANSIONS song. This, of course, doesn't always hold true as there are some pretty thick and heavy tracks (for indie rock music) - especially on the new record, 'Doom Loop'. There's something about his voice that is like a drug. It doesn't wail or flail around with high notes and crazy melodies. He croons in a way that helps the listener really feel the sorrow/happiness/whatever he's trying to get across with his lyrics.

To run through the band's discography, the first EP and demo sessions saw acoustic ditties evolve into full-band songs. MANSIONS also released a bonus cd with the 'New Best Friends' album with around 40 tracks on it. These lofi songs are demo/alternate/remixes and are quite different yet still hold true to the foundation that was used to establish the fleshed-out versions on the proper full-length releases. The 'New Best Friends' LP captured the band at their most consistent, polished and accessible morose pop-rock. The sophomore full length 'Dig Up The Dead' was more of the same. It is still a great album, but I realized that the band needed to progress or they would stagnate. Just as I had hoped, MANSIONS made an unexpected turn (in my books) and went all dark fuzz-pop with their 2013 vinyl-only 'Doom Loop'. Although the album isn't my favourite, it grew on me in an almost unhealthy way. It isn't the most consistent - but it does have 4 of the strongest tracks the band has ever recorded. The inclusion of Robin on bass/effects also gives the band a much thicker sound. Although there are drawbacks (the 1 note held too long in "Falling Down" from 2-2:30 is really annoying, but it doesn't stop it from being the best song on the album), overall it really compliments what the band was going for.

Songs like "Caruaco Blue" are so soft and fragile I'm afraid to raise my voice in fear of the song getting spooked and disappearing completely. His voice doesn't rise above a whisper. Some songs are driving and heavy on the instrumentals with more voice behind the vocals, while others are like the previously mentioned acoustic/whisper songs. There's a lot in between, as well.

Let's talk about the lyrics. BEST FUCKING LYRICS. Just beautiful, sad, melancholy, catchy, quotable and deep as hell - all classic MANSIONS traits. Let's take a goddamn gander, shall we?
"Million of Pieces" = I wanna split you up in millions of pieces like grains of white sand on the shores of the beaches and write a song about each one. ... I used to spend my nights walking around town looking for trouble. Sometimes I'd find it and I'd fall to the ground, then I saw the sunrise. You saved me from breaking into millions of pieces - dance floors and beer bottles, meaningless kisses and I don't miss a single one.
"Holidaze" = I always sleep through holidays. Sitting by myself in inside a tiny room. Watching bad TV got nothing else to do. Drink till I get sick, start howling at the moon. Spending all my nights just missing you.
"Talk Talk Talk" = The first thing that you said to me was that your life is so interesting. So I followed it from week to week like a TV show. Everything you did was so idealized and enviable. The perfect life got so old so I turned my head. Yeah I turned my head because all you do is talk, talk, talk, all about yourself self self. And I wonder if anyone else sees through your smile. I wish you were the exception and not the rule, but sadly baby that's not true. Everyone acts just like you.
"Never Enuff" = I don't love you like I used to. When people talk I don't defend you. I tried so hard, I paid my dues, but it was never enough - I was never enough for you. (he's talking about god)
"Falling Down" = All tongue laid out like baseball cards on your bedroom floor, in your old backyard. ... Don't you start falling down, I don't want you dying in my sleep. I feel it all around, there's no safe place for you to be. This was without a doubt my rock anthem of 2013. So let's start with that one.
(2013) MANSIONS - "Falling Down" (from 'Doom Loop')



2008 - Mansions cdEP (download here)

2009 - New Best Friends 12"LP

2010 - Best Of The Bees digital audio compilation (stream/buy/download here)
2010 - New Best Friends + The EP Initiative 2xcd (download EP Initiative here)

2011 - Dig Up The Dead cd/12"LP
2011 - Fences Split 7" (download here)

2013 - Doom Loop 12"LP

(2008/2010) MANSIONS - "Never Enuff" (from 'The Best of Bees')

(2009) MANSIONS - "Millions of Pieces" (from 'New Best Friends')

(2010) MANSIONS - "On My Way" (from 'Fences' split)

(2011) MANSIONS - "Seven Years" (from 'Dig Up The Dead') acoustic/live video


MANSIONS out-of-print mp3 download / additional links



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GenresPunk / Rock / Emo / Alternative / Grunge / Acoustic / Folk
Related artistsCarrion Spring and Logs.
CountryPortland, Oregan USA
Years Active2013-present
Song: "These Bloody Days"
Album: "Said Goner"
Year: 2014
Label(s): Zegema Beach Records
This post's artist is from the January 2014 Mix. This is track #4.
You can download the January 2014 Mix#1 right here.
For fans ofKind of Like Spitting, Nirvana, Rocky Votolato, Songs Ohia, The Pixies,
                  Sonic Youth, Stephen Brodsky, Failure, Iggy Pop And The Stooges, The Kinks
                  and Into It. Over It.

SAID GONER is hard to pin down. First of all, SAID GONER is the brainchild/solo act of Adam Ciresi. If you frequent this blog you know I love me some Carrion Spring, and Adam is the vocalist/bassist for that band. This upcoming LP sounds nothing like Carrion Spring - even the heavier song with screaming sounds very little like CS. The 11 tracks on this LP bounce around from folksy rock tunes to sing-along punk, full-band alternative rock and serene, slow acoustic emo-rock - there is a lot covered here. Speaking of covered, so is Boy Sets Fire's "My Life In The Knife Trade".

Okay, considering this is still a few months from seeing the light of day, I'll go through each track.

Track #1 - "Unframe"
The opening track gives you a good indication of what you're going to get with this debut LP - acoustic rock with insightful, honest and witty lyrics. One of the best lyrical songs on the album.

Track #2 - "Cull The Bastards"
If there were to be a song break in to the mainstream I'd bet my money on this one because it blends quite a few genres into a catchy as hell romp with a full backing band. Punk, rock, folk with some aggressive vocals and sweet guitar licks are intertwined perfectly, as this is one of the most fleshed-out songs on the record. You can tell Adam spent a lot of time crafting this one.

Track #3 - "Brainstem"
This song busts out some alternative/grunge chops. And a keyboard. If you're looking for the trippy rock track, this is your song. Another full-band ensemble, this is reminiscent of The Pixies, Nirvana and Sonic Youth. A very accurate title, as the chorus 'Something's in my brain...' will definitely get stuck in your brain.

Track #4 - "Yo Soy Capitan"
This was one of the first demo songs Adam sent me, and it's still one of my favourites. The vocal crooning comes in waves, rising and falling with a beautiful climax over a lone acoustic guitar.

Track #5 - "These Bloody Days"
One of my personal favourites. This is an epic rock song for a debut LP, jeez. Mixing equal parts Jason Molina and Stephen Brodsky, this song soars and in my opinion is the cornerstone of the album. Great lyrics and definitely the most mature sounding song on the album.

Track #6 - "Hum"
This is a beautiful, twinkly and light song with some extremely calming male/female vocals and probably the most consistent guitar work on the album. I'm not sure if this song is inspired by Rocky Votolato, but fans of Rocky will love this song.

Track #7 - "Baby I'm A Terrorist"
You want the heavy track? Here it is. Super bassy, lots of sass and screaming. It's kind of like Carrion Spring meets The Blood Brothers. Definitely the closest (and only) song resembling Carrion Spring.

Track #8 - "At Home"
This could be the bastard of "Culling the Bastards" - a full-band twangy folk rock song with a lot of slide guitar work and huge drums.

Track #9 - "Broken Boughs"
I used to hate the kazoo. Rocky Votolato eased my hatred. This song is so good I can't help but kind of like it now. After many listens, this song emerged as my favourite track on the album. It's absolutely gorgeous. The transition from verse to chorus gets me every time - "and wake in the 'morrow, oh, embers smouldering". The second of which leads to the end, which is breathtaking.

Track #10 - "Let Me Sleep"
Another beautiful lullaby (see "Hum") that slowly rolls along. The song builds and drops, toying with the listener in a very engaging yet calming way. This really is a perfect song to lull you to sleep.

Track #11 - "My Life in the Knife Trade"
This Boy Sets Fire cover is just Adam's voice on the brink of self-destruction and his trusty acoustic guitar. It's raw. It's heartfelt. It's surprisingly original considering it's a cover. Shit, it's awesome and a great way to close out the record. Tapping the roots.

I should also include the link to an interview (here) I had with Adam in 2013 which lead to our discussions about releasing the album. SAID GONER's 'Said Goner' 12"LP will be released on Zegema Beach Records in Spring/Summer 2014.



summer 2014 - Said Goner 12"LP (stream/buy/download the 4 preview tracks here)


(2014) SAID GONER - "These Bloody Days" (from 'Said Goner')

(2014) SAID GONER - "My Life in the Knife Trade" (from 'Said Goner')

(2014) SAID GONER - "Cull the Bastards" (from 'Said Goner')

(2014) SAID GONER - "Unframe" (from 'Said Goner')


SAID GONER additional links


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***PROTESTANT / HALO OF FLIES exclusive interview***

GenresPunk / Hardcore / Crust / Thrash / Grind
Related artistsN/A.
CountryMilwaukee, Wisconsin USA
Years Active2004-present
Song: "The Culling To Come"
Album: "Antagonist"
Year: 2009
Label(s): Halo Of Flies (obviously) / Fuck Life Records / Go! / Zaraza Productions /
              To Live A Lie / Crucificados Pelo Sistema / Caramba / Apoplexy Records /
              Dingleberry Records / Parade Of Spectres / Blindead Productions /
              Inkblot Records / Barbarian Records / Chaos Rurale Records / Vendetta Records /
              Rust And Machine / Rimbaud Records /
This post's artist is from the January 2014 Mix. This is track #13.
You can download the January 2014 Mix#1 right here.
For fans ofFall Of Efrafa, Callow, Jungbluth, Fucking Invincible, Light Bearer, Titan,
                  Tephra, Creeper, Curl Up And Die, Alaskan, Perth Express, Co-Pilot,
                  Mean Man's DreamAdvent and Trainwreck.

PROTESTANT has been kickin' it for a decade now. They have released more than a fair amount of material, and it helps that Cory (guitar/vocals) also started HALO OF FLIES Records and aided in the release of said material. The band tends to walk a fine line between darkened hardcore/thrash crust and calmer, serene instrumental bits. Albeit, these slower passages are few and far between, but fill out the band's epic sound nicely. Imagine if Fall Of Efrafa wrote 2-4 minutes blasts instead of 20-minute epic opuses. (that's fun to say!) There are also times when the band just jams out some nice, deep and layered instrumentals - like the beginning of "Lost" which brings to mind bands like Amber and Light Bearer. The hard/aggressive parts, although fast and heavy, do retain a lot of melody. The vocals are on the gruffer side, but they aren't growled or screamed - they are kind of half-yelled and guttural, I would say. Regardless of my opinion of the band, do yourself a favour and check out the embedded tunes below, PROTESTANT's bandcamp page and my interview with a member of the band.

Last year Cory and I started talking, as our labels (Halo Of Flies and Zegema Beach Records) will be doing the North American release for the Amber/Locktender split 7" that will see the light of day in few short months. I asked him at the end of 2013 if he would answer some (aka a shitload) of my questions regarding both PROTESTANT and HALO OF FLIES. As busy as he is, he was able to answer them all - and surprisingly quickly, I might add. Check them out below and support his band and label! They are both amazing!!!


Grab the majority of the discography from their bandcamp page, here.

2005 - Demo

2006 - Make Peace With The Rope That You Hang From 12"LP
2006 - Rhino Charge Split 7"EP

2007 - Protestant 7"EP
2007 - As Dead As We Look cd (compilation includes 2005 demo and both 2006 releases)

2008 - The Hate. The Hollow. 12"LP
2008 - Get Rad Split 7"EP

2009 - Antagonist 7"EP
2009 - Northless Split "Volume Two" 7"EP

2010 - Judgements 12"LP

2011 - Stalemate 10"EP

2012 - Reclamation 12"LP
2012 - Suffering Mind Split 6"EP

(2008) PROTESTANT - "The Hate. The Hollow." (from 'The Hate. The Hollow.')

(2009) PROTESTANT - "The Culling To Come" (from 'Antagonist')

(2010) PROTESTANT - "Revenge" (from 'Judgements')

(2012) PROTESTANT - "Jan Palach" (from 'Reclamation')


PROTESTANT additional links


Tuesday 21 January 2014

***BLACK KITES exclusive interview w/Thomas Schlatter***

GenresPunk / Rock / Noise Rock / Math Rock / Grind / Emo / Shoegaze / Instrumental / Post-Hardcore / Metalcore / Screamo
Related artistsCapacities, In First PersonThis Ship Will Sink, The Assistant,
                        You And IBloodtype, CREEM, Hounds of Hate, Host, Natural Law,
                        Zhenia Golov and Altered Boys.
CountryNew Brunswick, New Jersey USA
Years Active2008-2012
Song: "Trauma"
Album: "The Last 3 Songs"
Year: 2012
Label(s): Ride The Fury Records / Hydrogen Man Records / Protagonist Records / Adagio830 /
               Glory Kid Records /
This post's artist is from the January 2014 Mix. This is track #12.
You can download the January 2014 Mix#1 right here.
For fans ofCapacitiesIn First PersonThis Ship Will Sink, The Assistant, You And I,
                  The Now, LoftusThe Setup, Circles Over Sidelights, Mercy Ties, Callow,
                  Jungbluth, Litany For The Whale, Cassilis, The Flying Worker,
                  Carrion SpringJoshua Fit For Battle and Totem Skin.

BLACK KITES were a phenomenal and, as it seems to go, a very short-lived band from New Jersey, in the US. Considering the members other projects, the band incorporated their typical style of metallic punk/hardcore with thrash and perhaps even some screamo, all topped with massive breakdowns and throat-wrenching screams.

I have posted a ton about Tom Schlatter (one of the  members of BLACK KITES) and the majority of his other bands, so I'll keep this short. This band is the same and it's different than his previous bands. You've got a constant barrage of heavy riffing, well-placed isolated parts and lots of screaming. I'm not going to explain any more than that because if you know any of his previous bands you've got the gist of it already. BLACK KITES broke up at the end of 2012 on good terms.

Tom described his time in the band below.
"I started Black Kites during 'phase 2' of In First Person.  The idea was to do a band with people from New Jersey, since the commute to Philadelphia was kind of ridiculous at times.  I felt totally out of touch with any drummers or bass players in New Jersey so I put up a post on a local message board that I wanted to start a new band.  Jeff had responded and told me he would love to do vocals.  I had met Jeff briefly and he always seemed like a good guy.  We eventually got Jay on drums, Jeff had known him from going to shows.  I wanted to get a bass player but Jeff said we should just do the three amp set up and start playing shows. The idea was to do something influenced by the 90’s hardcore bands that I grew up on  like Groundwork, 108, Unbroken, Threadbare, etc.  I guess there’s some of that in there with my usual guitar style seeping through.  The band was a lot of fun.  Jay and Jeff were a blast to be in a band with."

Tom Schlatter was gracious enough to answer a mountain of my questions late last year at the same time OMSB did the Capacities interview.


Click )==>here<==( for the link to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2008 - Demo EP

2009 - Advancement To Ruins 12"LP

2010 - Songs Written While Things Were Changing 12"LP
2010 - Swallowed Up Split 12"LP

2011 - Convulsions Split 12"LP

2012 - The Last Three Songs cassetteEP


(2010) BLACK KITES - "Masochist" (from 'Songs Written While Things Were Changing')

(2011) BLACK KITES - "Sleep Easy/Tall Tales, Low Lives " (from 'Convulsions' split)

(2012) BLACK KITES - "Trauma" (from 'The Final Songs')


BLACK KITES additional links


Sunday 19 January 2014


GenresRock / Space Rock / Emo / Polished Radio Friendly "Post-Hardcore" /
            Actual Post-Hardcore / Metalcore / Amazingness
Related artistsN/A.
CountryCharlotte, North Carolina USA
Years Active1998-2008, 2011
Song: "April Left With Silence"
Album: "No Wings To Speak Of"
Year: 2001
Label(s): DST Records / Trustkill Records / One Day Savior Recordings / 
This post's artist is from the January 2014 Mix. This is track #9.
You can download the January 2014 Mix#1 right here.
For fans ofIn Reverent Fear, Thrice, Thursday, Sed Non SatiataPoison The Well,
                  From A Second Story Window, Crestfallen, Hum, Shai Hulud, Milanku,
                  Old Man Gloom, Amanda Woodward, Tel FyrLlynch, Back When,
                  Finger of GodAmberNorma Jean and Cave In.

Let's drink from the flask of truth for a second, shall we? HOPESFALL influenced many bands we love today, and even if you don't like them now, they were essential for progressing the idea of heaviness with melody across the more mainstream punk spectrum in the early 2000s. Songs like "The Bending", "Waitress", "April Left With Silence" and "The End Of An Era" are all songs that will forever be fucking unbelievable. These two albums, 'No Wings To Speak Of' and 'The Satellite Years', have not seen the rust of age and wear, as they continue to entice me to stop whatever I'm doing and air guitar, headbang or start screaming. (all 3 simultaneously is not uncommon)

Unfortunately, when Doug left the band during the writing for 'The Satellite Years' it marked a departure from the band's aggressive sound and a mad scramble to find a progressive sound. The last 2 albums have almost no screaming and are focused on melodies, instead. Usually in an auto-tune and cheesy kind of way. In fact, I'm refusing to post a song from 'Magnetic North' because that album leaves a sour taste in my mouth and I don't want you to waste your time. To each their own, but I want no part of that hunkajunk. At least on 'The Satellite Years' the singing was done tactfully and didn't seem forced. Even on "Decoys Like Curves", which was one of the albums strongest tracks and contains clean vocals for more than 1/2 of the song, the screams are wrenching, believable and placed perfectly. This band, along with the likes of In Reverent Fear and Poison The Well were able to properly mix screaming with a bit of (talented) singing. The lyrics are superb (albeit with some overly religious overtones) with my favourite coming from their EP's 2nd track - "Silence was the last word she here's to sleepless cold and dreams of insecurity."

Here are some thoughts primarily on 'No Wings To Speak Of', as I have many. It's also tied for my 2nd favourite EP of all time.
*The EP sounds like a ridiculously refined Shai Hulud with moments of Cave In and Hum. In fact, some of this isn't far off from Sed Non Satiata, Tel Fyr or Amber.
*The part just before the 2-minute mark in "Open Hands To The Wind" always makes me visualize the movie American Beauty because I'm a weirdo. I don't know, it just sounds like the intro music, I guess.
*Listen to the start of "The Far Pavilions" when the guitars have the clean, almost screamo-y sound to them, then they tease you with a heavy palm-mute - just to bring you back to the clean Saetia/Off Minor riffing and then shit explodes and it's a constant, melodic, driving, thrashing breakdown. That is the EP. Epic, beautiful, devastatingly heavy and engaging as hell. Ha. Hell.
*The band's artwork during the 2001/2002 period was amazing. Or perhaps I've attached myself to these particular images over the others - as they may be the same artist for all I know.

Apparently they got back together for a reunion show with the all-star lineup back in 2011, but I didn't hear anything about it at the time. So, in conclusion, professor. HOPESFALL blended the melodies of space-rock and pop-punk with some extremely heavy and technical post-hardcore/metal. Need I say more? Nah.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

1999 - The Frailty Of Words cd/12"LP

2001 - No Wings To Speak Of cd/10"EP

2002 - The Satellite Years cd/12"LP

2004 - A Types cdLP

2007 - Magnetic North cdLP


(1999) HOPESFALL - "Shines Through" (from 'The Frailty of Words')
(2001) HOPESFALL - "April Left With Silence" (from 'No Wings To Speak Of')

(2001) HOPESFALL - "The End Of An Era" (from 'No Wings To Speak Of')

(2002) HOPESFALL - "Waitress" (from 'The Satellite Years') live w/old singer?

(2002) HOPESFALL - "The Bending" (from 'The Satellite Years') Official Music Video

(2004) HOPESFALL - "Per Sempre Marciamo" (from 'A Types')


HOPESFALL out-of-print discography mp3 download (not inlcuding 'Magnetic North')