Tuesday 30 April 2013

Launching Tomorrow! Exclusive Video Today! Daily Reviews / MP3 Downloadable Mixes / Obscure Gems / Beards / Stupid Post Titles

This bitch launches tomorrow. Until then, here's a video I shot of a band that plays Nintendo covers from the original gaming system, performing live in Seoul, South Korea back in 2010. THE ADVANTAGE shares/shared members with Hella, but this is way more structured - as it literally follows the Nintendo originals, but with drums, bass and 2 guitarists. In terms of the video linked below, I got lucky with this one - great sound quality and I was right at the front of the crowd. Make sure that you check out both songs - as one is slow and bouncy, while the other is crazy and mathematical. My wife nabbed the set list so I've posted that, too. One last note, was my friend Alex who came with me to the show (and knowing little-to-nothing about the band) proceeded to rock his face off so hard that he fell onto the stage. ONTO the stage. Nice.

THE ADVANTAGE - Bubble Bobble / Contra Alien Lair (video link to youtube LIVE video)

Friday 26 April 2013


On March 22nd, 2013 I went to another show that was a measly $10.


All I knew about this band was "screamy hardcore from Chicago". I got excited when they set up. I don't know why, but before they started, I turned to my brother and said - I have a feeling that this band may end up sounding like Kodan Armada. Although I wasn't correct, I wasn't exactly far off. Think Raein meets Snapcase. They played most of the songs off their limited 10" EP that I picked up immediately following their set, as well as some new songs that will be on an upcoming 4 band split that will also include Capacities! That will be one killer split, as at least one of the ITTO songs they played live was from said split and it was absolutely mind-melting. It looks like I will be posting a copy of that song pre-release when the band gets a copy. Let's hope that's soon!

ITTO -> New Song - Gift Horse(video link)
ITTO -> Gift Horse (audio link on Youtube)


These 3 guys are entrancing live. Whether you're screaming along whilst fist pumping, or slowly bobbing your head to the instrumental jams, ANIMAL FACES will get you moving - that's for sure. For the second time in about a year I saw AF and this time they blew me away even more than the first. Super tight. Crazy intense. Amazing people. Short sentences. The video I posted below was at the show that was supposed to be their 7" release party, but because of Record Store Day, all of the smaller bands get fucked by the pressing plants, who rush to press the records requested by the big labels. The video is of their first 3 songs that evening - and watching it still gives me tingles. If there is a positive response to this, I'll post the video I have of their closer - which is insanely intense as the band had to stop mid-song because there was too much moshing going around. If you watch this video, I think you will end up watching the crowd as much as the band, because people lose their shit during the set. My wife watched this, and after slapping herself in the face for not going, she said that she's  never seen so many people having the time of their lives at such a small show. I'm hoping to get an interview with these guys in the near future, so stay tuned for news regarding that. Lastly, I linked their music video as well, cuz it's awesome.

ANIMAL FACES -> Can't See Why - Forward Through - Breathe Lightly (video link)
ANIMAL FACES -> Forward Through (official video link)

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Screamo Isn't Shit! But your version sure as hell might be!

So, this blog officially launches with daily updates and reviews in 1 week! I've also got a go on an exclusive interview coming up with a band that is on the 1st OMSBmp3 mix. I wonder if anyone is actually waiting to find out who the bands are on the mystery comp that can be downloaded in my "1st" post. In case some people are checking back and hoping for something, here's a very emotional rant from my saturated brain.

Do you like The Used? Do you like Black Veil Brides? Do you like Get Scared? Do you think that genre of music should be labeled as 'SCREAMO'? If you answered yes to the last question, I won't say anything mean or insulting. You are wrong, though. I've been livid regarding this topic for the last few years. When people say that they like screamo music and list the previous bands as examples, I generally keep my mouth shut - but I want to tell them that they don't have a fucking clue what they're talking about. I wrote the following piece to explain why this pisses me right off. (disclaimer: if you don't agree with classification systems regarding music, I totally get you and respect your opinion - so this rant isn't directed at you)
Alright, I need to talk about this because I'm tired of keeping my mouth shut about it AND I don't like being negative or trying to correct people all the time - but sometimes things need to be fought and argued for, while occasionally sounding like douchebag. I’m the douchebag, you may be one of the ignorant ‘screamo’ fools.

"Genre" is a word that exists to promote classification so people can distinguish the differences between things that belong to a particular group. In this case, we are talking about different musical genres. Country music has a general style, as does rap, heavy metal, hip-hop, etc.

Now, let's look at the historical context of the genre 'screamo'. Screamo (or skramz, as it is also known) first became documented in the mid to late 1990s to describe bands such as Saetia, Rites of Spring, Portraits of Past and Orchid. These bands played clean/jazzy parts combined with mathematical grindy/screaming. They played shows for less than 100 people (generally), were obscure, unknown, and were not vying for money, attention or popularity. The shows were intense, chaotic and generally quite short. For example, the band Ampere generally plays for about 15 minutes.

Okay, so we can agree that this style was generally accepted as 'screamo' during this time? Yes? Good.

Why, I ask you, would people use THE SAME TERM to describe a style of music that shares very little in common (in regards to the more basic genre of 'rock') with the original style? Do you see that using the same term for different styles of music fucks up the point of a classification system? If you just don't give a shit about classification in general - then I understand disregarding this, but I would then ask, why use a term like 'screamo' that is in itself a classification? If you don't believe in the classification of music, I get your argument and as long as you aren't a hypocrite and use terms like 'screamo/hardcore/punk/grind/metal' etc. to describe it. I use 'screamo' to describe a band that sounds similar to one of the previously mentioned bands in order for people to have an anchor regarding genres.

If something happens earlier, chronologically speaking of course, and it is given a name, the name was given and is used to be specific for that one thing, hence the point of classifying it. Let's talk about monkeys, as an example, not a parallel. 'Monkey' is a species classification. We can be more specific and single out one sub-species of moneys, a 'gorilla'. We all know what a gorilla is, what it looks like, the dangers associated with it, etc. That's the point of making the classification in the first place. Let's say, in the future, we find a new sub-species of monkey that are 10cm tall, pink and scream 'fuck my life' every 3 minutes. Would it make sense to call this particular sub-species of monkey a 'gorilla'? That would make discussing gorillas, whether they be the traditional gorillas or these new crazy-ass pink gorillas, rather confusing and difficult, wouldn’t it?

If we are going to be logical and rational in our use of words and the English language, please try to think of another name for this neo-screamo genre, because it's not 'screamo' historically. Stop confusing everyone. The fact that I'm not a fan of neo-screamo is irrelevant. Please post any educated arguments for or against this misuse of the term 'screamo', below. Unfortunately, one problem I've encountered with many neo-screamo fanatics is their inability to articulate an argument. Please prove me wrong, or, preferably, rethink the meaning of 'screamo' and apply the word properly in the future, considering its historical context.

Proper SCREAMO Community (a thinking person's screamo)


Thursday 18 April 2013

In the meantime, check out Proper SCREAMO on Google+

Hey peeps,

I have had some questions about the blog not being updated very often. The reason for that is because the 'official' launch of the blog isn't until May 1st. At that time mp3s and reviews will be put up daily. Until then, check out my Google+ community - 'Proper SCREAMO' which I'm posting on daily. I've also starting linking some full albums and live videos, so check it out!

Also, SED NON SATIATA has released the single from their upcoming album. Although I'm not completely sold on the song yet, it's growing on me. Check it out here, and then watch this live video, because it's amazing. I would also recommend picking up the ORCHID tribute compilation which Sed Non is a part of, and is linked here. It was released by DogKnight Productions, a record label from the UK which is putting out some of the best screamo releases right now. Check them out here. Screamo at its best, yo. Real screamo, not that fake shit I've been battling with people about on Google+.


Thursday 11 April 2013


On April 8th 2013 I went to Toronto to see a killer show with 2 amazing bands for only $10! I have been a fan of both bands for a over half a decade each. Check them out below!

I had never seen TITAN before, which is strange because they live 45 minutes away from me, but I've been a fan ever since purchasing their split with June Paik on React With Protest Records (the BEST active screamo label) in 2007. They play a crushing and epic style of groovin' doom-hardcore ala Buried Inside and later Back When and Examination of the.... If you dig any of those bands definitely check out this 9 minute of my favourite TITAN song, 'Warmer Months'. This video is WAY BETTER than the Loma Prieta video, as the sound was better and I got a very intimate view of 4 of the 5 members. In short, their live set was extremely tight and to be honest - my respect for this band has been catapulted into the realm of 'mad'. I would strongly recommend that you see them if they play near you. I spoke with 2 of them after the show and they were awesome guys, and the singer looks exactly like my Dad when he was 25 years old. Here's the picture - and the video. If you end up digging these here fellas, I would throw a little Bokanovsky and Breag Naofa your way.

TITAN - Warmer Months (video link to my youtube page)

This was my third time seeing these guys in the last 18 months. They always pull off a tight and intense set, but the sound is always a little muddled. April 8th was no exception. As per usual, I could only make out bits and pieces of the songs live - only when I could pick out the melody, which would generally be slow parts and breakdowns. They are a great band to see live, just make sure you know their discography quite well before you go, or the majority of the set will sound like a wall of noise. The end of this show was a little awkward, as one of the guitarists had feedback off and on throughout the set, and he literally snapped, then snapped his string, then ripped off all of his strings and finally threw the guitar on the stage and stormed off. If you get the chance, check these guys out live. I, however, will wait for a new album before I see them for a fourth time since releasing the album IV, as it is no longer worth the transportation time and cost for me to see the same set of songs again.

LOMA PRIETA - Uniform (video link to my youtube page)


I've been linking some Youtube songs for my friends who were unaware of certain bands. This band is extremely obscure and they had 2 very limited vinyl releases, of which I've never been able to discuss with anyone because no on has heard of them!. Let's change that. If you like mathy/noodly screamo with two vocalists (think Caitlyn Bailey, early The Fall of Troy and early Desiderata with a lot of Blood Brothers-esque back and forth screaming) coupled with lyrics about how awesome Michael Jordan is, check this out. I love the BIRTHDAY BOYZ, and the best song that they ever wrote isn't located anywhere on the internet that I could find, so I mixed down the 7" record to an mp3 and posted in on Youtube. Here's the link - enjoy!

BIRTHDAY BOYZ - Basketball (audio link to my youtube page)

In case I haven't sold you on these guys yet, here are the lyrics - I shit you not:

"Look out Michael, Michael Jordan.
Who makes the play that wins the game? Michael Jordan!
Ball: through the hoop.
Player: Make the play.
What? Basketball!
MJ,LJ,JC and we. Birthday Boyz!
In our lives there came to be a man above all others and his name was Michael Jordan.
Michael Jordan."

That's just fucking awesome.

Thursday 4 April 2013

Gifts From Enola / Waxwing NEWS

So do you want the good news or the bad news?

Let's get the bad news out of the way first.  GIFTS FROM ENOLA has broken up, apparently due to financial woes. They were one of the best epic-instrumental rock/metal bands that I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. If you dig Pelican or any other instrumental band like that, get your hands on From Fathoms (2009), as that is one killer record! One of those tracks is on the April mix that you can download below. In their later years, they started to incorporate vocals, but at the expense of the instrumentals, which kick much less ass.

Steady Diet - official video (from the final album "A Healthy Fear"):

The good news - WAXWING has reformed! For those who are unaware of this emo/shoegaze/indie rock band from the late 1990s and early 2000s; they released 3 full lengths in 3 years and a few 7"s. They broke up back in 2003 as the guitarist, Cody Votolato, started touring with The Blood Brothers full-time. The vocalist and 2nd guitar player, Rocky Votolato, began his career as an amazing folk-rock singer/guitarist who has now released 7 solid albums and a slew of fantastic EPs as a solo artist. Listen to the Waxwing mp3 below and tell me there's no emotion in that song. I dare ya.

Link for the official blog that released the news:

Laboratory - audio track of one of my favourites from Waxwing (from the "One for the Ride" album, also released on a 7"):

Tuesday 2 April 2013


Holy shit.

I'm actually doing this.

This blog will focus primarily on my most beloved genres of music - rock. From atmospheric acoustic bands to screaming banshee devil worshippers - all of it will be covered here. But don't expect any household names! The best part, in my not-so humble opinion, is that I know what I'm talking about and have enough knowledge to warrant the creation of this website, so you'll be finding out about some extremely obscure and phenomenal bands!

The purpose of this blog, besides exposing/reviewing new releases and bands in general, will be to further build and support independent, awesome music and great people in a positive and open community. There will be questions answered, tours posted, relevant and interesting news, mp3s, live videos and my inane ramblings.

So the deal is this:

On the 1st of every month, I will be posting a ZIP file with songs for the upcoming month with ALL specifics deleted from the tags, so unless you already know the band, there is NO information regarding each track. During the month, I will post reviews for those bands and link the tracks to the review so you can associate the two together. This way you can listen to a new song/band and have as little bias as possible.

Linked below is the first of the mixes, tracked #1-31 with no further identifiable information - except awesomeness.

Check back daily for random updates, while the reviews will begin to be posted as of May 1st, 2013. As stated, the reviews will be directly connected to the monthly MP3 mixes.

Included this month are:
- the best screamo song ever - about Michael Jordan
-folk/acoustic guitar/vocalists, one song male and one song female
-a 12 minute song of epic instrumental metal/space/rock proportions
-a piano song, for relaxing times
-the best rock/pop-punk band no one has ever heard of.

You will need winzip to unzip the file. If you don't know how to use winzip, just go to www.winzip.com and click on Download WinZip, and then on the next page click on Download WinZip Now. Open or save the file and run winzip so it installs on your computer. Now click the link below to download the MP3 mix, and when it finishes use WinZip to 'extract' the files to your computer. Any questions? Post.

If you would like anything reviewed/posted, please email Dave at (for now) sambuca_dave@hotmail.com OR post a message.