Thursday 8 June 2023

*** PODCAST #116 Justin Smith (Graf Orlock, Sweat, Vitriol Records) ***

     After years of giving mad love to Graf Orlock, I am super stoked to bring you this podcast in which I speak at length with Justin Smith of Vitriol Records, Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, Sweat, Dangers (kinda), etc. Having gushed at length in the past about his bands and label, it was awesome to finally sit down and chat, discuss movies, share songs, and a few laughs. Please check it out as well as the band's final 7"EP 'End Credits' and a ton of other Graf Orlock merch will be showing up in the Vitriol store tomorrow (Friday June 9th, 2023) so I'll see you there! Some additional things discussed: movies that we watched too early in our lives, sex caveats, ranking Alien movies, geographical Graf fracking, Graf Orlock the instrumental band, Propagandhi as a teacher, Punishment Park is the fucking best, Graf Orlock as a verb, making the best t-shirts ever, accidental screamo infiltration and the Vitriol Records catalyst, information on all of the Gorlock packaging, 20 years of Graf and their dissolution, Children Of Men rules, the movie that Graf missed out on, etc. Bands played in this podcast: мятеж, I Spy, Lukestar, MasshysteriaMisery Index, and Olth. Listen to podcast #116 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.



New LP on Bandcamp


1 Defined By Movies
I SPY "God, Family, Country" (Justin)
мятеж  "Van Llewn & Burke, Carter J. - Welcome to 2016 You Pieces of Shit" (Dave)

2 The Screamo Tangent and Grackaging
MASSHYSTERII "Låt Dom Hata Oss" (Justin)
LUKESTAR "White Shade" [MUSIC VIDEO linked here] (Dave)

3 No One Needs A Studio Cinema-Grind Band
MISERY INDEX "The Great Depression" (Justin)
OLTH "LOOking THrOugH THe HOLe in my Head" (Dave)