Saturday 13 April 2024


For fans ofFrail Body, Othiel, Gil Cerrone, Youth Funeral, Crowning, Brahm, Elle, Beau Navire, and Heavenly Blue.
GenresPunk / Emo / Screamo / Skramz / Emo-violence
Related artistsLess Dead, Low Before The Breeze, Noisy Sins Of The InsectStevan Filopovic, Tara Tarama, and Jornada Del Muerto.
CountryAtlanta, Georgia U.S.A. + Istanbul TURKEY
Years Active2024-present
Label(s): Tomb Tree / Mevzu Records

     After releasing such an incredible debut I felt it necessary to try and push it a bit more through this blog, cuz goddamn why aren't more people talking about how awesome this is?

     Born from the ashes of Less Dead and Low Before The Breeze, the origin of the band is traced by their members in this exclusive piece that you need to check out if you dig this release. Essentially their final member if from Turkey but has been frequenting the U.S. enough for him to be included in the fold, and has spent time in a few bands including the most notable Noisy Sins Of The Insect and Jornada Del Muerto.

     The bands' sound is rooted in fast, short, violent bursts of screamo but manage to hit the slow motion button and insert some incredible nuances, frills, and melodies not unlike Frail Body, Youth Funeral, and Othiel. It's almost like screamo on speed then diced up with post-hardcore. 36-second opener "Once/Always" teases a lone guitar before pulverizing the listener with lightning fast instrumentals and a buncha vocalists screaming. "Sinking" shows the band showing a firm grasp of soft/hard and slow/fast dynamics with hella atmosphere that teeter into black metal territory but bring it back to pulsating screamo at the one-minute mark. Continuing the heater trajectory, "Alone" blazes through its first 30 seconds before planting firmly into some slower, very accessible, emo/post-hardcore instrumentals that showcase the band's aforementioned ability to balance a feather with an anvil. "Too Late" follows in a similar path (aka fire) and then shifts into slightly slower, but this time to a much heavier, cathartic, and sinister second half with the best vocals on the entire EP. "Gratitude Denied" and "Golden Calf" both show the band gravitating toward the emo/post-hardcore/screamo sound I mentioned earlier with injections of both beauty and chaos. Closer "Epilogue" is an instrumental number but not the throwaway kind, rather the epic-closer kind.

     I can't recommend this EP enough. I think it's fucking stellar, bias be damned.



2024 - .22lr cassette EP (listen/download/buy here)


(2024) .22LR - "Too Late" (from '.22lr')

(2024) .22LR - "Alone" (from '.22lr')

(2024) .22LR - "Golden Calf" (from '.22lr')

Tuesday 9 April 2024

*** VOW exclusive song premiere ***

"Die Silent"
exclusive song premiere
For fans of
Undying, Rotting In DirtPathos Departure, (early) Left Behind, Advent, Brothers and Xibalba

releases April 16th on Tomb Tree

     VOW is a new band from Chicago and holy fuckin' smokes this 'Demo' hits like a concrete slab. Vocalist Andy Klingensmith has done a bunch of drone/noise and acoustic folk but when he sent me this four-track debut I couldn't believe my ears. Pummeling yet dynamic, heavy yet melodic, this band's release comes out on cassette via Tomb Tree on April 16th. The band is generally influenced by a lot of classic 90s metallic hardcore and early 2000s metalcore bands. Citing influences Xibalba and Undying as guitar influences as well as Renounced, Falling Cycle, and Boundaries regarding the vocal/lyrical approach.

      The band started with Andy (vocals) and Aaron (guitar) bonding over heavy music at work. Andy recollects:

"I specifically remember he had sent me the song "Wasitaratisaw" by Kicked in the Head By a Horse in April of 2023 and we started talking about potentially working on something together. He wrote the music for our demo shortly after and we were practicing by that summer. There wasn't really a "why" though, we just wanted to bring stupid heavy, emotional music to the city in a style we felt a lot of other bands here aren't doing and do it well."

(2024) VOW "Die Silent" (from 'Demo')

     The third track wastes zero time and goes directly for the jugular with a lightning intro that battles against devastating vocals for a mere 20 seconds before shifting into second gear. The vocal dynamics are on full display with gutteral growls, higher shrieks, and spoken word all going down in less than a minute. The spiral descends until the 1:30 mark when the moshpit will open up in your brain and shit gets fucked up. Seeing this part live would be a very dangerous experience lol. The song moves through a few more segments (all fucking sick) before trailing off into a beautiful piano outro drowned in a downpour.

Saturday 30 March 2024

*** LIFE IN VACUUM + THE DOG INDIANA + DASTARD live show review ***



@Lucky Bar in Victoria on March 29th, 2024

Live Show Review

I'm starting to get back into the cycle of seeing a lot of shows and I couldn't be happier about it. Besides the most recent Emma Goldman show and this, expect reviews of the Comeback Kid/Spy show in Victoria as well as the first few Mourn Recif shows, a few of which will be with Hillsboro and Bok Suna (bands on CanaDave's Softseed Music label). Trekking out to this on my lonesome was a tad daunting but I got hugged immediately by a few friends upon entering and all of my worries dissipated, and I even made a few new ones while there. This show was all-around amazing and I can't wait to get more involved in the Vancouver Island scene over the next 3 months with at least 5 shows that I'll be playing.

     The opening band was very, very up my alley. Sounding like a slightly more accessible Die Princess Die (I'm looking at the first LP in particular), I absolutely loved that groovin' bass over maniacal drums, weirdo guitars, and yelled vocals. I'm hoping to get these dudes out to Duncan so they can play with my new band. Super impressed!
(2024) DASTARD "1"
For fans ofDie Princess Die and Fugazi

extra video


     Holy shit! I'd never heard of this band but after a friend told me they jammed Unsane and The Jesus Lizard I had a grasp, but goddamn they were even better than that! It was unhinged, screamy, groovy, fun, and heavy all at the same time. I would argue that I didn't even catch their best songs, as they are even better than the below video suggests. Be sure to check them out!
(2024) THE DOG INDIANA "2"
For fans ofTricky Woo and Ken Mode

extra video


     Oh ma gawd, ma boyeez. I met them waaaaay back at this early show in the blog's history and I've been on LIV train ever since...which is a decade in exactly two weeks! Playing almost exclusively material from 'Lost', they had the room movin' and groovin' with their slightly slower-paced and rock-oriented material mesmerizing the room. They were even chanted into an encore and played "Apartment" which I've embedded below. They've got another 7 or so days left on tour so see'em if you can!
(2024) LIFE IN VACUUM "Apartment" (from 'All You Can Quit')
For fans ofBlue Youth and Congratulations

extra videos: Lost / Try Again / Lately