Sunday 29 November 2020

***APOSTLES OF ERIS + PIQUE exclusive premiere***


"Doubt" & "My Roommate Caught Me Crying To Daniel Johnston This Morning"
exclusive song premieres
For fans ofCease Upon The Capitol, Capsule, Funeral Diner and Iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook


Yet another released fueled by the 2014 мятеж/People's Temple Project split 7" and U.S. tour, this time with Jesse and Dave of мятеж doing everything in APOSTLES OF ERIS and Larry from People's Temple Project being the guitarist and one of two vocalists in PIQUE. Dave also runs this blog and Zegema Beach Records while Larry very fucking obviously runs Larry Records. The split 12" houses seven tracks by each band, all mastered at Dead Air by Will Killingsworth, releases in full on December 11th, 2020 with pre-orders opening simultaneously via Zegema Beach Records, Larry Records and Clever Eagle Records. We were hoping to have the records in time for the release but it looks like late Dec/early Jan is when they'll be arriving unless there are any hiccups at the plant.

(2020) APOSTLES OF ERIS "Doubt" (from 'Pique' split 12")
First and foremost it should be noted that Jesse Mowery is incredible. Utterly, unequivocally godly is he. Jesse wrote, played, and recorded all of the instrumentals on our side. All of them. Yep. All. And he also shares vocal duties with me. And he's a beautiful person. I love you, Jesse.

Jesse really likes Cease Upon The Capitol, Capsule, Daitro, Via Fondo and A Flower Kollapsed (to name a few), and all of those bands are excellent reference points to his creative endeavors, but by no means are they tied to said points as there is an undeniabe Jesse Mowery flair to any song he partakes in.

As I wrote the lyrics for this, our entire side of the split is about the constant fog of living, perpetually being lied to and manipulated by forces seemingly beyond our control, and the helplessness and breaking that many people experience living in a racist, sexist, economic-fueled, corporate, police state. The songs follow a linear progression and are titled thusly: Lost, Haze, Lies, Doubt (this premiere!), Isolation, Numbness, Defeat.

(2020) PIQUE "My Roommate Caught Me Crying To Daniel Johnston This Morning" (from 'Apostles Of Eris' split 12")
(link to youtube video here)
I've been jamming Pique since their inception and helped premiere some of their earliest material on this very blog. I always liked the band a lot, but on this release good fucking holy lord of science do they step it up and throw down some of my absolute favourite screamo jams of the year. Jesse Mowery pointed out that they remind him of Iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook (and this was his only comparison) while I definitely hear Funeral Diner sneaking into their sound more and more. In general it's much heavier, darker and was much better recorded.

On this track, however, we are met with a slightly more playful style of screamo that ties in excellent bass, guitar and drum rhythms in a mere 60 seconds. Channeling part Iwrotehaikus and part Terry Green, I shit you not. This track rules.

PODCAST #53 Francis Maria Regalado (Beast Jesus/Caitlyn Bailey)


I've known Francis Maria Regalado for quite some time on the internet, perhaps first becoming acquainted when I found out that Maria did vocals for seminal Filipino screamo/metalcore band Caitlyn Bailey. After releasing some incredible work with Beast Jesus, I caught up with Maria back in September and it seems that my laptop breaking and procrastination has worked out in our favor, as Beast Jesus released a new song just the other day! So maybe listen to this podcast and really get a feel for Beast Jesus, their formation, Caitlyn Bailey's name origin, as well as our mutual love for Maserati and how the Spawn soundtrack was the catalyst for Maria's love for music. Listen/stream/download podcast #53 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.


NEW BRUTALISM"A Diagram Without Scale or Dimension" (Maria)
CYRUS GOLD - "Bones" (Dave)

MY DISCO - "Wrapped Coast" (Maria)
LADDER DEVILS - "Divorce Drugs" (Dave)

GIRL ARM - "Crimean Crimes" (Dave)


BEAST JESUS "Trauma Fawn"


PODCAST #53 linked here

Monday 16 November 2020

***KIDNAP SOUNDTRACK exclusive song premiere***


"Camp Here Baby"
exclusive song premiere
For fans ofBotch, Thumbscrew, Bleeding Kansas, The Minor Times, Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems and Scogin-era Norma Jean

pre-order rare variants from ZBR:

In early 2020 I discovered THE KIDNAP SOUNDTRACK on a split with The Jonbenet from way back in 2005, ordered the band's first cdEP, posted the "discography review" (linked here), and when putting that sucker on facebook I noticed that I could tag the band. I checked out their page to find out that they had reformed and were planning to play shows (since squashed by covid) and sent them the review. After speaking with the band I found out that they had an unreleased final EP...and holy fuck was it amazing. So I convinced those fine people to let Tomb Tree Tapes do a discography run that opens with said EP 'American Accupuncture', and next week they will be released.

Buuuuut I figured it'd be cool to let people know ahead of time. Plus, as I'm trying to revive this blog, I thought I'd do a little extra incentive and include some early pre-order links EXCLUSIVELY THROUGH THIS POST!!! The Red Injection tapes are /5 and have only 2 copies in each store, while the Yellow Swirl are /25, but the band has 15 so we've only got 5 in each store. Art by the very talented Kyle Calvert.

If you like any kind of chaotic, mathy, screamy, metallic hardcore then you are gonna fucking shit so hard. Imagine 'Bless the Martyr'-era Norma Jean vocals crossed with the southern licks of Bleeding Kansas and the playfulness of Botch and you're almost there...just jam that baby below.

(2020) KIDNAP SOUNDTRACK "Camp Here Baby" (from 'American Accupuncture/Discography' EP)


Friday 13 November 2020

***Podcast #52 NUVOLASCURA***

One time I met Dom from NUVOLASCURA. Next thing I know I was asked to release their breakout debut 12"LP 'Nuvolascura' in 2019, and we've going hard ever since. Having met all of the band at 2019's ZBR Fest in Vancouver, I can honestly say that each member is a brilliant musician and beautiful human being. I spoke with the band back in August of 2020, discussing a wide variety of topics including the band's best show (an awesome story, too), podcasts, the West Coast scene, their new 'As We Suffer From Memory And Imagination' cassette/12"LP, their top albums of 2020, and lots more. Listen/stream/download podcast #52 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.


LOMA PRIETA - "Carelessnessness" (Taylor)

OSTRACA - "Waiting For The Crash" (Erica)
MOUTHING - "Separating Noise From Stillness(Dave)

VEIL OF MAYA - "We Bow In Its Aura" (Dom)
LA BELLA "Subaltern" (Daniel)
NUVOLASCURA "Now It's Clear" (everyone)


'As We Suffer From Memory And Imagination'


PODCAST #52 linked here