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GenresAtmospheric Black Metal / Doom / Post-Rock / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal / Ambient / Experimental
Related artistsShock Value and Ironhide.
CountryBrisbane AUSTRALIA
Years Active2011-present
Song: "Unending Grey"
Album: "Cloak of Ash"
Year: 2015
For fans ofRosetta, AmenRa, Buried Inside, Rorcal, Respire, ['selvə], Blue Noise, Cult Of Luna, Breag Naofa, Monuments Collapse, Fall Of Efrafa, Light Bearer, Nic (aka ██████), Neurosis, Alaskan, Caspian, Downfall Of Gaia, Marnost and An Autumn Of Crippled Children.
Label(s): Self Released / Relapse Records / OSCL Records / Moment Of Collapse Records / Silent Pendulum Records / Grimoire Cassette Cvlture / 
This post's artist is from the April 2019 Mix. This is track #10.
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HOPE DRONE are from Australia and have been dropping cataclysmic post-hardcore/black metal for nearly a decade. The band has three releases but I have heard rumours of a new record coming out soon. The first is a digital single from 2012 titled 'From Mimas to Phoebe' and it is most definitely more on the black metal side of things, while the following year (that'd be 2013) they released a four-song, self-titled LP 'Hope Drone'. Opener "Advent" shows immediate progression into other genres, as I always think I've accidentally thrown on Cave In's 'Jupiter'. Once the vocals kick in the black metal is apparent again, the vocals are barked/shrieked at you over some pretty damn apocalyptic instrumentals. The drumming and overall evil felt in some sections definitely remind me of Rorcal and Breag Naofa. "Finite" takes things further into space, making Rosetta is an obvious comparison here. The next two tracks "Grains" and "Ash" also help bridge the gap between the dark, sinister and extremely heavy black metal work and the post-everything that is found on their sensational 2015 LP, 'Cloak of Ash'. 20-minute opener "Unending Grey" is an incredible effort, somehow holding my attention throughout the mountainous journey. The faster sections could easily be thrown over a medieval battle scene with astounding cohesiveness, and good god that swing at 2:40 is mindboggling. "The Chords That Thrum Beneath the Earth" is another excellent song as it ties in the wavering instru-metal of Germany's much missed Omega Massif, while "Carried Apart By the Ceaseless Tides" rides wave after wave of lightning-quick drums with wonderfully layered guitars.



2012 - From Mimas to Phoebe digital single (stream/buy here)

2013 - Hope Drone cd/cassette/12"LP (stream/donate/download here)

2015 - Cloak of Ash cd/cassette/2x12"LP (stream/buy here)

(2015) HOPE DRONE - "Unending Grey" (from 'Cloak of Ash')

(2015) HOPE DRONE - "Carried Apart By the Ceaseless Tides" (from 'Cloak of Ash')

(2015) HOPE DRONE - "The Chords That Thrum Beneath the Earth" (from 'Cloak of Ash')

(2013) HOPE DRONE - "Ash" (from 'Hope Drone')

(2013) HOPE DRONE - "Grains" (from 'Hope Drone')

(2012) HOPE DRONE - "From Mimas to Phoebe" (from 'From Mimas to Phoebe')


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