Thursday 30 May 2013

May 30th - AMBER exclusive interview with these post-hardcore juggernauts!

This post's artist is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #7:

I read last year on my favourite (now defunct) blog, Elementary Revolt, about a band that meshes together the sounds of Isis and The Ocean with some great Mares-of-Thrace-style female vocals - you know, the screaming that is somehow able to be piercing and bellowing simultaneously. Needless to say I was excited to hear it. That self-titled EP was decent without being mind-blowing. Last month I nabbed a copy of their new EP, 'Lovesaken'.

AMBER, from Germany, are in part influenced by Cult of Luna, IsisThe Ocean, and Neurosis and it definitely shows. I would also liken them to Back When and Pelican for their spacey/chugggg riffing (with four goddamn "g"s) and Aussitot Mort in terms of how it all ties together. The new 5 song, 30+ mintue album, 'Lovesaken' builds on their initial EP - weaving the songs together in a much thicker sound that trods along and builds for several minutes before exploding. The new 12", in particular, broods a very dark and ominous style of post-hardcore that dabbles in quiet pretty parts but still manages to hold on to that desperate and haunting sound that drenches the music and the band's style in general. Epic stuff. Anyone who is even remotely interested in the aforementioned bands should eat this up.

Considering that this band is still in its infancy, I can barely try to comprehend what they will sound like in a few years. For shit's sake, the first track titled 'Cold Hands and Warm Heart' off of their debut EP was one of the best songs I heard during the entire year of 2012, and all I do is listen to music - so that's saying something. A future full length will definitely be in my most anticipated releases of the year.


I recently had the pleasure of communicating with Jakob, the drummer for AMBER who answered some questions and gave us some insight into the beautiful beast that is their band.

Describe yourself and your band.
Hey my name is Jakob and I am the drummer and one of the songwriters in Amber! We are basically 5 people from Marburg/Gießen Germany who play post-rock/post-metal/post-hardcore/post-whatever style music. If you are into bands like Isis, Neurosis, Cult Of Luna or Pelican, you would probably enjoy our music as well ;) We released our first EP a year ago and just now released another 5-song record on vinyl. We also just finished our first tour and are looking to play more shows and record more music soon.

What can you tell us about the band members?
There is really not much to tell, except that we are all really ordinary people with a really special life-and-time-consuming hobby ;)

How did you all meet? How did you get involved in the band together?
The band originally started as my homerecording project. I had written most of the songs in 2008/2009 but had never really showed them anyone until I auditioned as a guitarist in Anna’s former band. She really liked the songs, and we decided to try to get these songs recorded and performed live at some point. It wasn’t until we met again later in 2011 that we started to make actual plans for that. I knew Tobias, the bassist, from a former band we played in, and then just asked my cousin Christian to step in as lead-guitarist. We then tried out different second-guitarists before Dennis stepped in to make Amber complete.

Can you describe any of your personal (or band) conflicts?
The biggest conflict we all have is probably to make jobs and the band work. We all work/study so our free time is often more limited than we would like it to be. It is really hard work sometimes to make it possible to play the amount of shows we do, but it somehow works out most of the time.  

How has being in Amber changed you?
I don’t think Amber has changed us. Maybe to be more patient with each other sometimes, but as I said, we pretty much still do what we want ;)

Do you have any tips for people trying to start bands - or do anything else creative?
I guess it is a bit cliché, but the main thing would be: don’t give up! It is really hard, especially in the beginning, to get the thing rolling. You face so many obstacles, for example when trying to book shows, but you just have to push through.

Can you tell us about Germany and touring in other countries?
Since we've only just left Germany for 3 shows so far, I cannot really say anything about the conditions there. I have talked to a lot of bands from other countries, though, who come to Germany on tour and are overwhelmed by the hospitality. It seems that it is not as common as it is in Germany for bands to get paid and fed at shows, which makes me appreciate every show here even more.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the world?
It will probably all go to shit really soon!

If you had to slap a genre label on Amber so potential new listeners could get a good idea of your sound without hearing you, what would you label yourselves as?
The term I mostly go with would be “post-hardcore”, even though I do not believe that this fully sums up the style of music we play.

Can you discuss your thoughts and opinions regarding genre classifications of music? Are they necessary?
I don’t think they are really necessary, but they help when browsing through bands you have never heard of before. But you shouldn´t judge a book by its cover. 

Who were your primary influences when you started playing music and who are they now?
Before I started this band I wasn’t much into this genre, and therefore only knew a couple of big bands. Neurosis, Amenra and The Ocean come to mind. Playing shows over the last year has introduced me to so many new bands which, of course, influences our songwriting a bit. I think by playing and being part of the scene you begin to understand your own music better in general.

What does the rest of 2013 hold for your band?
As I said in the beginning, we are going to release more music and play more tours soon. We are currently planning our next studio dates and trying to figure out what, how and when we want to put out another record. It is all still just ideas, but there will be new stuff coming, so stay tuned.

What is your:
most cherished physical record?
Light Bearer  - Silver Tongue
favourite release of all time?
Opeth – Blackwater Park

choice for best cover art/packaging?
The Ocean - Pelagial

Your recommendations for:

Anything you enjoy, do not stick to one genre!

Just watched the new Evil Dead remake and loved it! :D

Bill Bryson - a short history of nearly everything

Is there anything else you would like to recommend?

Your blog, love it! ;)

(thanks for the plug, Jakob!)

Is there anything else that you would like to say? Anything on a topic of your choice would be awesome. Feel free to rant, make peace or pose a question.

It has been a great year so far! We have met a lot of awesome people and bands and we hope this will continue for a long time! Thanks for the love and support everyone! And thanks for the interview.


AMBER has some upcoming shows:

Karlsruhe, Germany
August 3, 2013 - New Noise Festival 8

and they are looking to book more, if interested, please email them at

2012 - Amber cdLP (download/stream/purchase here)

2013 - Lovesaken 12"LP (download/stream/purchase here)

youtube audio links
AMBER - Cold Hands Warm Heart
AMBER - Lost

youtube video link
AMBER - Lovesaken in the studio/teaser trailer


Wednesday 29 May 2013

May 29th - NEIL PERRY was the fucking greatest

This post's artist (NEIL PERRY) is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #21.

Think of a picture that begins with a mess of colours splattered on the canvas - NEIL PERRY could get to work on that sheet of chaos and have the colours spread and mixed beautifully - well, as beautiful as a violent mob trashing a city could look. The prodigious amount of crazy, dizzying and downright punishing bursts, from 20 seconds to upwards of 3 minutes, are intertwined perfectly with a sense of melody and repetition that are nearly unparalleled in 'hard' music nowadays.

NEIL PERRY was a screamo band birthed in New Jersey that existed from 1998-2002 and released material on the now defunct, but extremely influential, Level-Plane Records. This band was the amalgamation of a few younger bands - specifically You & I and Joshua Fit For Battle. After splitting up, the NP members went on to form a slew of other bands that are listed below.
Hot Cross
The Now
Welcome the Plague Year
Track of Monarchs
Get Fucked
A Life Once Lost
Superstitions of the Sky

If you have ever heard of Level-Plane Records or any of the other bands mentioned above (with the exception of A Life Once Lost and Superstitions of the Sky, who are metal and acoustic, respectively) then I don't need to explain their sound. For those of you unfamiliar with NEIL PERRY, they played a very melodic brand of screamo and grind music that incorporated some soft/clean grooving instrumental jams with epic, orchestrated destruction. The three stringed-musicians all tackled vocal duties, sometimes simultaneously, and each had a variation on the typical post-hardcore scream; with one being high-pitched (John Marinari - bass, ex You & I), another being on the raspier end (Josh Jakubowski - guitar, ex Joshua Fit For Battle) and the final one being somewhere in the middle (Chris Smith - guitar). The impressive interplay between the two guitarists is mathematical and very thick, creating a complex skeleton for the wall of sound that is solidified and reinforced by very distorted/catchy bass riffs and some of the best drumming heard outside of a metal band (Justin Graves - drummer, joined a metal band after NP - big surprise).

NEIL PERRY has splits with the following bands, and they also had some solo releases that are all compiled on their 40 song Lineage Situation 2xcd:
Usurp Synapse
Joshua Fit For Battle
A Satellite Crash
A Days Refrain

Their style evolved rather quickly over the 4 years as a band. What started out as very chaotic and screamy grind music mutated as the band began to introduce more structure, soft elements that led to some really epic buildups, and incorporated more melodies and even some clean singing on their final recordings.

I would recommend downloading the substantial portion of their discography =>here<= . Try focusing on the first 7 tracks. They are the most accessible and have the best recording quality. Plus, NEIL PERRY hung up their jackets at their peak, so this stuff is the most representative of their overall sound.

I tried to be a unbiased as possible, but I must say - NEIL PERRY was the fucking greatest screamo/grind/hardcore band ever. I love this band, so I hope I did them justice. I could gush a whole hell of a lot more, but then I'd never stop. The fucking greatest, one last time. Holy shit I have goosebumps.

2003 - Lineage Situation 2xcd (40 songs + documentary video + in the studio video)

mp3 downloads
NEIL PERRY - Lineage Situation + Unreleased material (44 tracks)
All 44 tracks here.

youtube video links
NEIL PERRY - Documentary part 1
NEIL PERRY - Documentary part 2
NEIL PERRY - In the Studio

youtube audio links
NEIL PERRY - Fading Away Like the Rest of Them (their classic song)
NEIL PERRY - Nine Minutes of Non-Fiction (their all-encompassing song)
NEIL PERRY - Looking Back on the Way You Want to Be in the Future (primary example of a 'hard' NP song)

Tuesday 28 May 2013

May 28th - THE ADVANTAGE covers Nintendo songs

GenresPunk / Rock / Nintendo
Related artistsHella.
Country?, USA
Years Active?-?
Song: "Contra - Alien's Lair & Boss Music"
Album: "Elf Titled"
Year: ?
Label(s): ?
This post's artist is from the A Long Time Ago Mix. This was track #?.
For fans ofNintendo Music from the 80s video games, using guitars/drums/bass, The Rabbit Theory, Snack Truck, Hella, Piglet,  .


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.


() ? - "" (from '?')


 out-of-print discography mp3 download / additional links

(download here)

1 - Megaman III-Sparkman - Fester's Quest - Gremlins II

2 - Batman-Stage 1 - Air Fortress - Metalgear-Jungle - Bomberman 2-Wiggy - Marble Madness -
     Metroid-Kraid's Lair

3 - Super Mario Brothers 2-Underworld - Super Mario Brothers 2-Overworld - Contra-Alien's Lair &
     Boss Music

4 - Guardian Legend-Corridor 1 - Double Dragon II-Mission 5; Forest of Death

5 - Heart-Shaped Box - Graduis II-Boss - Solar Jetman-Braveheart Level - Solar Jetman-Truckstop

6 - Megaman II - Stage Select + Metal Man

7 - Encore - Ducktails-Moon - Milk It - Megaman 3 Intro

Monday 27 May 2013

May 27th - ANIMAL FACES bring the mosh

This post's artist (ANIMAL FACES) is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #25.

Hailing from Toronto, I must say that ANIMAL FACES have to be by far the most driving and engrossing bands out there. To elaborate, I will describe my recent experience at their show. Showing no lack of depth as a 3-piece, once they kicked into their set, I noticed that I started gingerly nodding my head - and by the end of the first song I'd almost thrown my back out. ANIMAL FACES play equal parts dreamy noodling, mathy mosh and throaty screaming. If and when they release a full length (although I hope it would be more in the direction of the EPs, and not the recent split), it will most likely cause me to cheerspasm (note: not a word) with joy and then immediately clutch my back in pain.

ANIMAL FACES may draw from a variety of influences; as I hear riffing that sounds similar to LautrecLa Quiete and Raein on the title track 'Anomie', there are some nods (whether intentional or not) to North of America, We Were Skeletons, Town Portal and Twelve Hour Turn, but they most certainly have a sound all their own. A second here or there and I think I can put a finger on it and relate their sound to others - just to realize that the part only lasts a few seconds.  Ryan, the vocalist/guitarist certainly has a voice that I really don't feel like I can compare to anything. Indie rock screamo? Sure, why not.

Lastly, I promised an ANIMAL FACES interview when this blog started, but sadly it was not to be. I apologize to anyone who was looking forward to that post - as I know now not to post news until it actually happens.

*I learned recently that Nick, the bassist/clean vocalist for ANIMAL FACES used to play bass and perform vocal duties for Creeper, who have since acquired a new vocalist and kick some serious ass. Check them out their review and giant interview with me, here.

2010 - Analytical Dreaming cd/7"EP (stream here) (purchase 7" here) (purchase cd here)

2012 - Anomie cd/12"EP (stream here) (purchase cd here)

2013 - Split w/Solids 7" (stream here) (purchase here)

youtube audio links
ANIMAL FACES - A Deep Thought
ANIMAL FACES - Breathe Lightly

live vids
ANIMAL FACES - Living Spaces (2013)
ANIMAL FACES - Can't See Why / Forward Through / Sleep Tightly (2013)
ANIMAL FACES - Can`t See Why (2011)

ANIMAL FACES - Forward Through (youtube link to official music video)


Sunday 26 May 2013

May 26th - KILL SADIE was a transition to greatness

This post's artist (KILL SADIE) is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #17.

KILL SADIE from Minneapolis sounds like an interesting mix of bouncy, Hot Cross-esque guitar riffing with 2 very competent guitarists, some imaginative song structures and strained vocals not unlike And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead with some Blood Brothers-styled sass. The albums are also generally littered with noise, atmospheric and softer (yet still obtuse) slower rock tracks.

After disbanding, KILL SADIE branched out to the following very popular acts:
These Arms Are Snakes
Minus The Bear
Pretty Girls Make Graves
Sharks Keep Moving

It truly is hard to categorize this band. Any fan of indie rock all the way to screamo will most likely have their ears perk up while listening. I would recommend starting with their only LP and hording the rest if you dig it. Stream the song that I had to upload on youtube that I linked at the bottom for a quick, and amazing, listen. I can't believe this song wasn't available on there. Crazy.

1998 - Traitor cd/7"EP

1998 - Half Cooked Concepts cd/10"EP

1998 - EP No. 2 7"EP (someone give me this and I'll post it for everyone)

1999 - Split w/Brand New Unit 7" ['Cocktail Party Effect' demo]

2000 - A New Make 7"

2001 - Experiments in Expectation cd/12"LP

2004 - We Are All A Little Sick cd

DOWNLOAD the majority of the band's discography here.

KILL SADIE - The Surgeon's Muse (audio link to youtube)

May 25th - DAITRO closes out European screamo week

This post's artist (DAITRO) is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #20.

I don't know how many more times I can try and describe this sound or say 'European screamo' before I start losing readers. I'll keep this as short and concise as possible.

DAITRO is dirty and DAITRO is beautiful. They play passionate post-hardcore that dabbles in fast, hectic parts and slow, drawn-out melodic passages that are littered with high pitched screaming - sometimes from two alternating vocalists. They have very DIY packaging and releases in general, with very limited releases that include extensive booklets filled with articles written by the band. My favourite releases include the 'Laisser Vivre Les Squelettes' and the split 10" with Raein because of the packaging and swirled coloured-vinyl, which includes the song 'Un Bateau Ivre' (The Drunk Boat) that starts with a screeching onslaught of bouncy/dirty screamo, but later turns into a breathtaking slow drum build that climaxes after a few minutes into an epic breakdown. This was the song that got me in to DAITRO and perfectly captures their bipolar sound. Unfortunately they broke up late last year. DAITRO was amazing and sounds similar to bands like Amanda Woodward, Aussitot Mort, Kaospilot, Louise CyphreDeath of Anna Karina, La Quiete, Raein, Sed Non Satiata and Yage. That wasn't all that concise. Meh.

*for an excellent history of the band, check out their last website post, linked ==>here<==

2002 - Daitro cd/cassette

2003 - Des Cendres, Je Me Consumme cd/10"EP

2004 - Split w/Raein 10" *** Split cd w/Raein and Lhasa (DAITRO/Raein contributed the
           same songs for both splits)

2004 - Compilation - This is Your Life 2x12"LP (contributed 'Des Visages Et Des Muscles')

2005 - Laisser Vivre Les Squelettes cd/12"LP (stream on bandcamp here)

2005 - Compilation - Emo Armageddon 12"LP (contributed 'Vivre Ici')

2007 - Split w/Ampere 7" (PURCHASE HERE)

2007 - US Tour 7"

2008 - Split w/Sed Non Satiata cd/12"LP (stream on bandcamp here)

2009 - Y cd/12"LP (stream on bandcamp here)

*There are also 4 discography cd with various combinations of the releases, but pretty much all of those are out of print as well.

DAITRO - Les Vivre Les Squelettes (audio link to bandcamp)

DAITRO -  Un Bateau Ivre [the drunk boat] (audio link to youtube)

DAITRO Bandcamp Page

Saturday 25 May 2013

May 24th - SED NON SATIATA more than satiates my screamo appetite

This post's artist (SED NON SATIATA) is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #27.

SED NON SATIATA play emotive hardcore/screamo/indie rock music in the vein of Amanda Woodward, La Parade and Daitro, with one clean and one screamy vocalist..

When they started back in 2004, they played more of a black, metallic screamo, not unlike Grey Ghost or (which is pronounced "eight",) but quickly shifted to a post-hardcore style that populates many regions of Europe - such as the two bands mentioned above, Yage, Raein, La Quiete, Aussitot Mort, Kaospilot, Suis La Lune, Trachimbrod and The Third Memory.

If you are aware of any of the aforementioned bands, grab everything you can by SED NON. They are just now getting some of the international recognition they deserve, but considering they were releasing phenomenal stuff like 'Urgent D'Attendre' and 'Spirit Fuel' almost 10 years ago, this all seems a little overdue. If you've never heard of SED NON SATIATA and/or are confused by the bands listed or the genre classifications, just listen to
this =>
and you'll know in the first two minutes if it's for you or not. It probably is.

New album 'Mappo' drops sometime soon on Protagonist Records.

2004 - Demo DOWNLOAD ALBUM from zippyshare

2005 - Split w/Aghast 7"

2005 - Le Ciel De Notre Enfance cd/12"EP (stream on bandcamp)

2008 - Split w/Daitro cd/12"LP (stream on bandcamp)

2009 - Sed Non Satiata cd/12"EP (stream on bandcamp) (purchase here)

2013 - Compilation - Epilogue of a Car Crash...A Tribute to Orchid cd/12"LP (contributed 'None More Black' and 'Impersonating Martin Rev')

2013 - Mappo 12" (will be released June 13, 2013)

SED NON SATIATA - Moi Le Premier (audio link to youtube)

SED NON SATIATA - Les Hommes Sans Visage (audio link to youtube)
SED NON SATIATA - Les Hommes Sans Visage (live video link to youtube)

SED NON SATIATA - [orchid cover of] None More Black (audio link to youtube)

SED NON SATIATA - [song from upcoming album] San Andrea (audio link to youtube)

Thursday 23 May 2013

May 23rd - LA QUIETE and the greatest noise I've ever heard

This post's artist (LA QUIETE) is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #11.

LA QUIETE is hands down one of the all-time greatest screamo bands. They helped define the genre after their formation in 2000 near Forli, Italy. They have shared members with Raein, Death of Anna Karina and Contrasto. Generally, LA QUIETE play(ed) screamo in the vein of Saetia and Funeral Diner - which basically means screamed vocals layered over either clean and catchy riffing or lightning-fast bursts of noise. They labeled themselves as "impassioned heavy hardcore" and have said they are influenced by Envy, Pg.99 and Orchid.

I feel like the band's sound has evolved twice since their inception, thereby creating 3 very similar, but slightly different styles. 2000-2002 had the band at their most aggressive and screamy. 2003-2005 was their peak (in my opinion), as the truly matured sound shines through on the near-perfect 'La Fine Non E La Fine' 12" record - which finds an amazing balance between clean, groovin' guitars and spastic bouts of screaming. 2006-2009 found the band with a new guitarist which made the instrumentals much more expansive and in-your-face, especially the guitars, while the screamy vocals have been replaced by more of a garage-rock yell.

Last I heard, they were going to record something, and I saw they were touring this year - so let's keep our fingers crossed, because a new album could be phenomenal, as 'La Fine Non E La Fine' is the greatest screamo album of all time - bar none. The LP is very rare and out of print. I love you all. Here's the link to download it.

One last thing, I met these guys at the greatest show ever (LA QUIETE, Phoenix Bodies, Ed Gein and Storm the Bastille) and the bassist was one of the nicest people I've ever met. After telling him that my wife and I had driven to Cleveland all the way from Toronto, Canada - he nearly shit his pants and proceeded to try and give me some of their records. I already owned every record they had with them, so I said, "Don't worry about it," and went to put my wife's merch in the car. I was run down by the bassist after exiting the building, as he had fished out a T-shirt to give to me for free. How fucking awesome is that? Oops, sorry. No more questions.

LA QUIETE's records and shirts can be bought here:

2001-2004 compilation tracks and 7" splits with the following bands:
The Pine
KC Milan
Catena Collapse
Apoplexy Twist Orchestra

2004 - La Fine Non E La Fine 10"/12"LP (the 10" version was released first, but had sub-par quality, so a 12" was reissued - I had both and must say the 12" sounds leaps and bounds better than the 10", so if you're trying to bid on one somewhere, stay away from the 10" version)
***************DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM from zippyshare***************
(purchase here)

2005 - Split w/Louise Cyphre cd/10"LP

2006 - Tenpeun 01.05 cd (compilation of everything recorded before their only LP) (purchase here)

2006 - La Quiete 7" + video cd (whale 7")

2008 - La Quiete cd/7" (white 7")

2009 - Split w/Phoenix Bodies 7"

2009 - 2006-2009 cd (compilation of the two self titled 7" records) (purchase here)

LA QUIETE - La Fine Non E La Fine [The End Is Not The End] (FULL mp3 DOWNLOAD from zippyshare)

LA QUIETE - Fiori Neri Per Ian Illich (Black Flowers For Ivan Illich) live video link to youtube

LA QUIETE - Ciò Che Non Siamo Ciò Che Non Vogliamo (What We Are Not, What We Don't Want) audio link to youtube

LA QUIETE - Raid Aero Sul Paese Delle Farfalle (Air Raid in the Land of the Butterflies) audio link to youtube

LA QUIETE - Riflessioni Sul Peccato (Thoughts On Sin) audio link to youtube

Wednesday 22 May 2013

May 22nd - OLD MAN GLOOM makes me happy about the apocalypse

This post's artist (OLD MAN GLOOM) is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #3.

Have you heard OLD MAN GLOOM? No? Do you like metal/doom/sludge/hardcore and the apocalypse? Yes? Then why the fuck aren't you listening to OMG right now? Seriously, this super-group is one of the most underrated and mind-blowing bands of all time. Did I say super-group? Am I asking way too many fucking questions?

Yes, I said super-group. OLD MAN GLOOM consists of the following members and their current/past side projects:
Aaron Turner - IsisGreymachine, The Hollomen, JodisLotus Eaters, Mamiffer, Split Cranium,
Santos Montano - Zozobra, Forensics
Caleb Scofield - Cave In, Zozobra
Nate Newton - Jesuit, Doomriders, Converge (and some band called Channel)
They have also employed some 'noise' artists on past releases.

Okay, let's talk about their sound. Punishing. Very punishing. Absolutely and utterly devastating. That about sums up their sound. Think Black Sabbath meets Converge and you're on the right track. Their 'Seminar' and 'Christmas' albums are much more mathy and dare I say, softer. The first and last album literally sound like the apocalypse. The three stringed-musicians share vocal duties, but all of them generally scream/yell their throats raw, so there isn't a lot of vocal variety - but that doesn't matter to me because I love the thickness and emotion that all three guys pour into their songs.

Lastly, all of the full length albums (with the exception of 'No') jump back and forth from an actual song to atmospheric/noise interludes and then back to a song, etc. 'No' incorporates these noise elements directly into the songs, as opposed to having a separate track for each of them.

2000 - Meditations in B cd/12"LP (this is all Santos and Aaron, as Caleb and Nate joined after this album, standout tracks include, 'Afraid of', 'Sonic Wave of Bees' and the 'Flood' songs)

2001 - Seminar II: The Holy Rites of Primitivism Regressionism cd/12"LP (probably the strongest overall album, plus it has a lot of tracks, 'Rape Athena', 'Branch Breaker' and 'Hot Salvation' are classics) (PURCHASE HERE)

2001 - Seminar III: Zozobra cd/12"LP (one 27 minute track that dabbles in metal, doom, atmospherics, noise and movie clips, a taxing overall listen, but cool nontheless) (PURCHASE HERE)

2004 - Christmas Eve I + II 3"cd/2x7"EP (the precursor to the 'Christmas' album, their weakest outing - but it's just an EP so I'm not judging - plus 'Skull of Geronimo is fantastic) (PURCHASE HERE)

2004 - Christmas cd/2x12"LP (okay, this is at least as good as Seminar II, perhaps even better, with standout tracks being 'Gift', 'Skullstorm' and the epic 'The Volcano', plus the liner notes are absolutely hilarious, for example, they have a list of 27 Things That Would Make Their Lives Better: if I could cum cheese whiz, if boobs had slurpee in them, laser eyes, a middle finger that can be seen from space, a hypercolor tuxedo, if clouds rained peepee, etc.) (PURCHASE HERE)

2005 - Christmas Eve I + II + NYC live 12"LP (compiles the 3"cd with a live show)

2012 - No (the new and punishing record that basically sounds like the apocalypse) (PURCHASE HERE)

2013 - Japanese reissues include new packaging (zero plastic), remastered tracks and bonus live songs. I bought all 5 and it set me back $150. Was it worth it? Yes. And 'No'. The bonus tracks are included in (brackets):
               *'Meditations in B' cd (Zozobra)
               *'Seminar II: The Holy Rites of Primitivism Regressionism' cd (Afraid of, Flood 1,
                  Sleeping With Snakes)
               *'Seminar III: Zozobra' cd (Gift, Common Species, Regain/Rejoin)
               *'Christmas/Christmas Eve I + II + NYC' live 2xcd
               *'No' 2xcd (complete live set at Brownies NYC, one track that includes Zozobra
                 -excerpt1, Skullstorm, Branch Breaker, Sonic Wave of Bees, Rape Athena, Flood 2,
                 Afraid of, Hot Salvation, Jaws of the Lion, Zozobra-excerpt1)


OLD MAN GLOOM - Vipers (link to audio on youtube) from 'Seminar I'

OLD MAN GLOOM - Rape Athena (link to audio on youtube) from 'Seminar II'

OLD MAN GLOOM - The Volcano (link to audio on youtube) from 'Christmas'

OLD MAN GLOOM - The Forking Path (link to audio on youtube) from 'No'

OLD MAN GLOOM (full set link to live video on youtube)

Tuesday 21 May 2013

May 21st - RAMONA CORDOVA the enigma, man or woman?

This post's artist (RAMONA CORDOVA) is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #23.

Let's get two things straight. The first, RAMONA CORDOVA is not a woman, but he is actually a man named Ramon Alarcon. The second, he sounds like a woman.

Okay, so he sounds like a guy, too. But when he goes falsetto, holy shit - he puts the following vocalists (the first to come to my mind) to shame in terms of hitting some very high notes:
The Strokes
Circa Survive/Anthony Green
Coheed & Cambria
Jeff Buckley

One may even liken him to the Bee Gees. Regardless, his fluttering voice (although almost childish at times) and his ability to write beautifully crafted vocal melodies are both absolutely phenomenal. Ramon sings, uses an acoustic guitar, occasional group chanting and some hand claps to play a surreal style of childish folk music. There are certainly hints of Elliot Smith, but otherwise I'm having trouble with comparisons. Listen to the links and decide for yourself, and hopefully I can finally talk to someone about this guy and where in the hell he went after recording this gem.

I have included one straight forward acoustic track (Heavy on My Mind), followed by one of his stranger but still fantastic songs (Giver's Reply) - with a live and well shot video (Brother) closing out the links below.

The album has a story, and it's all described in the liner notes. That's your motivation to find and buy a copy of this. I got mine of Ebay for a few bucks.

2006 - The Boy Who Floated Freely cd

2006 - Split cd w/Stephen Brodsky (mostly previously released material + live songs)

RAMONA CORDOVA - Heavy on My Mind (audio link to youtube)

RAMONA CORDOVA - Giver's Reply (audio link to youtube)

RAMONA CORDOVA - Brother (live video link to youtube)

Monday 20 May 2013

May 20th - ORCHID beautiful destruction

This post's artist (ORCHID) is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #14.

Do I really even need to write anything here? If you know anything about screamo, you already know ORCHID. If you don't know ORCHID, you aren't listening to screamo. ORCHID never wanted to be called screamo, so perhaps I should just fuck the genrefying (this is not a word, but I'm trying my damndest).

ORCHID existed for 5 short years but released 3 of the most influential, heavy and intelligent albums associated with the punk and hardcore scenes. To describe them as efficiently as possible, I would say they played an extremely fast and tight style of caustic hardcore with screamed vocals and sassy lyrics.

Will Killingsworth is also well-known for his recording abilities, as he has had a hand (or two) in recording some of my favourite bands:
Jeromes Dream
Transistor Transistor
Birthday Boys
Welcome the Plague Year
June Paik

ORCHID fractioned into the following bands, or I should mention that these are the bands that I am aware of? Whatever:
Ampere (the most popular of these bands, this was Will Killingsworth's baby)Vaccine (Will played bass in this band)
Laceration (Will played guitar in this band)
No Faith (Will did vocals)
Wolves (bassist's band, who were amazing, and honed/created the sound employed by Daniel Striped Tiger)
Bucket Full of Teeth (metal/doom/apocalypse/rock/screamo supergroup)
Panthers (the vocalist's new band, sassy rock that sounds like ORCHID-light with no screaming)

This year, DogKnight Productions released an ORCHID tribute album, titled 'Epilogue of a Car Crash! A Tribute to Orchid!' - which I strongly recommend picking up (compilation of the year, hands down). You can grab a copy here. and stream 2 amazing covers from the album here (Carrion Spring) and here (Sed Non Satiata).

1999 - Chaos is Me 12"LP

2000 - Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! 10"LP

2001 - Orchid (also known as the 'Gatefold' album) cd/12"LP

*2002 - Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! + Chaos is Me cd (compiles the first 2 full lengths)

*2005 - Totality cd (compiles all early works that are NOT on the other 3 full lengths, totalling more than 20 tracks)

ORCHID - And the Cat Turned to Smoke (audio link to youtube) from 'Chaos is Me'

ORCHID - New Jersey vs. Vallhala (audio link to youtube) from 'Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!'

ORCHID - A Visit from Dr. GoodSex (audio link to youtube) from 'Orchid'

ORCHID - New Ideas in Mathematics (audio link to youtube) from 'Totality'

May 19th - THE THIRD MEMORY like Raein - but crazier

This post's artist (THE THIRD MEMORY) is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #26:

If you were to take out the soft twinkly parts of Raein, you would be left with THE THIRD MEMORY. That's selling the band a little short though - as the drumming alone separates this band from the majority of the faster screamo bands. Boasting a rock solid foundation of European screamo goodness, with nods to Daitro, La Quiete, Yage and Francis Brady, THE THIRD MEMORY was a force to be reckoned with - albeit only for a short time.

There isn't really much else to say - this is frantic yet melodic music with some textbook European screamo instrumentals and vocals. For fans of the aforementioned bands, as well as: A Day in Black and White, Envy, Sed Non Satiata, Funeral Diner, Orchid, Cease Upon the Capitol, and Van Johnson.

If anything, pick up a copy of THE THIRD MEMORY's 2005 masterpiece, 'Et De Cela Rien Ne Ressort' - quintessential, bitches.

2003 - The Gathering Of Distorted Souls In The Garden Of Flameless Utopia (download here)

2004 - Split cd w/Dodewaard/Petethepiratesquid/Thema Eleven

2004 - Compilation 'Live Your Life' 2x12"LP (contributed 'Maybe We Will') (stream here

2005 - Et De Cela Rien Ne Ressort cd/12"LP

2006 - Split 7" w/Only for the Sake of Aching

2008 - Tour cd / The Third Memory 12"LP

2009 - Split 12"EP w/Dominic

THE THIRD MEMORY - Maybe We Will (audio link to youtube)

THE THIRD MEMORY - Nos Epaules Meurent (audio link to youtube)

THE THIRD MEMORY - Il A Fallu ne Rien Dire (audio link to youtube)

THE THIRD MEMORY - The Gathering Of Distorted Souls In The Garden Of Flameless Utopia FREE DOWNLOAD from zippyshare

Sunday 19 May 2013

May 18th - CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL needs to be resuscitated

This post's artist (CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL) is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #1:

Both dreamy and pulverizing, CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL was a band that I seldom, if ever, hear screamo enthusiasts discuss. Then again, I don't really have many screamo friends. Well shit, if you like screamo in any way, listen to all the links below.

CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL played a very interesting mix of aggressive screamo (think of Kodan Armada, Ampere and Off Minor's heavier parts) and angular spacey atmospherics (not unlike Botch, Cave In, Kaospilot and June Paik). Sometimes the band lulls you into a false sense of security with a nice, slow, building jam - only to tie that spacey jam into an epic climax of screaming and wailing guitars.

I feel obligated to mention how phenomenal CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL's two 'Emo' compilation contributions are. They are basically the centerpieces of two of the best screamo comps to ever be released. (NOTE: if you are not aware of all three compilations, they have screamo bands from all over the world doing unreleased 30 second songs -> Emo Armageddon, Emo Apocalypse and Emo Annihilation) These two songs have a one minute spoken word introduction about the facelessness of society and the band's utter contempt for the status quo, followed by 30 seconds of the 'punishing' post-hardcore/screamo that I mentioned at the beginning of the post.

I am listening to the discography as I'm writing this, and I am reminded of how superior the 2006 'Untitled' LP is. That is what is linked below in an mp3 download. I have also posted their 2006 'Single Series' 7" and the two 'Emo' comp tracks. If anyone has their split with Trikorona or the self titled cd, please let me know.

And lastly, can someone please explain why bands that have long since broken up are not setting something up online for releasing all of their material - whether it be free downloads, pay what you want or purchase style?_________________________________________________________________________

2005 - Split 3"cd w/Silbato (PURCHASE HERE)

2005 - End of History 7"

2005 - Compilation 'The Emo Armageddon' 7" (contributed 'Paralysis')

2006 - Compilation 'The Emo Apocalypse' 12"LP (contributed 'Cell')

2006 - Untitled 12"LP/cd (download here)

2006 - Single Series 7" (download here)

2006 - Cease Upon the Capitol cd (compilation of a comp track, the Silbato cd and 2 exclusive tracks)

2007 - Cease Upon the Capitol 12"EP/cd

2007 - Split cd w/Trikorona

CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL - Untitled 7 (audio link to youtube)

CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL - 2006 album 'Untitled' FULL DOWNLOAD from zippyshare

CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL - 2006 7" 'Single Series' + 'Emo' Comp Tracks FULL DOWNLOAD from zippyshare

CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL bandcamp page directed to stream 2005's 'End of History' 7"

Saturday 18 May 2013

May 17th - LAURA STEVENSON and the hell yes we cans play beautiful music

WELCOME TO (((((OPEN mind SATURATED brain)))))'s seventeenth official post! The MP3 mix for May is linked from May 1st's post.

This post's artist is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #12:

LAURA STEVENSON, you are amazing.

A general preference that I have noticed as I've lived my life - I'm not generally interested in female singers. It has nothing to do with the fact that they are girls, female voices just sound(ed) generic to me, I guess. Regardless, in recent years I've either changed my tune or I'm discovering female singers that finally hit that elusive chord that was lacking in the music that I heard in the past.

She has this voice that really lulls you in, like Joanna Newsom but much thicker and heavier, almost like a blanket. Her songs usually build from very simple and soft foundations, and eventually they reach a crescendo that has her voice wailing and spiraling amidst some catchy and/or epic instrumentals - depending on the song.

They (LAURA STEVENSON and The Cans) recently released their new album, 'Wheel' which I'm still trying to grasp. It seems to be a very strong and consistent album, but with the exception of Telluride, I don't hear any knee-weakening tracks like the last 2 albums. The songs themselves are much more mature and don't cling to a defined and rigid structure, but instead each song holds its own weight while adding to the interwoven fabric of the album. Gimme another week.


2008 - A Record 12"EP

2009 - Holy Ghost 7"

2010 - Split 7" w/Bomb the Music Industry

2011 - Sit Resist cd/12"LP

2013 - Wheel cd/12"LP

2013 - Runner 7" single

LAURA STEVENSON - Barnacles (official live video of Laura playing solo in front of a dinosaur - if you are attracted to women, this entire thing is quite stirring) I freaking LOVE this woman.

LAURA STEVENSON & The Cans - Master of Art (official video link to youtube)

LAURA STEVENSON & The Cans - Beets Untitled (link to audio on youtube)

Listen to 2013's 'Wheel' in its entirety HERE

Friday 17 May 2013

My 16th - PHOENIX BODIES didn't burn bright enough, says I

WELCOME TO (((((OPEN mind SATURATED brain)))))'s sixteenth official post! The MP3 mix for May is linked from May 1st's post.

This post's artist is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #29:

I first heard PHOENIX BODIES back in 2004 on the Microwave 2x7" compilation (which is one of the best comps ever) with their song, 'Enlarge Your Penis'. This song perfectly captures everything that made them great. First off, it has great lyrics, which are sarcastic, more biting and downright better than 99% of other lyrics out there.

My wife and I were extremely lucky and saw them play in Cleveland back in 2008, and Derek was nice enough to have 'Old Balls' dedicated to us (as we had driven from Canada). That last sentence was serious and sarcastic at the same time.

Here's a quick list of some other fantastic song titles:
Cock Ocean - A Timeless Destination (with a chorus of "all I wanted was some water")
I Guarantee You're A Pile of Shit
This Place Is A Fucking Dump
You've Been Hamburgled
Goddamn Pyramid Building Aliens

They initially had 2 vocalists, the super high-pitched screamy guy and the hoarse yelling of the lower-end singer - which balanced beautifully, in a metal kind of way, I suppose. The guitars are very schizophrenic and jump from groovin', quick paced clean and bouncing stuff to heavy and distorted breakdowns. The drumming is insane, double-bass blast beats. There is no bassist.

PHOENIX BODIES is a beast all their own, but sound like a loosely assembled mix of some basic and dirty punk moments, the styles of Discordance Axis, Jeromes Dream, Botch and features most of the members of Mara'akate, another very underappreciated early screamo act. PHOENIX BODIES are masters at hurling a whirlwind of noise together so perfectly that it seamlessly flows from insane noodling to massive breakdowns - all of which are ridiculously catchy. To help you understand the complexity and amazingness of PHOENIX BODIES, I have devised a new plan for this blog. Check the link below.



2003 - demo

2003 - Compilation > The Microwave Said to the Pacemaker 2x7" (contributed 'Enlarge Your Penis')

2003 - Split cd/EP" w/Enkephalin

2004 - Split 7" w/Raein

2004 - Split 7" w/The Dream Is Dead

2004 - Split 7" w/Tranny of Shaw

2004 - Split 7" w/Shikari

2006 - Raise the Bullshit Flag cd/LP (the band's crowning achievement, unfortunately, they lost their 2nd guitarist and singer following the release, so their drummer took over 50% of the vocal duties and they got a new drummer and a new guitarist, but everything they released afterwards just wasn't the same)

2007 - Too Much Information cd/dvd (a basic compendium of earlier work, plus some live footage - a great buy considering getting a hold of the early stuff is very difficult, and there's no way I'm parting with any of mine)

2008 - Cobra Commander 7"

2009 - Split 7" w/La Quiete

2009 - Split 10" EP w/He Who Corrupts

The band has since broken off into Brighter Arrows and Birdbrain.

PHOENIX BODIES - Enlarge Your Penis (link to audio on youtube)

PHOENIX BODIES - Lawn of Decadence (link to audio on youtube)

PHOENIX BODIES - Resonance of the Strom Thurmond Death Rattle

Wednesday 15 May 2013

May 15th - CASSILIS kicks asses, plain and simple

WELCOME TO (((((OPEN mind SATURATED brain)))))'s fifteenth official post! The MP3 mix for May is linked from May 1st's post.

This post's artist is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #22:
Phoenix Bodies meets Jeromes Dream mixed with Graf Orlock. That's one hell of a caustic concoction. I came across CASSILIS because of a split 7" with Storm the Bastille and it caught my attention quickly as the drumming was insane, there's some really fast guitar work with great palm-muting in all the right parts and really scathing vocals. After I listened to 'The Place Where We Meet to Seek the Highest is Underground' I was ecstatic. I got my new Phoenix Bodies kick. I miss Phoenix Bodies. Anyways, these guys have since evolved towards a thicker and sludgier sound, showcased beautifully on the track 'Jehovah Oil' which I've linked below in a video. The last 30 seconds show exactly what CASSILIS is all about - kicking fucking asses.

2008 - Demo (download here)

2008 - Split 7" w/Storm The Bastille (download here)

2008 - The Place Where We Meet to Seek the Highest is Underground EP

2011 - My Colours LP

2012 - Jehovah Oil 7"

2012 - Split 7" w/Locktender

CASSILIS - I Take Interest In Living Clean (official video from youtube link)

CASSILIS - Jehovah Oil (official video from youtube link)

Bandcamp page (free download of their best EP) CASSILIS

CASSILIS - Demo FULL DOWNLOAD from zippyshare

CASSLIS - Split w/Storm the Bastille FULL DOWNLOAD from zippyshare

Tuesday 14 May 2013

May 14th - OVER IT because pop punk stinks nowadays by comparison

WELCOME TO (((((OPEN mind SATURATED brain)))))'s fourteenth official post! The MP3 mix for May is linked from May 1st's post.

This post's artist is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #18:

Trying to explain to my wife why pop-punk was so important in the late 90s is taxing, to say the least. Does anyone else remember when listening to punk music meant guys with horrible voices, and the cream of the crop vocally was Fat Mike? Those were different times. In the late 90s there was a surge of crunchy and catchy punk that anchored itself around strong vocalists who knew what a melody was. Bands that peaked my interest were The Ataris, Saves the DayNew Found Glory, The Stryder and The June Spirit - primarily.

I know pop-punk seems to be having quite the resurgence thanks to the likes of The Wonder Years, Joyce Manor and The Story So Far. I can kind of get into these bands, but they've got nothing on those pioneers from almost 15 years ago that learned how to sing before protools was a staple in the music industry.

OVER IT was, in my opinion, at the forefront of this movement. Unfortunately, a lot of their stuff is hard to find, especially online. I have posted the full 'Hindsight is 20/20' EP because people should have access to this stuff. I am awaiting 2 more cds in the mail (which I heard 10 years ago and absolutely loved) and will post them once I make mp3s.

1999 - Over It cd

2000 - The Ready Series cd  (PURCHASE HERE)

2001 - Hindsight is 20/20 cd (download here)

2002 - Timing is Everything cd (PURCHASE HERE)

2002 - Split cd w/My Captain

2005 - Split 7" w/Punchline

2005 - Silverstrand cd

2006 - Outer Banks cd
OVER IT - Frictionless (audio link to youtube)

OVER IT - Hindsight is Always 20/20 FULL DOWNLOAD from zippyshare. You're welcome.

Monday 13 May 2013

May 13th - LOMA PRIETA are destroying the foundation of heavy music and building anew

WELCOME TO (((((OPEN mind SATURATED brain)))))'s thirteenth official post! The MP3 mix for May is linked from May 1st's post.

***check out OMSB's interview with Sean of LOMA PRIETA here!

***check out an updated LOMA PRIETA show review with an amazing live drum video here***
or here

This post's artist is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #13:

This band ate up about 33% of my listening time in 2012. They chose a very fitting band name - the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989 for two reasons. The first is rather obvious - the earthquake and the band originated in San Francisco in the US. The second, LOMA PRIETA, the band, use massive soundscapes that wreak havoc and cause mass destruction, just like the earthquake. This band takes that concept and employs it as an aural assault on your very being with  glimmers of tranquility. Heavy. Thick. Distorted. Intrusive. Discordant. Manic. Peaceful. Beautiful. Grooving. Those are all pretty apt adjectives. Members from this band have or do play in: Beau Navire, Sailboats and Us, Haunted Bodies.

2005 - cdr

2006 - Our LP is Your EP (super screamy, very Jeromes Dream-y) (PURCHASE HERE)

2006 - Compilation > Emo Apocalypse (contributed 37 second 'Untitled' song)

2007 - Matrimony 7" (same as above)

2008 - Last City LP/cd (their classic album which moved to a more melodic and atmospheric sound, while still retaining their initial abrasiveness) (PURCHASE LP HERE)

2009 - Dark Mountain EP (the most 'punk' of their releases, some classics on here as well) (PURCHASE HERE)

2010 - Life/Less (an absolutely scathing record that launched their sound found on later recordings) (PURCHASE HERE)

2011 - Split 7" w/Punch (meh)

2011 - Compilation > Comadre Mixtape Vol. 4 (contributed 'Trilogy 4' demo)

2012 - IV LP/cd (sits at the top as their best record along with 'Last City', this shows the band further experimenting with an almost acidic sound, packing together as much controlled mayhem as possible with occasional bouts of grooving melodies and even some twinkling > see my favourite song, 'Biography') (PURCHASE HERE)

2013 - Spit 7" w/Raein (awaiting my copy, but Raein are gods) (PURCHASE HERE)

If you ever have the chance to see these guys live, do it - but make sure you memorize their songs first. Live, it's a very thick and feedback-soaked experience to the point where it's actually hard to hear what's really going on.


LOMA PRIETA - Fly By Night (link to official music video on youtube)

LOMA PRIETA - Uniform (link to live video on youtube)

Here is a link to one of the two guitar players' merch store

Here is a link to my LOMA PRIETA review of 'IV' on

Here is a link to the track-listing of a partial discography cd that was released in 2009.

Sunday 12 May 2013

May 12th - TWO GALLANTS and one confused blogger

WELCOME TO (((((OPEN mind SATURATED brain)))))'s eleventh official post! The MP3 mix for May is linked from May 1st's post.

 This post's artist is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #16:

I don't like country. I don't like folk. But I like TWO GALLANTS. "2 wrongs make a right, Lisa."

What does this duo sound like? Well, as implied by my previous statements, it's county-tinged folk music that sounds a hell of a lot like Bob Dylan, vocally and at times lyrically.

After a few years of hermitting (yeah, I made that a verb), they re-emerged last year with an extremely explosive album that leans much more towards rock than their earlier releases.

I've had a rough day, and to be honest - I put this band on the mix because they're the only band in this genre that doesn't make me cringe. Perhaps I'm trying to be more eclectic than I really am. This stuff is good, but it's not awesome. If you like country or folk music in any way, give this a listen for sure. Otherwise, I have idea what reaction you may have to this.

These guys have a pretty extensive discography, but I will only list what I have:

2007 - The Scenery of Farewell cd/EP (meh...)

2007 - Two Gallants cd/LP (a couple of decent tracks, specifically 'The Hand that Held Me Down' and 'Despite What You've Been Told')

2012 - The Bloom and Blight (probably the best overall album, but it has nothing on the 2 songs mentioned on the previous effort)

TWO GALLANTS - My Love Won't Wait (official video link to youtube)

TWO GALLANTS - Despite What You've Been Told (audio link to youtube)

Saturday 11 May 2013

May 11th - GIFTS FROM ENOLA are great on Xmas!

WELCOME TO (((((OPEN mind SATURATED brain)))))'s eleventh official post! The MP3 mix for May is linked from May 1st's post.

This post's artist is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #30:

Pelican, Tomydeepestego, Finger of God, Russian Circles and Omega Massif - what do they all have in common? They are all epic instrumental that pale in comparison to GIFTS FROM ENOLA.

All right, as my dad just pointed out, maybe 'pale in comparison' is a bit of an embellishment. That's right, my 60 year-old dad digs these bands. How awesome is that? Answer: very.

Anyways, all of those bands are amazing, but GIFTS FROM ENOLA gives the listener a little extra present (see what I did there?) - I think it's the first guitar tapping out some awesome high riffing, combined with the deep palm muting of the second guitarist. The band also enjoys throwing some low-volume yelling vocals from time to time, which really adds to the overall atmosphere. If I had to be facetious, which I don't have to be, but I will - this band exudes a very spacey vibe, with perfectly timed intergalactic space battles. My wife has actually labeled one of their songs the "Starfox Song".

2006 - Local Eyes Betrayed the Mind cd/LP (a few great tracks, being 'Early Morning Ambulance' and 'In the Company of Others', but a weak overall album for them that focuses more on atmospherics)

2008 - Harmonic Motion: Split cd w/You.May.Die.In.The.Desert. (excellent "StarFox" tracks, not a fan of YMDITD because it was much too ... basic)

2009 - From Fathoms cd/2xLP (the masterpiece > the songs 'Benthos', 'Weightless Thought', 'Trieste', 'Thawed Horizon' and 'Aves' are absolutely entrancing while still being very thick and extremely powerful)

2010 - Self Titled cd/EP (a great overall EP, with 'Lionized' and 'Dime and Suture' being the standouts)

2012 - Well Worn: Split LP w/Caravels (this shows the progression of the band, although not towards my favourite style - as they hit that on From Fathoms, but this is what they follow through on with their final effort) (PURCHASE HERE)

2012 - A Healthy Fear cd/2xLP (their final release before disbanding - overall, not as good as their older stuff in my opinion because it feels like a dumbed-down version of what separated GIFTS FROM ENOLA from their peers on the earlier records - less bouncy guitars meet less thick instrumentation and the vocals are almost at the forefront here - 'Robospierre' and 'Benefits of Failure' are great, but my hopes for album of the year we dashed upon listening to it a couple of times)

GIFTS FROM ENOLA - Dime and Suture (official video link to youtube)

GIFTS FROM ENOLA - Trieste (live video link to youtube)

GIFTS FROM ENOLA - In The Company of Others (audio link to youtube)