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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal / Screamo / Skramz
Related artists: Deuil, Wyatt E. and Torn In My Pride.
Country: Liège BELGIUM
Years Active2007-2009
Song: "Derrière le voile et la croix, elles acceptent la mort"
Album: "Ils consomment, tuent et prient mais ne pensent pas"
Year: 2009
For fans ofBökanövsky, The Solexine Chapter, Lakmé, Aleska, Potence, Amanda Woodward, Aussitôt Mort, MilanKu, Ema Camelia, Aporia, Envy, Rosetta, Daïtro, Sed Non SatiataI Was A Cosmonaut Hero, Mesa Verde, Le Pré Où Je Suis Mort, Mr. Willis Of Ohio, Only For The Sake Of Aching, Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking and Les Deux Minutes De La Haines.
Label(s): Self Released / Let The Tigers Out Records / For U & X aka FUX / Ruin Your Fun Records / Internationale Records / Swarm Of Nails / Still Leben Records / Utarid Tapes / Chucky The Rat Records / Heart On Fire Records / Hidden Rainbows / TRVS Records / Субъектив / Swarm Of Nails
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ISAÏAH were recently introduced to me, and after hearing a few tracks I was pretty much smitten. The Danish band played a very French-sounding screamo/post-hardcore sound not unlike The Solexine Chapter, Amanda Woodward and the almighty Envy from Japan. I have been unable to find their 2008 self titled cdr but everything else is available online and truly exceptional.

As I just stated, the band released a demo cdr titlded 'Isaïah' in 2008. In 2009 they released a ridiculous amount of material...over 13 tracks spanning over an hour of music. On their only LP '' opener "Quand les flammes viennent des occupants" lets loose 30 seconds in with beautifully tortured screams amidst powerful post-hardcore, but after the minute mark we are in lala land with an ethereal instrumental passage. ISAÏAH does that sometimes, kicks your ass and then heals you. The closing minute of the opener definitely leaves you in the ditch, broken and bloody by means of a trainwreck breakdown. "Des enfants, j'aurais dû le tuer deux fois" follows a similar trajectory but the instrumental break is much darker and foreboding. The next track "Derrière le voile et la croix, elles acceptent la mort" is probably my favourite of the batch, as it lays into the listener from the get-go and drags them down into the fiery subterranean depths from which it was birthed. "Yo...chill out there Dave-o." Aight so next is the bassy blast know as "21 - 28 mai 1871" cuz goddamn, that's some bassy basserson. " doing okay?" Oh, ahem. Uhhhh...fuck. Oh yeah, track five's "Des chiens de garde et des cerbères" and finale "Enfants de l'apathie" clock in at around 8 minutes apiece, and are as epic and lush as you'd expect from the band. Track seven is the shortest and perhaps most aggressive song "Euthansie De Nos Ames Perdues", positioning the band at the other end of the spectrum. "Well done, Dave. You're back on track." Thanks imaginary me.

Their other release in 2009 was a 'split w/The Bride Of Changes', apparently released the exact same date as their LP. These six tracks also appeared on a 'Tour cdr' that came out at an undetermined time. They open with "Le désir d'a(perce)voir", a gorgeous, swaying and entrancing post-hardcore/post-metal/screamo number that is classic ISAÏAH length at 4:35. "Mémoires d'un vaincu" toys with the listener for a minute before telling Chewbacca to fucking punch that hyperdrive throttle, and punch it they do. "L'angoisse d'une réussite éphémère" is a helluva lot more playful and positive sounding, therefore coming across more like Le Pré Où Je Suis Mort than The Solexine Chapter and Lakmé, although that ending is something fierce. "Interlude" is just that, a five-minute, ambient, instrumental passage that leads us to "Euthanasie de nos âmes perdues", the only song repeated on both the LP and the split release. This is understandable, it's a fucking banger. I should mention that there is a short instrumental opening not included in the LP version that is a nice touch. Closer "Le poids des mots" is ridiculous. Goddamn that shit is a 10/10 without a shadow of a doubt. The intensity is so strong you'll likely feel a slight g-force before an awesome, chill-yet-epic Euro-screamo instrumental section.

The band's final output came via Moment Of Collapse's 'Connections Part 2' 12" split/comp. These two exclusive tracks are excellent and a fitting close to the band's incredible existence. Beginning with "Qu’Ils Crèvent Enfin…", the song is ripe with electric riffs that take it into the spacey, Rosetta sector while "…Et Nous Laissent Décider" is the band's shortest ever song (2:28) but again the very uplifting vibe shines through and makes this much more spacious and epic than chaotic and intense.

So there you have it, and hot damn it's..."noooooo Dave don't do it!!!" (arguing/fighting)


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2008 - Isaïah cdrEP (download here)

2009 - Ils consomment, tuent et prient mais ne pensent pas cd/12"LP (stream/buy here)
2009 - The Bride Of Changes split cd (stream/donate/download here)
2009 - Our First 2 Years Discography cassetteLP

2010 - Connections Part 2 12"LP compilation {contributed "Qu’Ils Crèvent Enfin…" & "…Et Nous Laissent Décider"} (listen here)

???? - Tour cdr (same tracks as the split)


(2009) ISAÏAH - "Foi en la démesure" (from 'Isaïah')

(2009) ISAÏAH - "Derrière le voile et la croix, elles acceptent la mort" (from 'Ils consomment, tuent et prient mais ne pensent pas')

(2009) ISAÏAH - "Euthansie De Nos Ames Perdues" (from 'Ils consomment, tuent et prient mais ne pensent pas')

(2009) ISAÏAH - "Quand les flammes viennent des occupants" (from 'Ils consomment, tuent et prient mais ne pensent pas')

(2009) ISAÏAH - "Mémoires d'un vaincu" (from 'The Bride Of Changes' split)

(2009) ISAÏAH - "Le poids des mots" (from 'The Bride Of Changes' split)

(2009) ISAÏAH - "Le désir d'a(perce)voir" (from 'The Bride Of Changes' split)

(2010) ISAÏAH - "Qu'ils crèvent enfin..." (from 'Connections Part 2' comp)


ISAÏAH out of print mp3 discography download


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