Sunday, 6 June 2021

PODCAST #66 Jared Stimpfl (Orphan Donor, Secret Cutter, Oktober Skyline, Motel Bible)


On July 8th 'Unraveled' by ORPHAN DONOR will see the light of day and immediately strip you of the sun. Absolutely devastating, dark and claustrophobic metallic hardcore/sludge (falling somewhere between Isis and Ken Mode), the seven tracks stack together into a colossal, imposing tower of dread, paranoia and death. If you'd like some insight into the record before it's release, as well as a very big ZBR release "reveal" you should check this out immediately. We talk in depth about many-a-thing, including: being inspired by Bush, honking vs. ripping a saxophone, shitting all over recordings, personal growth and its effect on musical progress, life patterns, lessons in hydrating, jackknifing in the Walmart parking lot, drinking pee, Mathcore Index videos, 'Unraveled' lyrical insights and lots more. Bands played in this podcast: The Armed, Pupil Slicer, Ed Gein and Dead Hour Noise. Listen to podcast #66 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.

Pre-orders go live June 8th, 2021 @Zegema Beach Records



THE ARMED "An Iteration" (Jared)

PUPIL SLICER "Stabbing Spiders" (Dave)
ED GEIN "The Marlboro Man is a Douche Bag" (Jared)
DEAD HOUR NOISE "Building Rome In A Day" (Dave)

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PODCAST #66 linked here