Tuesday, 26 May 2020

***PODCAST #42 - Chris(New Forms/Casper Elgin)***

A few weeks back I spoke to Chris, the drummer of NEW FORMS and ex-Casper Elgin. We geek out over screamo pretty hard and he even premieres the skeleton of what will hopefully become a new NEW FORMS song! Podcast #42 is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.

L'ANTIETAM - "Boxes" (Chris)
BUCKET FULL OF TEETH "Capital Distracts and Imprisons(Dave)
SEABREEZES - "Nothing is Real But Blue" (Chris)

Реклама На Канале Снов "32(Dave)THE CABS - "キェルツェの螺旋" (Chris)
LOFTUS "Crusty(Dave)

CHRIS/NEW FORMS - "skeleton/demo" (Chris)
VEIN - "Gust" (Chris)
BACK WHEN "A Hero's Welcome(Dave)



PODCAST #42 linked here

Tuesday, 19 May 2020


GenresPunk / Hardcore / Metalcore / Metallic Hardcore / Mathcore
Related artists?.
CountryDaytona Beach, Florida U.S.A.
Years Active2010-2012
Song: "The Great Kneer"
Album: "Life's a Beach"
Year: 2011
For fans ofDead Hour Noise, Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, My America Is Watching Tigers Die, Coarse, Breather Resist, In The Name Of Havoc, Bleeding Kansas, Karat's Gold, Millions Of Them, Llynch and Botch.
Label(s): Self Released
This post's artist is from the April 2020 Mix. This is track #4.
You can download: the May 2020 Mix#5 right here or get the new June 2020 Mix#6 here.

I don't know where I first heard about VON WOLFE, but if you like Every Time I Die, early Norma Jean and that sick new 'Sleeping Dogs' LP by Dead Hour Noise then I highly recommend this snarky, playful, chaotic, short-lived and awesome Daytona Beach band. Releasing but a single cdEP in 2011 titled 'Life's a Beach', the album still kicks ass to this day.

'Life's a Beach' opens with "Out of Workaholic" which gets the Every Time I Die and Norma Jean mix going nice and early. There are half-yelled/half-screamed vocals, breakdowns and changeups galore, making it a great introduction to the band. Their ability to combine melody with a flurry of precise and focused aggression is most excellent, and put on full display on the following track "The Great Kneer". Despite a bunch of great material, it does lack some diversity as the tracks kind of blend together without many distinguishing features. I'd be a fool not to mention the awesomeness of "Scumbaguh Doughnuts", the fan-favourite and obvious choice for one of the more unique songs on the EP.

I guess there isn't too much left to say. They released just this one EP, but you can check out a full live set below if you're hankering for more.



2011 - Life's a Beach cdEP (stream/donate/download here)


(2011) VON WOLFE - "Scumbaguh Doughnuts" (from 'Life's a Beach')

(2011) VON WOLFE - "16 Roman Candles" (from 'Life's a Beach')

(2011) VON WOLFE - "The Great Kneer" (from 'Life's a Beach')

(2012) VON WOLFE - full set @Festivus For The Rest Of Us


VON WOLFE additional links

Saturday, 16 May 2020

***PODCAST #41 - Lucas Norman (my son)***

Every year my son Lucas and I will do a podcast together. The first one was last year and this year we hiked to the top of a mountain, had a picnic and did this podcast, during which he was able to describe the music and he straight up loves all six songs on here. Podcast #41 is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.

Here's us dancing to the chugs of LIFE:

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - "Sick Sick Sick" (Lucas)
CROWNING "Trakada(Dave)
BLUE NOISE - "One" (Lucas)

LIFE "ametic(Dave)
FALL OF TROY - "F.C.P.S.I.T.S.G.E.P.G.E.P.G.E.P (demo)" (Lucas)
ZMAR "Vytratit se(Dave)



PODCAST #41 linked here

Wednesday, 13 May 2020


BandBURIAL DANCE aka Low Light
GenresPunk / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Metallic Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz
Related artistsWeather Lore, What Of Us, Capacities, The Saddest Landscape, etc.
CountryNew Jersey U.S.A.
Years Active2018-present
Song: "A Shadow"
Album: "A Shadow / A Vessel"
Year: 2019
For fans ofHawak, What Of Us, Capacities, L'Antietam, Hundreds Of AU, Furnace, Capsule, Dim Into Dross, New Forms, Ampere, Foxmoulder and Massa Nera.
Label(s): Self Released
This post's artist is from the April 2020 Mix. This is track #?.
You can download: the May 2020 Mix#5 right here or get the new June 2020 Mix#6 here.

BURIAL DANCE (formerly Low Light) features a ton of people that know Tom Schlatter. You've got members from Capacities, What Of Us and more creating a unique and emotional twist on modern screamo. Thus far the band has only released two tracks digitally via 'A Shadow / A Vessel', leaving me primed for more.

Recorded by the incredible Steve Roche (Off Minor, etc.) the two tracks combine for only three minutes but pack a helluva punch. "A Shadow" begins with back-and-forth vocals amidst pounding-yet intricate hardcore. The change-up at the 30-second mark is fantastic, with the looping slowdown creating a cliff that BURIAL DANCE pushes the listener over come 54 seconds. I love the lyrics of, "Will I cast a shadow or disappear into the dark? Will I cast a shadow or fade and disappear? Will I cast a shadow or disappear into the dark? Will I cast a shadow or disappear like a shadow? And disappear like a shadow." "A Vessel" goes ballistic right from the get-go with sensational drumming and includes so many change-ups that I can't keep count. The final 15 seconds culminate in an excellent climax that swaps out power for speed and it's fucking explosive.

I hope we get new material in 2020 cuz these two songs kick some serious ass.



2019 - A Shadow / A Vessel digital EP (stream/donate/download here)


(2019) BURIAL DANCE - "A Shadow" (from 'A Shadow / A Vessel')

(2019) BURIAL DANCE - "A Vessel" (from 'A Shadow / A Vessel')


BURIAL DANCE additional links

Monday, 11 May 2020

***2020 OMSB mp3 Mix #6 (June)***

June 2020 mp3 MIX #6
 => ***DOWNLOAD HERE*** <=
...and updates

I'm busy, you're busy (maybe not) so let's get to it.

Here's the tracklisting for OMSB mix#4 that was reviewed in April:

1) coming as soon as the North American copies arrive, which is May for sure

2) ARMYWIVES - "Thoughts + Prayers"


4) SERPENT COLUMN - "Mirror in Darkness"

5) COUVER - "Rusty Titanium / Tarnished Palladium"

CARA NEIR - 'Part III / Part IV' + 'Akumu' review by Dave Norman

Much love,

Dave @ (((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain)))))


ZBR Store/Bandcamp

MAHRIA - 'Analemma' cassetteLP

IN WOLVES CLOTHING - 'It Eats Itself' cassetteLP

ARMYWIVES - 'armywives' cassetteEP

ORPHAN DONOR - 'Old Patterns' cd/cassetteEP
cassette (order here for US / here for everywhere else)
(listen here)



***Interviews/live shows/premieres coming up this month for sure:
- a Tarquin review
- DEAD HOUR NOISE exclusive interview
- Lucas Norman (my son) podcast
- Chris Topher (New Forms) podcast

***Interviews/live shows/premieres posted last month:
- NUVOLASCURA exclusive song premiere
- ARMYWIVES exclusive EP premiere
- PODCAST #40 w/Durell (Mahria / Obroa-skai)
- ZILPZALP / PROBABLY NOT exclusive premiere


***The following page have changes:
- nada

As always, on or around the 1st of every month, I will be posting a ZIP file with songs for the upcoming month with ALL specifics deleted from the tags, so unless you already know the band, there is NO information regarding each track.

During the following month, I will post reviews for those bands and link the tracks to the review so you can associate the two together. This way you can listen to a new song/band and have little-to-no bias. Below, I have re-posted the May mp3 mix that is used for this month's reviews.

***2020 OMSB mp3 Mix #5 (reviewed in May)***

The new 2020 OMSB mp3 Mix #6 includes:
*-* a Russian band that had hella Via Fondo vibes...or is it the other way around?
*-* Canada's answer to Daitro
*-* fantastic U.K. screamy hardcore

NEW => ***2020 OMSB mp3 Mix #6 (reviewed in June)*** <= NEW

Any bands/labels that are interested in having their stuff reviewed, please email zegemabeachrecords@gmail.com: with "Open Mind Saturated Brain" as the subject. Please keep in mind that I don't review everything, just what jives with the blog. I will, however, listen to everything you send me. I would recommend emailing with an idea for a song/album premiere 2 months prior to that song/album release date for a much stronger chance at being reviewed on this blog. Bands that have already had their discography reviewed can also submit new albums for review if they include song/album premieres.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

'Part III/Part IV' + 'Akumu' by: CARA NEIR

CARA NEIR's 'Part III/Part IV' + 'Akumu'
Year: 2019
For fans ofDawn Ray'd, Circle Takes The Square, Mare and We Came Out Like Tigers.
You can download: the April 2020 Mix#4 right here or get the new May 2020 Mix#5 here.

CARA NEIR has been a band for quite some time, and last year's 'Part III/Part IV' showed a huge amount of progression, and was remastered and re-released on Tomb Tree Tapes today. What does the two-piece sound like? Mostly like CARA NEIR, but I hear bits of Circle Takes The Square and We Came Out Like Tigers, but even more eclectic and interesting. It's kind of like if two demons learned how to play hardcore and metal, thus starting a band. It's dark, evil, but accessible, catchy and sometimes beautiful. Due to their massive discography I'm just posting this album review first because I love it, and will revisit a full discography post after I have properly ingested everything.

Coincidentally, right before I posted this CARA NEIR released a new digital single, which I will promptly review now. "Akumu" was recorded a few years back for a split that fell through and is 6:03 in length. This thing bounces all over the place, but the breakneck drumming is pretty constant. It's got a playful feel to it despite the sinister vocals, most likely due to the almost fantasy-esque guitars at times. The vocals feel a bit gruffer than the material reviewed below but overall this could have ended up on the full length and I wouldn't have noticed.

Back to the LP. On 'Part III/Part IV', the band wastes no time revealing one of their best tracks in opener "Penance", as the mixing of styles is like a hardcore/screamo/metal witch concocting one helluva cauldron brew. The post-black metal intro, the slowdown just after the minute-mark, the following distant screams during the groove are all superb. But it's that hooky-fucking guitar progression that is first laid down at 2:42 that takes the cake as the unforgettable moment on the track, and holy smokes does it soar. "Absolution" is an absolute treat and includes another brain-hook come 50 seconds. There's also a very Mare-esque outro during the final minute-and-a-half with vocal harmonies that are utterly gorgeous. "Suffocating" closes with an ambient noise piece and surpasses the six-minute mark, as does closer "April Ruin". "Time is Terrifying" is a pretty quick slap in the face before the gargantuan "Humanity Lost". I love the eerie atmosphere of this one and the clean guitars have an intoxicating tone, giving them a bit of Italian flavor. "Choke" is the album's most experimental song and sounds like it could have been culled from 'Kid A'-era Radiohead but with a bassline that's as groovy as it is mysterious. The dense, phosphorous atmosphere and those crippling lyrics provide an amazing effect that leads to the epic conclusion of the album that is the aforementioned "April Ruin".

There's a ton more material coming from CARA NEIR so keep your eyes peeled and dig into that back catalogue with me 💘 


(2019) CARA NEIR - "Akumu" (from 'Akumu')

(2019) CARA NEIR - "Penance" (from 'Part III/Part IV')

(2019) CARA NEIR - "Absolution" (from 'Part III/Part IV')

(2019) CARA NEIR - "Choke" (from 'Part III/Part IV')


Saturday, 2 May 2020


GenresPunk / Rock / Hardcore / Grunge
Related artists?.
CountryVancouver, Washington U.S.A.
Years Active2017-present
Song: "RustyTitanium-TarnishedPalladium"
Album: "Evilution"
Year: 2019
For fans ofShadow People, Billy Talent, Black Flag and Slint.
Label(s): Tomb Tree Tapes
This post's artist is from the April 2020 Mix. This is track #5.
You can download: the April 2020 Mix#4 right here or get the new May 2020 Mix#5 here.

COUVER is a gritty, snotty punk band that balances hard-rock/hardcore with some softer elements and clean singing, with Black Flag being the closest comparison I can come up with. They released the raw and drunken 'Evilution' a few months ago that features seven tracks of widely varying length. Opener "No One Won" fuses hardcore with hard rock, as they switch between raucous yellin' and gang vocals, sometimes isolated and others simultaneously, and is one of the heavier songs here. "Caring Lover" is sarcastic, warbly, and rock-driven with vocals that have an intoxicated charm at times, and are emitted as projectile vomit on occasion. The tracks strengthen with "Don't Tell Me That Romance Is Dead" that includes screaming over some nice licks and find further focus and groove on "Get Mike Laid", which I find myself singing after every listen. The vocals hereafter take on a bit of a snotty Billy Talent vibe which I dig, but with hoarser yelling and less screaming. The layered yelling vocals on track six are probably the hardest-hitting on the album, and closer "Rusty Titanium-Tarnished Palladium" is my favourite of the heavier songs. It sounds like it could have been on the radio in the nineties (save its 8:35 runtime) and intertwines more of the soft and heavy vocals, utilizing excellent bass, drums and guitars during the eerie verses.

Moving forward the band a strong grip on songwriting but I'd like to see them pin down a style and refine it, with my recommendations being the delivery of tracks 4, 5 and 7.



2017 - Garage Demos digitalEP (stream/donate/download here)
2017 - Fieldmines digital single (stream/buy here)

2018 - Présentez​-​vous digitalLP (stream/buy here)

2019 - Evilution cassetteLP (listen/buy here) [buy tape from ZBR distro in U.S.A. here or everywhere else here]


(2019) COUVER - "Get Mike Laid" (from 'Evilution')

(2019) COUVER - "Rusty Titanium-Tarnished Palladium" (from 'Evilution')


COUVER additional links


Friday, 1 May 2020

***ZILPZALP + PROBABLY NOT exclusive split premiere***

exclusive album premiere

I've been following ZILPZALP from Germany since their excellent 'unter dem Eis' which I premiered here. This time I'm back to announce their pre-orders and split 12" with the UK's PROBABLY NOT. The ZILPZALP side is the seven killer, riffy, screamo tunes from 'unter dem Eis' (think Via Fondo and Kid Feral), while the PROBABLY NOT side consist of 10 new songs resembling jammy, screamed emo not unlike Bright Calm Blue and early Frameworks.

The 12" is being released May 15th, 2020 on marble/pink splatter by the following fantastic labels: Smart and Confused Records (France), CGTH Records (Spain), Entes Anomicos (Germany), Tanz auf Ruinen (Germany), Schadelbruch Platten (Germany), Sunsetter Records (Germany), Callous Records (United Kingdom), Vollmer Industries (Italy), Trace in Maze Records (Germany). Enough info, to the split!

(2020) PROBABLY NOT 'More Than Skin' (aka the 'ZilpZalp' split 12")
(2020) ZILPZALP 'unter dem Eis' (aka the 'Probably Not' split)


OMSB 'unter dem Eis' song premiere

PROBABLY NOT music video

Tuesday, 28 April 2020


GenresPunk / Hardcore / Metal / Grindcore / Noise / Black Metal / Doom / Experimental
Related artists?.
Years Active2017-present
Song: "Mirror in Darkness"
Album: "Mirror in Darkness"
Year: 2019
For fans ofTentacles, Deafheaven, Malevich, Noise Trail Immersion, Hope Drone, Genghis Tron, Blue Noise, An Autumn Of Crippled Children, Secondgradknifefight, Cheeseburger Picnic, Deathspell Omega, Portrayal Of Guilt, Nic aka ██████, Thumbscrew, Discordance Axis and Rorcal.
Label(s): Mystískaos / Fallen Empire / Iron Bonehead Productions
This post's artist is from the April 2020 Mix. This is track #4.
You can download: the April 2020 Mix#4 right here or get the new May 2020 Mix#5 here.

I became aware of SERPENT COLUMN after my friend Maya told me to check them out. It took me a bit to figure out how to receive the band's musical input, as this shit is abrasive, jarring and straight-up nightmare-ish. Each album by the band is quite different, but will still knock you off your feet all the same.

Their first venture was 'Ornuthi Thalassa' in 2017. The first three songs are each under six minutes, while the last three are each over six, and it's in the latter half that I find myself most invested in their debut. Don't get me wrong, "Biogony 2" kicks my ass, but "Feldweg" and "Feuersäule" are the real winners here, both of which near the 10-minute mark and deploy more atmosphere amidst the chaos, revealing a much more epic and posty side of the band that we see emerge more on their 2019 LP. Here the Noise Trail Immersion-on-speed approach works well, but it's their later material I crave, as these recordings are more about pummeling the listener and vomit-driven, deeper black-metal vocals.

'Invicta' is a very different beast, as it has only three tracks that clock in at 14:14, 7:19 and 9:01, making it a a pretty long listen, but the songs include many more shifts and manage to slow themselves down to near-nothingness at times. The balance is much more of my taste making it more of an instrumental, atmospheric, post-hardcore and black-metal concoction, but the vocals are rarely present on this release. For example, the demonic shrieks don't show up for nearly seven minutes on the opener "Asphodel" but holy shit they blow the gutteral vocals from the debut out of the water. "Decursio" is my go-to on this album, being the shortest of the three and the most comparable to the following year's groundbreaking LP, as it features a bunch of changes, shrieky vocals and enough melody to coagulate the chaos into something comprehensible.

It was 2019's 'Mirror in Darkness' that I heard first. I almost stopped jamming this after three tracks as it seemed like a cacophony of noise, but I soldiered on through the apocalypse and got myself to five seconds into track four's "Apophenia" my ears perked up and I fell in love. This song has a wonderful, very quick, plucked, guitar progression that leads in and out of the towering black-metal/screamo hybrid with definite nods to grind, and it's fucking sick. At 1:57 the instrumental "Detainment" is a very sick song that employs more intricacy that exists simultaneously with one helluva groove, and also includes a lovely start/stop that precedes the minute mark. It shimmers. It sways. It heaves. But it's the title track "Mirror in Darkness" that is the champion of the band's current discography. Holyyyyyyyy fuck. This is the perfect mixture of ferocious screaming, super crunchy guitars, lightning drumming, breakdowns with a hint of melody. The turnaround/double-time section that hits at 1:03 is otherworldly and helps define this album as an extremely volatile but beautiful piece of art. It would be uncouth of me to not mention "Warlords of the World to Come" for it is sinister personified, with a whirlwind first section, a wonderfully engaging and instrumental midsection followed by a gargantuan close. Goddamn, what an album.

2020's 'Endless Detainment' came out after I already had this set to review, so I haven't jammed it as much as its predecessor. What I know for sure is that the album is way shorter (on discogs.com you'll find 'Invicta' and 'Endless Detainment' are classed as "mini-albums") and relinquishes its hold on melody, opting for blazing speed, short songs and utter annihilation. To be honest it's the interplay of repetition and groove with the band's chaos that really grabs me, and this release is so unrelenting I generally just get barreled over and crushed before I know what's going on, as most songs barely make it to two minutes. Opener "Pantheoclasm" has some seriously punishing bass until the drums whip everything up into a fine paste, "Manure in Pearls" has an awesome title and perhaps goes the hardest, while title track "Endless Detainment" retains the most sense of melody from the previous LP, albeit with a bunch of vocalists. So if you're looking for a challenging and extreme album for 2020 I'd check this the fuck out right now.



2017 - Ornuthi Thalassa cd/12"LP (stream/donate/download here)

2018 - Invicta 12"LP (stream/donate/download here)

2019 - Mirror in Darkness cd/12"LP (stream/donate/download here)

2020 - Endless Detainment 12"LP (stream/donate/download here)


(2019) SERPENT COLUMN - "Mirror in Darkness" (from 'Mirror in Darkness')

(2019) SERPENT COLUMN - "Apophenia" (from 'Mirror in Darkness')

(2019) SERPENT COLUMN - "Detainment" (from 'Mirror in Darkness')

(2020) SERPENT COLUMN - "Endless Detainment" (from 'Endless Detainment')

(2020) SERPENT COLUMN - "Άράχναιν" (from 'Endless Detainment')

(2020) SERPENT COLUMN - "Each and Every Temple" (from 'Endless Detainment')

(2018) SERPENT COLUMN - "Decursio" (from 'Invicta')

(2017) SERPENT COLUMN - "Feldweg" (from 'Ornuthi Thalassa')


SERPENT COLUMN additional links

Sunday, 26 April 2020


GenresPunk / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Mathcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz
Related artistsTo Kill The King, My Aim Is True, I Can Dream, Young English, Sleeping At The End Of The World, I Am The End, Color Blind Light and Just.
CountryNew York/Philadelphia U.S.A.
Years Active2010-present
Song: "Thoughts + Prayers"
Album: "Thoughts + Prayers"
Year: 2019
For fans ofKidcrash, Dowager, Massa Nera, Eyelet, Carrion Spring, Mustaphamond, Crowning, Shirokuma, Pianos Become The Teeth and Off Minor.
Label(s): Self Released / Zegema Beach Records / Missed Out Records
This post's artist is from the April 2020 Mix. This is track #2.
You can download: the April 2020 Mix#4 right here or get the new May 2020 Mix#5 here.

ARMYWIVES are ridiculous. Their early work from 2010 to 2014 was decent, but in 2019 they came back with three excellent singles and a stunning EP in this utter shite year that is 2020. If you like your screamo with jazzy noodles as well as post-hardcore then by golly this New York/Philly band is for you.

The aformentioned '2010-2014 Discography' is a mildly stripped down version of what ARMYWIVES is now. It's kinda Pianos Become The Teeth screamy post-hardcore with "Herald" and "Choke" being the stronger tracks, but closer "Bygones" is my favourite and therefore also closest in sound to their new material. It reminds me most of the 'A Short History of Decay' material and is equally muscular and sensitive with .

"Thoughts + Prayers" was the first song I heard by the band, after they asked if they could play ZBR Fest 2020, to which I replied good god please do. Remember Dowager? No? Well...shit. Kinda Eyelet, kinda Kidcrash, and that's exactly what this song has, but with a noticeable ARMYWIVES spin that has recently had me enamored by their output. "Twenty-four Karat" is another fucking banger, beautifully intertwining the noodles with the heavy, including some excellent screaming and one helluva sick intro. The final single I heard was "Unmarked", and I'm glad I heard it last as it gives me the least feels out of the three, mostly due to the poppier nature of the instrumentals. You're not going to find any clean singing, but the post-hardcore nears pop-punk - and not in a bad way...I just love me some Kidcrash.

Leading up to ZBR Fest 2020 I asked the band if they had new material coming out, to which they replied, "yes, we'll have an EP mastered in a week or two." Very good timing. So I went ahead and released that unbelievable self titled screamo gold on cassettes, with Missed Out Records releasing (and immediately selling out of) 20 lathe 7"s. 'armywives' was first premiered right here on OMSB on April 20th so I'm not really going to go into another track-by-track commentary, although I will say:
- the intro of "est cette vie?" gives me all the Kidcrash feels and the subsequent explosions are epic
- "est-ce la mort?" is the most versatile of the four
- the end of "able" is crushing
- the looping/forever-morphing progression is awesome, and those screams are the best on the EP

I dunno what's next from ARMYWIVES but I expect it to be in my top 10 list regardless of length. This band is the shit.



2014 - 2010-2014 Discography (stream/donate/download here)

2019 - twenty-four karat digital single (stream/buy here)
2019 - unmarked digital single (stream/buy here)
2019 - Thoughts + Prayers digital single (stream/donate/download here)

2020 - armywives cassette/7" lathe (stream/donate/download here) [buy tape from ZBR U.S.A. here or Canada/International here]


(2020) ARMYWIVES - "able" (from 'armywives')

(2020) ARMYWIVES - "est cette vie?" (from 'armywives')

(2020) ARMYWIVES - "first you must die to be reborn" (from 'armywives')

(2019) ARMYWIVES - "Thoughts + Prayers" (from 'Thoughts + Prayers')

(2019) ARMYWIVES - "Twenty-Four Karat" (from 'Twenty-Four Karat')

(2014) ARMYWIVES - "Bygones" (from '2010-2014 Discography')


ARMYWIVES additional links

***PODCAST #40 - Durell Smith (Mahria/Obroa-skai)***

Years upon years ago I saw MAHRIA play in Toronto to no more than 15 people and it was an awe-inspiring to say the least (check out videos and such here). Years later OBROA-SKAI formed and I became reacquainted with total sweetheart Durell Smith who has played drums in both incredible Edmonton bands.


With the quarantine in place and Zegema Beach Records Fest 2020 not happening, I've grown rather lonely in my screamo bubble so I decided to start recording the podcasts over the phone instead of in-person, which has vastly increased the number of people I can interview/chat with. My first thought was to reach out to Durell and see if he was interested in talking about the histories of both bands, and it's perfect timing with OBROA-SKAI releasing two incredible split albums and the upcoming MAHRIA 'Analemma' cassette release.

The MAHRIA tapes will officially be released on Zegema Beach Records May 5th, 2020 and come on the following variants:
100 dark transparent blue
30 metallic purple swirl
30 metallic silver swirl
6 clear
6 transparent yellow
5 test dips
3 super special versions

European friends, copies will available from Polar Summer Records in late May.

Enough talking, there's lots of that on Podcast #40, which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.

NUVOLASCURA - "Apyrexy" (Dave+Durell)

FRAIL HANDS - "ephemeral" (Durell)
ARMYWIVES - "est cette vie?" (Dave)
MOSS HARVEST - "Refrained" (Durell)

SINE NOMINE - "Everyones Classroom" (Dave)
RESPIRE - "Haunt" (Durell)



PODCAST #40 linked here

Thursday, 23 April 2020


exclusive video premiere

In the summer of 2019 I had the honor of touring Europe with some truly incredible people and had an unforgettable experience. Besides my constantly shifting memory of that tour, I have someone named Dave Cullen who helps make those experiences much easier to remember. After creating an exceptional tour documentary (linked here and embedded below) he took some additional time to immerse us in that July 3rd night in Austria. This was the show following a 13-hour drive through the night in which Crowning and Swallows Nest got almost no sleep but as Matt said, "It was the best I'd felt all day."

(2019) Various "Vienna's Day of Amazing" (from 'CROWNING / SWALLOWS NEST' tour)


CROWNING / SWALLOWS NEST tour documentary

Monday, 20 April 2020

***ARMYWIVES exlusive EP premiere***

exclusive album premiere
For fans ofKidcrash, Eyelet, Dowager, Mustaphamond, Massa Nera, Old Soul, Carrion Spring, Frail Body and Off Minor


pre-order from Zegema Beach Records:
Everywhere else

7" lathes coming soon from Missed Out Records

I don't really know what to say about ARMYWIVES...except maybe, why aren't people freaking out about this band? The Brooklyn/Philly band has been playing together for 10 years and their new EP was so good that I immediately asked to release it on Zegema Beach Records. My automatic go-to for reference points are Kidcrash and Eyelet, so you know this shit is jazzy and epic/screamy. The tapes are set to arrive later today, then I gotta dip 50 (and leave the other 20 as transparent pink) so they will start shipping out late April from the Canada store and mid-May from the U.S. store. Missed Out Records is also releasing some 7" lathes so be on the lookout for those!

Enough info, go jam these songs then head over to a bandcamp near you and nab that digital EP stat.

(2020) ARMYWIVES "est cette vie?" (from 'armywives')
Opener "est cette vie?" let's you know what the band is all about in two minutes flat. It opens like your favourite Kidcrash jam, weaving in and out of pretty/jazzy bits and powerful, driving, Loma Prieta-esque screamo.

(2020) ARMYWIVES "est-ce la mort?" (from 'armywives')
Nearing three minutes is "est-ce la mort?" which is more rooted in expansive, dense post-hardcore than jazzy screamo, but the execution is flawless, making the track as strong as any on the EP. Maybe a bit like 'Old Pride' era Pianos Become The Teeth.

(2020) ARMYWIVES "able" (from 'armywives')
I'd probably call this the fire track, as it consumes me like a crispy forest and decimates every time. The song brings to mind Eyelet, Frail Body and Dowager, bands that straddle the epic/jazzy/melodic trifecta, with an ending that fucking slaps.

(2020) ARMYWIVES "first you must die to be reborn" (from 'armywives')
The only song to be released previously (on Caleb's fantastic Captured Howls) is vastly different from the first three, as it relies on a single repetition and is nearly double the length yet it still manages to shoulder the most epic of the EPs weight. The back-and-forth, dual, anguished screams that are slathered over the dreamy soundscapes carry the listener into its climax come 1:35, with a truly exceptional explosion at 1:55 that exponentially becomes unstable until it tears the song apart, reverting it back to the opening repetition.