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on January 21st, 2023

Live Show Review

     So I have been on Vancouver Island for four years and it wasn't until Hexis came to Nanaimo in the spring of 2022 that I finally ventured out to a show. There were a few reasons, but the main one was when I tried finding the scene online (in Nanaimo in particular) through facebook groups I kept coming up very empty handed. I therefore couldn't find anyone to start a decent band, nor did any bands that I did find appeal to me. Since then I have found The Monarch, Tapioca, Liminal Shroud, and Jisei aaaaaaaand I founded an emo-violence/screamo band with my island buddy Dalton. So things are definitely looking up.

     I was invited to this show because someone who supports Zegema Beach told me that their son played in one of these bands and then Drue from Bonnuit sent me an introductory email asking if I wanted to come see the show. So I did. And now I know double the bands and people on the island. That was fun and I'm excited to do it again. The next show I'll be at is the Mares Of Thrace show in Victoria on February 18th. Additional thanks to Kai, Kyle, Brian, Josh, Austin, Chelsea, and those two other guys with "B" names that I am currently forgetting.

     The opener was twangy, fun, rock'n'roll? I don't really know this isn't the style of music I know too well but I definitely enjoyed their set especially the dual vocals. I spoke with their drummer in the bathroom line and he explained it was only the band's third show. In this video you can watch Brian knock a painting off the wall and it land on his head, but he was able to save it before it all came crashing down. Heroic.
For fans ofDinsaur Jr. and Sebadoh


     I knew nothing about any of these bands (done on purpose) so when she finished her quick setup and began her mesmerizing drone/folk/ambient/rock from Toronto I was astounded. Her voice is awesome, very powerful but also original in both the sound and the occasional additional flair in delivery. We also spoke after the show as she reminded me of a Ramona Cordova meets Grouper mixture. Great stuff, (she even played a Black Sabbath cover) and the song I've embedded below is totally new!!!
(2023) GILLIAN STONE "Endless Journey Pt.1" (from her next album)
For fans ofGrouper and Ramona Cordova

extra video: :"Amends"

     Drue (the inviter) plays guitar in this band and they played really cool, artsy, and abrasive rock not unlike Sonic Youth, and are described on their bandcamp page as post-punk shoegaze. The three piece had a wide variety of sounds so this video doesn't really do them justice but it's just another reason to check them out as they seem to play the island quite frequently and have an LP in the works. Thanks again for the invite Drue <3
(2023) BONNUIT
For fans ofSonic Youth and Pavement


     This Victoria band seems to be garnering quite a following, and after seeing them live I am official one of the followers. This new five-piece includes two guitarists as well as a violinist, collectively concocting a very unique and mature sound for a such a young group of individuals. They played a few songs ranging from alternative/sing-along "Closer" (for which they released a video last week, embedded at the bottom of this post) to post-hardcore with yellin' with a song about pirates, but I don't know if the actual title is "The Pirate Song". Fret not, I expect to be posting about them multiple times in the future so we'll get to the bottom of it.
* Oh also, very funny part in the video embedded below, after using a bow for a few parts Bonnuit tossed it to the side where it lay until the Hillsboro set. The vocalist/guitarist of Hillsboro sees the discarded bow and uses it briefly before tossing it aside. The bassist sees the flying bow, stops playing and holds it out the violinist who is still using their own bow from the set, thus sending the bassist into a spiral of confusion, all caught on video. I laughed and I laughed. Too good.
(2023) HILLSBORO "The Pirate Song" (not necessarily the actual title) (from 'upcoming EP')
For fans ofSpielbergs and American Football

extra video: "Closer"


HILLSBORO "Closer" official music video

Thursday 26 January 2023

*** PODCAST #109 Best of 2022 w/Dave Cullen (Crowning, ZBR U.S.A.) ***

props to: Everyone who made music, but especially Alas, Apostles Of ErisAtameo, Blind Girls, Brahm, Caracara, Crossed, Darko US, De Facto EnScripture, Gil Cerrone, Gospel, Gossip, Hetta, Keratin, Lower Automation, Massa Nera, Party Hats, Piri Reis, Spielbergs, Thank You Driver, The Sawtooth Grin, The Wind In The Trees, Venus Twins, Vibora, Victor Shores, Works, and Yearning

     The Daves are here to ramble on about all things screamo and include their unnumbered Top 15 Releases Of 2022 as well as: Crowning's 2022 and first show in four years, incorrect opinions, incorrect pronunciation, incorrect lyrics, incorrect art interpretation, incorrect assumptions, carrying the screamo torch, shout-outs to bands that were shuffled off of our lists, thoughts on new Botch, best new band, best demo, best new young'uns, best song, best music video, best comp/split, best show, ZBR's coolest "old" release, 2023 excitedness, best physical release, etc. Bands played in this podcast: Brutus, De Facto Enscripture, Hetta, Piri Reis, Spielbergs, and Works. Listen to podcast #109 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.

ZBR Fest 2023

1 The first time the dude hit the kick drum I felt like my entire choad shifted in my body.
SPIELBERGS "The New Years Resolution" (Cullen)
WORKS "Punishment" (Norman)

2 The last 2 minutes are like flip every table over human pyramid champagne everywhere real genius popcorn house explosion.
PIRI REIS "Heimlich Manoeuver Tiger Suplex"  (Cullen)
DE FACTO ENSCRIPTURE "Adam Smith, What Have You Done?" (Norman)

3 It's weird as fuck, I get it even less, I just trust that it's awesome.
BRUTUS "Liar" (Cullen)
HETTA "Sugar Glass" (Norman)

4 Lightning Round
~no music



PODCAST #109 linked here


Tuesday 24 January 2023

*** PODCAST #108 Erik Ratensperger (Jeromes Dream) ***

Picture: Nicolas Flamel

     Back in...2002? Maybe 2003, I purchased the JEROMES DREAM discography double cd and officially fell hard for their material, like so many other fans of screamo. In a twist I never would have seen coming, that same band reunited after over 15 years and will be playing Zegema Beach Records Fest 2023. After seeing them in early 2022 I spoke with the drummer Erik and we essentially set up this podcast in which we go in depth on many-a-thing including: Refused touring the U.S., Victory bands, sister influence, faking out your music teacher, his early bands Forgotten SoulsShoplifterBrace and Kid Suspicious, the formation of JEROMES DREAM, band treasure hunts, ZBR Fest talk, the chopstick demos, Amalgamation and Orchid split stories, the first tour, the new record, addressing Nick not being in the mix and moving forward (props to Sean Leary), first reveal notes on 'The Grey In Between' on Iodine Recordings, etc. Bands played in this podcast: Gil Cerrone, John Cota, Ovlov, Paul Newman, Portraits Of Past, and Stove. Listen to podcast #108 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.

1 Applying the Theme of Escapism
PORTRAITS OF PAST "KQED Equals Volvo" (Erik)
GIL CERRONE "Flat Earth" (Dave)

2 We Didn't Know What Was Ahead of Us
PAUL NEWMAN "Beeline to Mamou" (Erik)
JOHN COTA "stevejobs" (Dave)

3 Screamo Is Just Team Outcast
OVLOV "Baby Alligator" (Erik)
STOVE "Duckling Fantasy" (Dave)



PODCAST #108 linked here


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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Metal / Metallic Hardcore / Mathcore / Screamo / Skramz / Emo-violence / Noise
Related artistsH E X, Equus, Cover.
Years Active1999-2011
For fans ofTempest, Knut, Converge, Deadguy, Botch, Llynch, Rorcal, Malevich, Euth, and Hexis.
Label(s): Head Records / Snuff Records / Bisect Bleak Industries / Conspiracy Records / Grave Romance Records

     I feel like it's a rare occurrence when a band is able to make something intensely pulverizing and interesting without reverting to technical prowess or solos or the like, especially with how picky I am in the vocal department. So during this podcast Filip from Hexis showed me SHORA and I've been getting simultaneously crushed and mesmerized ever since. I even snatched the 12"s from Head Records and asked the band if they'd be interested in a tape discography, but the latter was not to be :(

     Filip gave me an additional history lesson which helped me grasp their trajectory throughout their career. First releasing two songs on a 'Born Under Saturn split' 7" that essentially acts a demo, the band was finding their collective skillset but goddamn "Lethargy" and "Incrust" still go incredibly hard, they're just much slower and sludgier, reminding me of earlier Knut material.

     The following year (2000) the band released what I would regard as their most consistent output, the seven-song 'Shaping the Random' EP. The speed, intensity, and general awesomeness are dialed up on every song just shredding the listener with nonstop dark, abrasive, nightmarish, grinding metallic hardcore. There are a few spots of noise/ambiance that are usually well-placed amidst two violent storms, with the exception of the opening "Prelude" track.

     In 2002 SHORA released three new songs on the 'Switching Rhetorics' split 12" with Merzbow, finalizing the band's heavier output and leaving a mark on the Swedish hardcore/metal scene that continues to permeate today. The strongest material here takes the kamikaze metallic/hardcore/grind and trims anything under 500km/hour. "Erode/Implode" is 1:46 of destruction laced with lightning drums, harrowing screams that are so hot that they curdle, and guitars/bass that were extracted right out of my nightmares - hell, there's even some groovy moments. "Discussing Watercolor Techniques" barely cracks the two-minute mark and relies more on swelling instrumentals over sheer speed and ferocity, especially the awkward, jarring final 30 seconds oooooo baby. The band's final track is titled "Conciliated Coercion" and take heavy nods from later era/''-era Knut with some seriously unrelenting and powerful stuff, again concentrating on frightening chords and utter vocal meltdowns.

     After this recording the aforementioned material, the band wrote at least two more songs that were played live but then lost their vocalist and became instrumental, thus leaving these two songs to the ether of of time. Luckily Filip sent me this soundcloud link that has the new songs at 7:07 and 17:50. but it is a live set so the quality is definitely lacking. The band continued on with one more EP before officially going on hiatus due to family and job commitments. 'Malva' is okay, and certainly gives more insight into what the band members would go on to do after SHORA. Very spacey post-rock with no vocals. Pretty good, but vastly different from the genre-bending brain-melt that was their earlier material.



1999 - Born Under Saturn split 7" (download here)

2000 - Shaping the Random 12"EP (stream/buy digital/buy 12" here)

2002 - Switching Rhetorics (Merzbow split) 12" (stream/donate/download/buy 12" here)

2006 - Malval 7"EP (download here)

(2002) SHORA - "Erode/Implode" (from 'Switching Rhetorics')

(2002) SHORA - "Conciliated Coercion" (from 'Switching Rhetorics')

(2000) SHORA - "Sugao" (from 'Shaping the Random')
(2000) SHORA - "A Deviance" (from 'Shaping the Random')

(2000) SHORA - "In Search of Empty Space" (from 'Shaping the Random')

(1999) SHORA - "Incrust" (from 'Born Under Saturn split')

(2006) SHORA - "Siphrodias" (from 'Malval')


SHORA additional links

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*** PODCAST #107 Jon Rosenthal (Boreal, Starless Domain, Invisible Oranges, etc.) ***

     Many moons ago I wrote a screamo article for Invisible Oranges and thus became acquainted with Jon Rosenthal of...uhhhhh about 24 different things. A very busy, positive, and influential person, he took two hours to chat with me about tons of stuff like the Invisible Oranges + Zegema Beach Records Fest 2023 partnership, as well as: his desert island jam, Overdriven Distortion, Garry Brents love, notes on burzum being a piece of shit, what is atmospheric black metal?, co-running Nebulae Artifacta with Anthony, co-running Invisible Oranges with Ted, Nerver's good, best recent submission and coolest thing to happen because of Invisible Oranges, Nu-Metal podcast, Cosmic Hearse blog, Brandon Nurick, blog inspiration, best albums/movies/shows of 2022, ZBR Fest 2023 discussion and props to Seb Alvarez and Dave Cullen, etc. Bands played in this podcast: пустота, Cara Neir, Doldrum, 1000 Travels Of Jawaharlal, Sons Of Saturn, and World Narcosis. Listen to podcast #107 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.





1 Bad Religion ruined my life
CARA NEIR "Closing Doors" (Jon)
пустота "предсмъртен блян" (Dave)

2 Nebulae Artifacta & Boreal talk
DOLDRUM "The Abduction" (Jon)
WORLD NARCOSIS "Lyruljóra" (Dave)

3 A Mutually Beneficial Relationship
1000 TRAVELS OF JAWAHARLAL "With Smile and Slobber" (Jon)
SONS OF SATURN "Even seventh heaven" (Dave)



PODCAST #107 linked here


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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz
Related artistsMalevich, Boy, Murk Daddy Flex, Saline, and Juna.
CountryAthens, Georgia U.S.A.
Years Active2012-2015
For fans ofMassa Nera, Pictures Of June, Atalanta, Pique, Matsuri, Districts, Battle Royale, L'Antietam, and Amitie.
Label(s): Self Released / Pizza Tomb / Spring Break Tapes / Cohosh Records

      I was show NURTURE in 2022 after being informed that this was Sasha from Malevich's earlier screamo project. So I snagged the three-piece's second EP and jammed it on my phone sporadically over the past six months. I ended up loving the groovy, dark, screamy emo/hardcore and fell backwards into the bands remaining discography, all of which is good but don't grab me the way 'In the Middle of Everything' did.

    Anyways, to go back to the start, the 'Demo' released in 2012 is slower and more emo driven with self-production. With the following year's 'In the Middle of Everything' it becomes apparent immediately that the band honed their skills and whittled their statue down, as opener "Eye on the Back of My Hand" is a fucking banger with some serious melodic hooks, sweet drum fills, and pained yells littered with screams. The swing at the song's midpoint is infectious as hell while still carrying a fair amount of weight to it, making the song an absolute standout and obvious choice as opener. Another righteous jam is the closer "Mercenary II" that follows a similar trajectory and is definitely faster than the two middle tracks.

     The band's output slowed considerably following their first two EPs, as 2014 saw a single song on a split cassette and 2015 two final songs before disbanding (on a positive note) in April of the same year. Their 2014 'Antpile split' houses "I'll Bathe You In Jameson", a cup of repetitive noodles are served with various yells (and some singing) before the second half kicks in and brings in that thick, groovy style perfected on the previous EP. Their final two songs are also very good and are the heaviest the band recorded. "Posthumously" is feedback soaked and features some of the best vocals the band had to offer, while "Pick Your Pocket" is up there with the best songs they ever did. The first minute is a rollercoaster of noisy screamo, followed by a softer passage with distant wailing, and a climax of epic proportions.

     Goddamn, what a band. Thank science for Malevich.



2012 - Demo digitalEP (stream/donate/download here)

2013 - In the Middle of Everything cassette/10"EP (stream/donate/download here)

2014 - Antpile split cassette (stream/donate/download here)

2015 - Posthumously/Pick Your Pocket digitalEP (stream/donate/download here)


(2015) NURTURE - "Pick Your Pocket" (from 'Posthumously/Pick Your Pocket')

(2014) NURTURE - "I'll Bathe You In Jameson" (from 'Antpile split')

(2013) NURTURE - "Eye on the Back of My Hand" (from 'In the Middle of Everything')
(2013) NURTURE - "Mercenary II" (from 'In the Middle of Everything')

(2012) NURTURE - "lost in transition" (from 'Demo')


NURTURE additional links



Sunday 8 January 2023


GenresPunk / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Metallic Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz / Emo-violence
Related artistsMajorca and Feverteeth.
CountryMelbourne AUSTRALIA
Years Active2017-2018
For fans ofMaths, Orchid, PG.99, Ampere, Lachance, Tunes For Bears To Dance To, D'Amore, Scenario, Gil Cerrone, Eyelet, Sometimes Walking Sometimes Running, and People's Temple Project.
Label(s): Self Released

     I don't know where I came across this Aussie gem, but it was recently (as in this year / 2022) and it instantly resonated with me. Why? Because it's sick screamo/emo-violence that sounds like a cross between Eyelet, Scenario and Maths. The band's sole 2018 EP 'Skeleton' is seven tracks of pure fire. There's a ton of amazing stuff in this short EP including but not limited to: the kick-ass close of opener "The Bad Wolf", the dual vocals in the 50-second meltdown "Wormwood", the super sick and Eyelet-esque "'Now that you're dead, what are you gonna do with your life?'", the playful-yet-dark "The David Emge Zombie Walk", or the band's self-titled song and fucking banger/riff-soup "Conrad Veidt", this EP has almost everything you'd want from a screamo release. Oh, did I mention there were two Orchid covers? Fuck yeah there are.

     I can't recommend this enough. Always love a good ole obscure skramz post.



2018 - Skeleton digitalEP (stream/donate/download here)


(2018) CONRAD VEIDT - "The David Emge Zombie Walk" (from 'Skeleton')

(2018) CONRAD VEIDT - "'Now that you're dead, what are you gonna do with your life?'" (from 'Skeleton')

(2018) CONRAD VEIDT - "Conrad Veidt" (from 'Skeleton')


CONRAD VIEDT additional links



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GenresPunk / Rock / Hard Emo Rock / Post-Hardcore / Emo / Alternative
Related artistsTruck Stop Heroes, Rara Avis, Three Alcatraz, Kill The King, Night Of Broken GlassMotée, Benedict, Casanova BreakdownThe ShmelbysDieAnaFaster On BuildingQuick To Fall, The Throne, The Scroll, The Earth and Everything In It, and Pilot Brian.
CountryMinnesota U.S.A.
Years Active2011-present
For fans ofYou'll Live, Two Knights, Sincere Engineer, Tiny Moving Parts, Modern Rifles, Pack Sounds, Pierre, Motion City Soundtrack and Prize The Doubt.
Label(s): Self Released / Tomb Tree / No Funeral Records / The Ghost Is Clear Records / Skeletal Lightning / Turn Of The Century Records

     I became aware of VICTOR SHORES when I was inserting myself into the online screamo community around 2012, mostly due to soon releasing alongside The Ghost Is Clear Records and Skeletal Lightning who were dabbling in this sound and had crossed paths with the band. They seemed to be lumped in with The Reptilian, Two Knights, Boy Parts, etc. and although I dug seeing them live, the twinkly stuff generally doesn't penetrate my screamo exterior. It should be noted here that I was completely wrong about the band's sound and hadn't properly checked them out. So fast forward to mid-2022 and Nate from No Funeral Records asks if I wanted to co-release the new VICTOR SHORES album, but on cassette. Having recently fallen hard for the new Prize The Doubt single I decided I'd at least check it out. Instantly my preconceived notions were crushed like a mosquito, as I had this band all wrong. This wasn't twinkle emo, it was hard emo punk, and now I know the difference.

     Yeah I could probably end the review there lol, but I'll quickly fly through this discography. The band's early material is okay, relatively standard emo punk with yelled/sung vocals. The instrumentals on 'The People' EP and 'Sports In General' definitely show the band's style that holds up to this day, albeit a bit softer (especially the drumming) and lower-fi on the band's debut EP. The vocals are the primary difference between the old and the new, with David's voice still maturing in the mid-2010's on the '4-Way split' and 'You'll Get Better At It' EP. Then the band didn't release anything new for more than half-a-decade. So there was this upward momentum but historically speaking there looks like a blank spot (if you'd like to know more about that time, and everything else VICTOR SHORES, you should probably check out this podcast that I did with them) but in actuality the band were honing their craft, so the jump in overall cohesiveness, skill, and (especially) melodies is pretty big.

     The self titled 'Victor Shores' digital and cassette (via Tomb Tree right here) release was on November 21st, 2022 with vinyl (via No Funeral) coming in 2023 (pre-orders open now). The instrumentals continue their preciseness but inject tighter songwriting and much shorter songs. But it's the vocals, oh my god, the vocals have gone from decent to sugary/sweet/soaring amazingness and pushes this album into brand new territory for the band. Honestly, David's voice is so good I'd be very interested to hear their older work live because I feel like he could make all of those songs sound totally new. Enough gushing (I love you David/Bryce/Donnie) I meeeeeeeean "Canoe" and "Chromies" (premiered on this blog right here!) are two highly infectious, positive, and reminiscent  tracks providing strong personal narratives throughout that focus on growth and maturation as well as looking back fondly at the past. There's a very good instrumental jam titled "Interlude" that is anything but as the song is a fully fleshed-out and catchy minute and 14. Then there are the pillars of this album: "Bleach" has an ending so fucking catchy that my two kids sing along with me at home, "Batman" is a slow build with another beautifully woven vocal melody (good luck not singing "I haaaaaate...going hoooooowooooome, when I'm in my head again"), "T2: Terminated" is probably my favourite song instrumentally and the melodic hooks in the vocals waste no time in sinking into yer goddamn ear-gullet, closer "Drowning" is another hooky-ass jam that was released a year before the album came out and also sports a music video (embedded below). So fucking good!

     The new 'Victor Shores' LP is definitely one of my most listened to albums of 2022, but don't expect a list this year because I don't have time. You can catch VICTOR SHORES at Zegema Beach Records Fest 2023 this summer (May 5th-7th) in Chicago (Subterranean) because this new self-titled album was one of my most listened to records in 2022. Snag tickets here.



2011 - People EP (stream/donate/download here)

2012 - Sports In General 7"EP (stream/donate/download here)

2015 - 4-Way split 7" (stream/donate/download here)

2016 - You'll Get Better At It 7"EP (stream/donate/download here)

2022 - Summer Tour 2011 digital single (stream/donate/download here)
2022 - Victor Shores cassette/12"LP (stream/donate/download here)


(2022) VICTOR SHORES - "Bleach" (from 'Victor Shores')

(2022) VICTOR SHORES - "Batman" (from 'Victor Shores')

(2022) VICTOR SHORES - "Drowning" (from 'Victor Shores') official music video
(2016) VICTOR SHORES - "Whateverful" (from 'You'll Get Better At It') official music video

(2016) VICTOR SHORES - "Weekend at Gunsch" (from 'You'll Get Better At It') official music video

(2015) VICTOR SHORES - "Not Yeti" (from '4-Way' split)

(2012) VICTOR SHORES - "Sky Kittens" (from 'Sports In General') official music video

(2011) VICTOR SHORES - "Scruffy Nerfherder" (from 'People EP')

(2011) VICTOR SHORES - "" (from 'Summer Tour 2011')


VICTOR SHORES additional links

"Canoe" official music video

"7th Grade Yearbook Photo" official music video

Sunday 1 January 2023

*** THANK YOU DRIVER release show review ***


@Elging Hall in Langley on November 19th, 2022

Live Show Review

     So the story goes THANK YOU DRIVER sent me their new EP, I was sent to another dimension, I cam back with tapes, then I went to go see them play a show in November alongside...well, alongside 5 bands that I knew absolutely nothing about. I went with the intention of making a music video using a new hi-def camera that good ole USofDave sent me, but as my old-ass computer had trouble handling the files and I passed it off to friend Trilly James to finish being cut. That took a few weeks, then the winter holiday came and I had zero time, hence the substantially late post about this killer show in Langley BC. Despite it being an all-ages show with some kids there and everyone I spoke to being super nice, there was some crowd-killing that really turned me off. I get moshing. I don't quite understand the windmills and such. But when you jump into the crowd and try to punch people in the back row who are just watching the bands...not cool. At all. Some big losers that night. Besides that, everything was just peachy! To the bands!!!

For fans of: hardcore / powerviolence

This opening act featured the bassist of A Mourning Star on guitar and was more of a hardcore act than anything technical or metal. I'm pretty sure the vocalist of this band helped put on the show, and he was fun to watch and super nice, to boot.


For fans of: (older) Cave In and Thumbscrew

The reason I went to this show, and the only band I was aware of on the bill, were the local young-uns THANK YOU DRIVER. They were all super nice (their dad even bought us all pizza after the gig and let me crash at their place) and put on a helluva show. Damon was running around sloshin' lots of water and sushi (and felt quite ill after the set, poor fella), Jeremy was whipping his guitar all over the place whilst still blazing it, Ethan is a goddamned machine on the drums (and not even 20!), while Hayden provided those sick grooves and backing screams. What's that? They played a Cave In cover? Fuck yes.

(2022) THANK YOU DRIVER "Moral Eclipse" (Cave In cover)

(2022) THANK YOU DRIVER "Dyer Blueprint" (official music video)


For fans of: hardcore and death metal

This Burnaby band was very heavy and bordered on death metal. Super deep vocals and a violent-ass pit. Fitting band name.

For fans ofFall Of Troy and Black Nail

One of the reasons I like purposefully NOT checking out bands before seeing them live is I get to go in with zero expectations and therefore watch at least a few songs before deciding where to reside for the remainder of their set. Before this played Hayden from Thank You Driver noted that I was very likely to like this band. He was right. So very, very right. Mixing technical chops inspired by Fall Of Troy with the abrasive screamo of Massa Nera and the looming darkness of Glassing, I became instantly smitten. I even spoke with the band in the parking lot afterward so hopefully we'll see a Tomb Tree + SEASONS WORN release in 2023! I'm pretty sure I snapped a video of part of a new song combined with a song off their most recent '' EP (which fucking rocks).

For fans ofDeadguy and Sick Of It All

This was another local hardcore band with a lot of support. This definitely gave me a mid-90s vibe, especially with the vocal trade-offs and immensity of the instrumentals.

For fans ofPoison The Well and Hopesfall

I had the pleasure of meeting Eli outside before the show without knowing anything about his band, and holy crap was I in gush-mode after their set cuz that shit was awesome. I totally get why they are the hometown heroes and have a huge following in and around the Vancouver area. Super fucking sick-ass metalcore in the vein of Poison The Well, Hopesfall, and Shai Hulud.

(2022) A MOURNING STAR "Discretely Shadowed Beneath A Mighty Wing" (from 'To See Your Beauty Fade')