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GenresPunk / Metallic Hardcore / Math Metal / Death Metal / Black Metal / Doom / Sludge / Mathcore / Experimental
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CountryTorino ITALY
Years Active2013-present
Song: "In Somnis"
Album: "Womb"
Year: 2016
For fans ofTony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, Psyopus, Sectioned, Frontierer, Meshugga, The Bled, Dillinger Escape Plan, Ion Dissonance, Harlots, Burnt By The Sun, Rosetta, Knut, Cult Of Luna, The End, From A Second Story Window, The Ocean, Plebian Grandstand, Between The Buried And Me and Into The Moat.
Label(s): Moment Of Collapse Records / Triton's Orbit
This post's artist is from the December 2018 Mix. This is track #2.
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I first encountered NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION when I ordered a bunch of cds from Shove Records and 'Womb' was included as a freebie. I checked out a bunch of said freebies and came across a few decent cds, but this one was more than decent. It was excellent. It's like a mixture of Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, The Ocean, Meshugga and early From A Second Story Window, so essentially, it's heavy as fuck.

The band's self titled debut 'Noise Trail Immersion' was released, as far as I can tell, digitally back in 2014. Alright, first things first, calling your first ever song on any release "Grand Finale" is fucking sick, even if it is just a 43-second intro. The first track that is your typical-sounding NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION is actually the second, titled "We are Sleeping" and holy shit there's no way this doesn't knock you on your ass. It's literally every major metal tangent of the last 20 years compressed into 3:13 - death metal, math-core, metallic hardcore, etc. and every screaming/growling variant possible. I find "40 Days" to be especially dark and deathy, while "No Eye to Reality" is way shriekier and therefore more up my alley. If you jam "Drowsiness (ft. Fede of Be The Wolf)" be prepared to think you've switched albums to the newest Mars Volta endeavor. It's a cool song but may be a tad out of place...or has been inserted perfectly. Fuck me I don't know. "Wolves In Plain Clothes (ft. Alex of Napoleon)" gives me hella The Ocean vibes, especially in the vocal department. Closer "The Drift of Perceptible" is this record's only track that eclipses the six-minute mark, stretching itself to 7:45. Don't let the track time fool you though, the first half is not slow, plodding or dreamy, it's huge, unrelenting and mathy as hell, although there is a chill, instrumental passage from the song's midsection onward.

NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION's sophomore effort is a much more honed effort that was released on cd by Triton's Orbit and is titled 'Womb'. The overly lengthy noise/opener "Border" leads into, perhaps, my favourite NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION song. "In Somnis" is just the tops, boasting incredible guitarwork that sounds like whatever the new Psyopus record might, paired with vocals that never get too death-metal but are pretty much the harbinger of non-life. "Light Eaters" is a tad more straightforward in its songwriting, but holy moly does it pack an evil punch. "Placenta" is a clusterfuck of Tony Danza Tap Dance ExtravaganzaMeshugga and Ion Dissonance and is gets the album back on jaw-dropping level. That trippy, solo guitar that looms around 2:25 if freaky as hell and an awesome transition into the song's close. The title track "Womb" is a whopping 7:32 that is the album's somber, ethereal breather while "Organism" and "Hynagogic" are chaotic whirlwinds of metal that perk my ears up every time. "Tongueless" is pretty eerie and brings Dillinger Escape Plan's material to mind, both heavy and ambient, while finale "Birth" is nearly 9 minutes of western-tinged doom metal, not entirely unlike some Old Man Gloom songs.

In late 2018 the Italian math-metal gods continued their trend of dropping fire every two years with their latest LP 'Symbology of Shelter', a much longer, varied and fluid record. It opens with the mindnumbing "Mirroring" that is some of the most abrasive and erratic NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION written and released thus far. The start/stop drumming in this (as well as numerous other tracks throughout the band's career) is painfully good and will keep you guessing for the song's five-minute entirety. The first of two parts titled of "Repulsion and Escapism I" is 3:30 of pummeling drums and driving instrumental work, complete with venomous snarls by the vocalist. The second and even better second part "Repulsion and Escapism II" rides a wave of noise before hitting hard from 1:20 onward, led by those fucking intense drums, wowza. And then there are those vocals at the end, shrieked like rabid vampire...wait, can a vampire even be rabid? Well, regardless...holy shit. "Acrimonious" is the last dense track, as afterwards things shift to 8-minutes plus for each of the final three jams. The first, "The Empty Earth I", builds on a brooding, spacey, subtle guitar for almost three minutes before incorporating more instrumentation. The vocals get dumped on the song just before the four-minute mark with the song quadrupling in speed soon afterward. There's a nice swing in the breakdown at 4:30, and the subsequent 4:30 takes on a sound that seems like it suits the band even more, and that's the dark, unsettling noise/metal that is wrapped around the song like foil blanket in hopes to reduce the shock of the first few tracks. "The Empty Earth II" goes back to the spaghetti western/doom metal that reminds me of Sunn O))) and Old Man Gloom. It isn't until the seven minute mark that the song gets to where I wanted it to, but I'm an impatient son of a bitch, and that ending is pretty damn epic/sweet. The closing and title track "Symbology of Shelter" is a fitting close and hits some seriously next-level shit when the six-minute mark hits and the climax seeps out of the speakers.

So yeah, good, heavy-ass stuff. I wouldn't be surprised to see 'Symbology of Shelter' on any math-metal fanatics best of 2018 list.



2014 - Noise Trail Immersion digitalEP (stream/donate/download here)

2016 - Womb cdLP (stream/buy here)

2018 - Symbology of Shelter cdLP (stream/buy here)


(2018) NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION - "Mirrorism" (from 'Symbology of Shelter')

(2018) NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION - "Repulsion and Escapism II" (from 'Symbology of Shelter')

(2016) NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION - "In Somnis" (from 'Womb')

(2016) NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION - "Organism" (from 'Womb')

(2016) NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION - "Hypnagogic" (from 'Womb')

(2014) NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION - "No Eye to Reality" (from 'Noise Trail Immersion')

(2014) NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION - "We are Sleeping" (from 'Noise Trail Immersion')


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