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***SEPTEMBER exclusive interview***

Earlier this year I received an email from Ken. Ken stumbled across my review of SEPTEMBER when he was perusing information for Indian Summer. Ken played in SEPTEMBER and after a few quick exchanges, he and some other members of the band decided to answer some interview questions...ooohhhh, 20 years after the fact? Although very short-lived, the band's recordings speak for the emotional hardcore thriving in the mid 1990s.

An Interview with: SEPTEMBER 

1) What led to the formation of SEPTEMBER? And why the name?
Kim Shade and I had been off and on for a couple years, and in that time I convinced her to play drums, primarily so that I’d have someone to play music with. Eventually we got pretty good as a two piece and sought out a few other players from the Cupertino Library scene. Bassist Conor McCormack and I had played briefly together in the spring of 1994, and he joined that September—hence the name. Chuck McCamon was a kid Conor went to school with that was also on the scene. He owned a brown SG and a half stack and had a good haircut. He ended up creating a lot of the group’s texture and certainly screamed the loudest.

2) What were your primary influences?
We were way into Indian Summer, and hanging out at the Blue House in Oakland with them throughout '94. Seth and Adam turned us onto Slint, Codeine and Seam, and we drew the same logical conclusions that Indian had, soft and big, but with arpeggiated guitars and more quiet than loud. I’ll freely admit that I wasn’t a very good songwriter, which is why most of the songs are over seven minutes. I don’t think I understood the concept of verse/chorus, and instead just wanted to be able to freely prattle on for sixteen measures and then do that at a greater volume and then do something else.

3) Did you have any goals as a band?
We certainly wanted to follow in the footsteps of Still Life, Evergreen, Indian Summer, et al and take it on the road. We had ideas for a two month summer tour (and even had a van), and started booking it, but there just wasn’t enough energy being put into the idea. Conor and Chuck were definitely going to college in the fall of 1995, and Kim and I were definitely over. As a result I don’t think we could visualize a way to move forward.

4) Did you play many shows? Any memorable ones?
September played only two shows, both at the Cupertino Library. One show was with Animal Farm and Wind Chime Boy, the other with Super Static Fever and Janitors Against Apartheid. I doubt more than 200 people saw us across both shows. We played in near total darkness the first time, lit only by a blue light.

5) Do you think about the band semi-regularly or not often? What emotions does it stir?
I check into it about once a year. As it’s aged I like it more, but it’s not likely to creep into regular rotation. I keep meaning to put it up on Spotify, and perhaps will soon. It’s a neat document of four friends who all lived in the same house together and grew up and out of each other’s lives.

6) What was your biggest regret with September? What do you look back on with the most fondness?
The band definitely ended earlier than any of us would have liked. We were all living in the same house and had a lot of youthful hormones bouncing between us. It would have been nice to have played more than two shows. We were in the midst of planning an epic eight week tour of the States, but weren’t organized enough to pull it off. I suppose the only regret I have is that we recorded too early. But if we’d have waited it wouldn’t have happened at all…

7) Do you revisit "emo/screamo" in its early incarnation or even check out new stuff?
More so recently, as I’ve been involved in the Indian Summer reissue campaign. (Check this playlist I made). As for the new, I’m into La Dispute, but don’t pay attention to much from this genre. 

8) Any opinions on the words "emo", "screamo" or "skramz”?
Emo was a dirty word for us in 1994-95. It’s great to see a new generation of kids changing the definition and adding their own meaning. 

9) Which bands from the pre-2000 era would you recommend readers check out?
Allure was wildly underrated, and most of their stuff is up on Youtube. My top five looks something like this:

1. Navio Forge: As We Quietly Burn A Hole
2. Indian Summer: S/T
3. One Last Wish: S/T
4. Hated: What Was Behind
5. Evergreen: S/T

10) Did you continue to play in bands after September? What are you doing nowadays?
I made a record about a month later using the exact same set up: Bart Thurber, Alexandria Ln. house. It’s a very similar vibe, but just two really long songs. It was never released and probably should never be released. I stopped playing in bands shortly after and started producing records instead. I ran Tree Records until 2000, and then started Numero Group in 2003. I’ve made over 400 records in my life—no sign of slowing down.

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GenresPunk / Math Rock / Post-Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz / Jazz
Related artistsRockets Red GlareHolding PatternMr. PennyPicastroHorse HandsSympathy GirlsDie!venom, Burn Rome In A Dream, Jim Guthrie and Sea Snakes.
CountryToronto, Ontario CANADA
Years Active1996-1999
Song: "Götterdämerung"
Album: "Blake"
Year: 1997
For fans ofOff Minor, Shotmaker, The Exploder, Indian Summer, Maximillian Colby, Ahleuchatistas, Ten Grand, Serotonin, Campbell Trio, Clikitat Ikatowi, Okara, Amber Inn, Four Hundred Years, Anasarca, Slint, Frodus, Twelve Hour Turn, Colored Moth, Faraquet, 1.6 Band and Sleepytime Trio.
Label(s): Blue Skies Turn Black / Spectra Sonic Sound / The Mintaka Conspiracy / Organic Records
This post's artist is from the June 2019 Mix. This is track #2.
You can download: the June 2019 Mix#5 right here or get the new July/August 2019 Mix#6 here

BLAKE were an Toronto-based trio that existed from 1996-1999 in Canada, releasing only two 7"s and an LP of emotive hardcore/math-rock that sound influenced equally by Slint and Sleepytime Trio. Members also spent time in Rockets Red Glare, Holding Pattern, Mr. Penny, Picastro, Sea Snakes and a bunch more, but I only recognize the the first in the list.

Their first 7" was a self-titled released in 1997 and features some excellent debut songs. "Lamplight" is pretty jazzy and abrasive, falling somewhere between Ahleuchatistas and Shotmaker. "Fortune" and "Divination Sequence" are decent songs, but "Götterdämerung" is my fucking jam. After a very playful and light first minute that is definitely reminiscent of Faraquet the song breaks into a ridiculously catchy 4-note-repeat dance-fest from 1:36. The groove on this is stellar, as is the hi-hat work, the soft/hard dynamics and that drum switch-up at 1:58 and again at 2:20 generally make me salivate out of the left corner of my mouth.

The following year they released two songs on a 'Spirit split' 7". "Supply and Demand" is essentially Indian Summer spliced with Twelve Hour Turn (which is a helluva good thing), but it's "Three Quarter" (which also appears on the 12"LP) with it's commanding bass and Four Hundred Years-esque vocals that really get me.

Their final output, 1999's 'Blake' 12"LP. It's kind of a weird mix of stuff, as side A houses "Three Quarter" from the split 7" before jumping into five more tunes recorded back in 1996. "Bottles for the Contents" and "Layman's Terms" both remind me a lot of Shotmaker and The Exploder, while "No Vote" is a killer tune that sounds like Sleepytime Trio...except for that obtuse Snack Truck part at 2:17. "Bishop" is instrumental and reminds me of Ahleuchatistas, while "Idleness" is more like instrumental Off Minor, as it is faster and more reckless than the previous tune. Side B contains new tracks recorded in 1999, which have a very different feel as they are much slower and rely on dark, groovy instrumental stretches with crooned vocals over top. Kinda Cursive. Kinda Medications. Very Slint. I like it, but not as much as the earlier material. My favourite, "RS", is 4:17 of chill, well-orchestrated Slint-worship with a hint of Frodus that packs a wallop come 3:30.

I am surprised how often this band is overlooked when talking about 90s emo and Canadian hardcore in general. Full discography link below!


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

1997 - Blake 7"EP

1998 - Spirit split 7"

1999 - Blake 12"LP

2005 - Collected Works 1996-1999 cdLP


(1997) BLAKE - "Götterdämerung" (from 'Blake' 7")

(1998) BLAKE - "Three Quarter" (from 'Spirit' split)

(1999) BLAKE - "No Vote" (from 'Blake' 12")

(1999) BLAKE - "Layman's Terms" (from 'Blake' 12")

(1999) BLAKE - "RS" (from 'Blake' 12")


BLAKE out of print mp3 discography download


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***PIET ONTHEL exclusive premiere***

"Evil Me"
exclusive song premiere
For fans ofBlue Noise, The Ultimate Screamo Band and Orchid

If you've read the PIET ONTHEL review you'll know I'm fucking smitten with this Malaysian solo screamo project (review linked here), so I'm shitting my pants over here waiting to show you the new song from their upcoming 4-song 's(EP)kitojange(pecoh)' releasing on cassette and 7" via Missed Out Records and Dingleberry Records in the fall of 2019. I need say nothing else, as this shit rips!

(2019) PIET ONTHEL "Evil Me" (from 's(EP)kitojange(pecoh)')
This track is just 1:27, so it wastes no time with a thick, noisy and intrusive opening that dips into a swirling black-metal/post-hardcore section that is new territory for Mashi but it sounds awesome. After repeating the intro with lyrics over top, the song takes a dancey turn that resembles the demo EP, and even throws an additional melodic guitar over it all, bringing Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket to mind. The final few seconds is a wash of white noise which serves as a final, loving slap in the face. Keep it up Mashi, this shit is ace. 💘


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***NEW FRIENDS FEST 2019 Days 1+2 review***

Live Show Review

Whilst visiting family in Ontario I made sure to include trips to New Friends Fest in order to see my other family. The love and community I witnessed in the first two days of NFF (I had to fly back the morning of the third) were staggering. I literally wasn't even able to say hello to everyone I wanted to, let alone have conversations. That's a truly amazing thing. The people and bands were all stellar, and the most heartfelt props to Vanessa, Egin and Rohan for pulling off such a wonderful festival. I was able to take videos of most bands during those first two days, so without further adieu here are one to two videos by each band!

*************DAY 1*************

I've been waiting two years to finally see my friends' band, and holy fuck they did not disappoint. Simply put, they were maniacal and most people seemed to eat it right up. Truly an exhausting and cathartic live show. Members run No Funeral.
(2019) KARLOFF @New Friends Fest
For fans ofDaughters and Orchid

Formerly Tall Ship Set Sail, this four-piece plays an excellent blend of emo and screamo, and I dare say they fall into the former sphere first. Featuring Matt of Worst Days, they've already played Miss The Stars and now this, and have an incredible 4-way split 12" coming out soon on Zegema Beach!
(2019) AMITIÉ @New Friends Fest
For fans ofThe Saddest Landscape and Reveries

Featuring many ex-members of La Luna but sounding almost nothing alike was DIGEST. Vanessa from New Friends does vocals and holy bujesus that's some seriously heavy shit.
(2019) DIGEST @New Friends Fest
For fans ofLa Luna and Frail Vessel

The Philly band was easily one of the bands I was most stoked on and they did not disappoint in the slightest. In fact, they were perhaps my favourite set of the first night. I was kinda nervous around them and just kept saying stupid things like, "Hey, who's that? It's the best set of the night!" and "I'd love to release your tapes in Canada!", etc. I nabbed two 12"s for the ZBR distros and have tossed one up in the Canada store here and one in the U.S. store here.
(2019) FLUORIDE "Neglect + Hoax" (from 'Disentaglement') @New Friends Fest
For fans ofTentacles and Closet Witch
Link to additional video

This band continues to impress more and more every time I see them. Playing two new jams, I was flabbergasted at the new material. It is heeeeeaaaavvvvvy. You are not ready...and neither am I!
(2019) MASSA NERA "new song pt. 1+2" @New Friends Fest

For fans ofGillian Carter and Off Minor
Link to additional video

Coming in from the East side of Canada was FRAIL HANDS who somehow found a drummer a month prior to fill-in and play all the songs...which was a feat and a half considering the complexity of these jams. Amazing set. Amazing band.
(2019) FRAIL HANDS @New Friends Fest

For fans ofRayleigh and Blinds Girls
Link to additional video

I think I can officially say that Logan from GC knows what the audience members want more than anyone in the screamo game, as he is truly an entertainer on top of being an excellent guitarist/vocalist. Their set had songs from numerous releases but those new jams sounded fucking amazing live, and that new drummer was awesome.
(2019) GILLIAN CARTER @New Friends Fest
For fans ofMasada and Lost Boys

*************DAY 2*************

This was the band's final show with Keon (drums) and the opening act did a great job of keeping it light and still kicking ass. Their banter was generally humorous and the triple vox is always warranted in my book. "Eric" (if that is your real name) runs Larry Records.
(2019) PIQUE @New Friends Fest
For fans ofPeople's Temple Project and Lessener
Link to additional video

This five-piece was an all-out scream-fest that reminded me of a twinkly, loose, upbeat Kodan Armada.
For fans ofFlowers Taped To Pens and Deers!
Link to additional video

I'd been waiting for quite some time to finally see this band and good god they did not disappoint. Actually, they put on one of the most riveting and interactive performances of the first two days. Sassy, jammy, Primus-influenced, glam screamo from Montreal/ex-member of Commuovere.
(2019) DIANACRAWLS @New Friends Fest
For fans ofPanthers and Cady
Link to additional video

I only caught the last song by this band, as I was outside chatting with friends around the corner and didn't notice that they started. I'm fucking bummed because I really liked their most recent EP and the last song I saw live was unreal.
(2019) SUPINE @New Friends Fest
For fans ofOstraca and City Of Caterpillar

I'd heard great things about this band and it's no wonder after witnessing their live performance. Quirky, sassy, screamy and very melodic.
(2019) FOXTAILS @New Friends Fest
For fans of: Suffix and Thisishowitendedintokyo

Playing one of the best sets I've seen from them was Richmond's OSTRACA, and the three-piece played songs from every release including a new song. Their presence was commanding as usual and the vocals were mixed perfectly, allowing us to be cognizant of whether we were being torn apart by Gus' shrieks or sentenced to hell by the growls.
(2019) OSTRACA "Waiting for the Crash" (from 'Last') @New Friends Fest
For fans ofSwan Of Tuonela and Blue Noise

After seeing the Toronto band fly under the radar for a few years (playing killer basement shows, coming to play stupid Hamilton, etc.) it was electric to see them after they've started getting the recognition that they deserve. I had never seen any of the new songs live and holy smokes do they sound incredible live!
(2019) RESPIRE "Catacombs" (from 'Dénouement') @New Friends Fest
For fans ofAlbatros and 70 cm3 From Your Chest

I only caught the first half of the set before booking it home (I needed to wake up a few hours later to drive my family to the airport and fly back to Nanaimo) but what I saw was mesmerizing. Sounding very much like their recordings of nearly 20 years ago, CITY OF CATERPILLAR played their songs with excellent precision and the bassist's screams always tug at my heart strings.
(2019) CITY OF CATERPILLAR "A Heart Filled Reaction To Dissatisfaction" (from 'City of Caterpillar') @New Friends Fest
For fans of...Who Calls So Loud and Massa Nera


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***MARÉE NOIRE exclusive premiere***

"Taire Le Désordre"
exclusive song premiere
For fans ofCrowning, Amanda Woodward and Yarostan

MARÉE NOIRE was nice enough to ask us to premiere their new stand-alone track titled "Taire Le Désordre". After their most recent split with my good friends in Crowning, they are presenting this track in conjunction with their tour with the fantastic Frail Body (which includes a member of Crowning). The 2:45 song is the first with their newest member and by far their most righteous (lol) track to date. Enough jibber jabber, to the song!

(2019) MARÉE NOIRE "Taire Le Désordre"
The song begins with a brief spoken word introduction in French before the band lays into it like Daitro going full tilt. The punishing hardcore (think Hundreds Of AU) is balanced perfectly with a European screamo vibe (nods to Amanda Woodward). The jammy midsection is gutted come 1:45 with an epic build, pushed along by chugging guitars and fantastically shredded screams. If you have the chance I'd strongly recommend hitting up their tour that start on August 13th, 2019!

***ELLE exclusive interview***

ELLE seemingly came out of nowhere in late 2016 when they released the 'Elle' EP, boasting members of Loma Prieta, Beau Navire, Monuments Collapse, Yearbooks and more, and dropping many a jaw in the process. Fast forward to 2018 and the band drops the remarkably beautiful and moving 'She' LP, which catapults them into elite, screamy emo hardcore. Somehow, fucking somehow, these fine people managed to construct another set of stellar songs and lay them down with none other than Jack Shirley to create the ultimate ELLE full length record. '...' releases in full this Friday August 9th, 2019 on Dog Knights Productions (Europe),  Zegema Beach Records (Canada/U.S.A.) and the band, with 12" pre-orders going up the same day. The records are /500 with 200 coming on ultra clear and 300 coming on black with fancy mirror-board jackets. You can currently stream three songs on the ELLE bandcamp page linked here.

An Interview with: ELLE

1) How did Elle form?
(Sean) Three of us played in Beau Navire together (myself, Trei and Kris). BN’s bass player Jon moved to Seattle and BN sort of slowly dissolved. After maybe 2 years of us all focusing on other things, Kris and Trei started working on music together again. At some point they called me and Brian in. In the meantime, Kris and I had worked on a project called Foreign Only, and we had played with Brian on bass a couple times. There was a lot of chemistry there, but the band got kind of sidelined because we were so busy with other bands and just boring adult life bs. So when Trei and Kris were looking to fill the lineup out, Brian and I stepped in and it all felt really natural and satisfying basically from day one.

Kris moved to Norway last year, and our fellow Californian and good friend Taylor started playing drums for us. Now we are the luckiest band in the world because we have 2 amazing drummers.

2) Why the name, ELLE? And why was your last album titled "She"?
(Sean) I had the word elle floating around as something I liked and wanted to use for something, for a long time. I like its visual symmetry, I’m pretty into typography and have a weird affinity for words and just keep lists of words I like, usually for writing lyrics (though to be clear I haven’t written any of the lyrics for elle). As far as a name for a punk band, I guess I like elle for its lack of masculine feeling. It just seemed appropriate, for me a lot of heavy music comes across very macho, which I’ve always inherently wanted to avoid and found unrelatable. It’s not really meant to talk about gender, I see these masculine/feminine descriptors as human’s way of giving a name/tangibility to totally intangible ways of being that have nothing to do with “gender”. Probably most importantly though, it was a name we could all agree on (the hardest part about naming a band democratically).

Elle is the French word for “she”. When we chose elle as a band name we talked about using elle and she interchangeably, basically having 2 band names, a cool ambiguity, and both are simply words that we like. So calling our first LP “she” was a way of having a self titled record, plus it’s a cool word. We are starting our own record imprint called “she” as well.

3) Considering many of you come from notable bands in screamy hardcore, what was it like creating new music in this band compared to your older bands?
(Sean) For me, I felt like the basis was trying to do something with more sonic clarity, and maybe a wider emotional range than just anger/sadness. I mean, the anger is definitely still there, but the lyrics and melodies touch on a lot more subtleties, and I think cover a much more full spectrum than I’m used to, which feels like a real success.

(Brian) My previous bands, with the exception of Yearbooks, have all been much heavier and pretty different style-wise. But I’ve always loved these dudes just as friends so joining a band with them was a no-brainer. On our first two releasing I just kind of sat back and let Trei, Sean, and Kris handle most of writing. I had a little input but not much at all. On this release I got a lot more involved and definitely did a little more writing. It was nerve wracking because I wasn’t sure how it would be received by everyone but these dudes were very sweet and receptive to it. In terms of style this is easily the most comfortable I’ve been with my parts on the release and the whole thing feels very coherent.

(Trei) Playing with Sean and Kris always has felt rather fluid. I was really looking forward to seeing how we’ve matured and what sound would come out of us jamming a few years after BN dissolved.

4) What were your influences on the 5-song EP? Have they changed much since?
(Taylor) I love Suis La Lune and Suffix and Kidcrash and Lord Snow so much; I’d say those are my main influences with anything I’m writing these days.

(Trei) Hmm hard to think back to what I was jamming then. To be honest I’ve been jamming a lot of instrumental or soundscape style stuff more recently. Toe, Jonsi and Alex, Heaven in Her Arms.

5) Tell us about the new LP. Why the title, track names? Is there a theme? What was recording it compared to your previous endeavors?
(Brian) Trei did most of the lyrics and title names. I did the lyrics and title for Dust. That song is about the anxiety of growing up and longing for ignorance of childhood. The title and theme came from this artist William Basinski who creates these audio loops. One day he was converting old loops he had on tape to a digital format so he had to just let the tapes play out while they were converting. He came back some time later and heard that the loops had changed and sounded distorted and disintegrated. He realized it was literally the audio falling off the tape. Audio on tape is quite literally dust, or iron oxide, glued on, and over time it loses its hold. I thought the whole thing was a beautiful metaphor for life.

(Trei) I think the name is fitting “Ellipsis” or … it’s all about the in between. Beneath the skin and bone there’s all these thoughts, feelings and emotions. Just like in language and writing, people are always giving off subtle physical clues about their real state of mind, or intentions. It’s really hard but it’s important to look deeper to better understand and support one another. Recording this record was amazing, I think we’ve really dialed in our tone and were lucky enough to record with Jack Shirley again. He’s got an amazing studio and personally this is one of the coolest sounding records I feel like I’ve gotten the chance to play on.

6) What was your tour with Joliette, Nuvolascura and Senza like?
(Taylor) Rewarding moments were met with very real trial and both consistently. I felt a special energy playing sets at Zegema Beach Records fest.

(Brian) Touring with those bands was amazing. I had never met Senza so that was cool. Obviously we love Taylor, and had played shows with Nuvo before, but it was a great opportunity to really get to know them and connect. And Joliette. Enough cannot he said about their music and their live performances, but none of that compares to how beautiful they are as people. Shout out to Azael. Him and I made a real connection on that tour and I love that dude so much.

(Trei) So much fun, great laughs, great people!

7) What touring plans do you have coming up?
(Brian) We have some stuff in the works right now, but nothing we can officially announce. But I would expect to see some release shows for the record, and then see us leave the left coast.

8) What bands have released things this year that you've been stoked on?
(Taylor) Lord Snow, Frail Hands, New Ruins, Chamber, 60659-c, .gif from god, Vein, Senza, Joliette.

(Brian) Joliette is obviously amazing. The new Drei Affen is ridiculously good. The self titled by Ashes to Ashes from Moscow rips. Le Culte Des Bourreaux by Potence is amazing.

(Trei) Nuvolascura, Better Oblivion Community Center, Lord Snow.

9) What's next for ELLE?
(Brian) More shows, more touring. We have a split in the works that we are beyond excited about.

10) Any thoughts on the current U.S./world climate, in any capacity?
(Taylor) Fuck borders.

(Brian) It’s a very scary time. It’s very important to speak up and take action, be a positive force, and hold true to your beliefs. But it’s also just as important to know when to shut the fuck up and listen. We need to be there for each other, be strong for those who can’t be, and be careful not to take platforms away from those who need it most.

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BandLUCIENTE aka Failed Suicide Plan
GenresPunk / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal / Crust
Related artists?.
CountryErfert GERMANY
Years Active2007-present
Song: "Es ist ein Weinen in der Welt"
Album: "Über den Abgrund geneigt"
Year: 2019
For fans ofTrainwreck, Zann, Olam, Lentic Waters, The Ocean, KalpaÉglise, Nine Eleven, I Not Dance, Bökanövsky, Lakmé, Noise Trail Immersion, Takaru, I Am A Curse, Eaves and Perth Express.
Label(s): Self Released / TDD Records / Hey Hey Records / Frohike Records
This post's artist is from the May 2019 Mix. This is track #5.
You can download: the May 2019 Mix#5 right here or get the new June 2019 Mix#6 here.

Yet another LISTEN TO JESSE MOWERY review. So Jesse posted this German powerhouse in a group somewhere and I became instantly hooked, as the behemoth, crusty, post-hardcore/post-metal was very reminiscent of Trainwreck, Lentic Waters, Eaves and I Not Dance. I've only really delved into the newest record, 2019's 'Über den Abgrund geneigt', but upon listening to their first EP 'Failed Suicide Plan', second EP '3rd record', third EP 'Fragment' and first LP 'Luciente' are all excellent releases, comparable to the newest endeavor and worth your time.

The band's sound lies in melodic grooves woven into crusty, crushing hardcore/post-metal with vocals that dip in and out of shrieking and gutteral growls. Their EP 'Fragment' and first LP 'Luciente' show the band with their sound matured more than five years ago. On their latest record LUCIENTE most notably play with more vocal variety and stretch out the heaviness from both high and low, reminding me most of The Ocean and Kalpa. Opener "Es ist ein Weinen in der Welt" boasts fantastic swings with the screams and growling from 1:45, and those behemoth instrumentals don't hurt either. Title track "Über den Abgrund geneigt" packs another wallop after a brief, doomy intro - most specifically the ridiculous drum shifts after 1:45 and the subsequent climax. "Styx" was released as a single/teaser the year prior and is perhaps the most metal of their material, and it's pretty dang epic and shifts into Cult Of Luna territory before shredding hard. "Maschinengeheul" incorporates some metalcore murder riffs and is easily one of the best tracks on here, while finale "Acéphale" does a great job of obliterating the listener at the close.

I only just found out that their old material was released under the band name Failed Suicide Plan, and was changed for what I can only assume are obvious reasons.



2007 - Al Fredo split 7"

2009 - Failed Suicide Plan cdrEP

2011 - 3rd record EP (stream/buy here)

2013 - Fragment 7"EP (stream/buy here)

2015 - Luciente digitalLP (stream/buy here)

2018 - Styx digital single (stream/buy here)

2019 - Über den Abgrund geneigt LP (stream/buy here)


(2019) LUCIENTE - "Es ist ein Weinen in der Welt" (from 'Über den Abgrund geneigt')

(2019) LUCIENTE - "Maschinengeheul" (from 'Über den Abgrund geneigt')

(2019) LUCIENTE - "Über den Abgrund geneigt" (from 'Über den Abgrund geneigt')

(2018) LUCIENTE - "Styx" (from 'Styx')

(2016) LUCIENTE - "Rabenschar" live @Fluff Fest

(2013) LUCIENTE - "Einsam Zweisam" (from 'Fragment')

(2009) LUCIENTE - "Frühling" (from 'Failed Suicide Plan')


LUCIENTE additional links