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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Metal / Metalcore / Metallic Hardcore / Math Metal / Mathcore
Related artistsFar From Down.
CountryHouston, Texas U.S.A.
Years Active2002-2006
Song: "A Vibrant Testimony"
Album: "?"
Year: ?
For fans ofThe Minor Times, Lavotchkin, Botch, Unearth, Birch, Hopesfall, Loftus, Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems, Engineer, Achilles, Thumbscrew, The Chariot, Lamantide, The Bled and Llynch.
Label(s): Self Released / Moshmellow Records
This post's artist is from the April 2020 Mix. This is track #?.
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Who the fuck is THE KIDNAP SOUNDTRACK? Good question. Thanks to combing through the Jonbenét discography I got around to listening to their split, and it was in my kitchen making nachos with my mp3 on at 2am that I first heard THE KIDNAP SOUNDTRACK and shat myself. Finding their first EP online wasn't easy, and I had to order from CDbaby a few days before they shut down for COVID - so I'm posting their discography for download so everyone can enjoy this mathy, metallic hardcore band from Houston that flew under my radar for more than a decade and a half.

The first EP titled 'Beauty is the Other Dancer' begins with a straight-up confusatron track with a post-rock opener titled "Nevermind Mother France" which despite it's misleading sound is still a great listen. Once "Flying Kites With Bulldozers" gets about two seconds you'll hear the typical KIDNAP SOUNDTRACK sound, that of behemoth chugs, throat-shredding screams and a beautifully layered atmospheric guitar that tends to drop in and make those deathly parts sound kinda pretty (not unlike prime-era Hopesfall). Prime example is the two-minute mark in said opener. "A Complete Risk Of Titles" is next and showcases much more playful instrumentals from the get-go that are eventually thrown in the trash compactor for absolutely devastating breakdowns that give me a bit of The Minor Times feels, especially in the vocal department. "The Dash" is pretty dark and perhaps my pick for top track on this stellar EP, as those chugs are fucking delicious. Closer "Tango" is pretty dang punk-sounding until the 35-second mark when the guitars dial-up the note doctor and bring in the screams, but it's at 1:10 that the song really goes off. Amazing EP. Can't believe I just heard it and had to buy one of the last online cds to hear it. You don't have to do that though, cuz I've put it all up for download here!

'The Jonbenét split' is only three songs, but goddamn the release is still superior the EP. Beginning with the vicious Open Mouth Orientation", the entire track swirls around making repeated attacks until the closing, dual vocal dive-bomb obliterates the listener just before the two-minute mark. If you enjoy Officer Jones And His Patrol Car ProblemsLavotchkin, Loftus, Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza and early The Minor Times you're gonna love "Flavor Party", which is a clusterfuck of precisely executed punches ranging from ridiculous double-pedal breakdowns to slightly humorous circus riffs. Closer "A Vibrant Testimony" has so many sick chugs, diddly-do riffs and gutteral (not growling) screaming that I can't help but give it the title of Best Kidnap Soundtrack song.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2004 - Beauty is the Other Dancer cdEP

2005 - The Jonbenét split cdEP


(2005) KIDNAP SOUNDTRACK, THE - "A Vibrant Testimony" (from 'The Jonbenét' split)

(2005) KIDNAP SOUNDTRACK, THE - "Open Mouth Orientation" (from 'The Jonbenét' split)

(2004) KIDNAP SOUNDTRACK, THE - "The Dash" (from 'Beauty is the Other Dancer')

(2004) KIDNAP SOUNDTRACK, THE - "A Complete Risk of Titles" (from 'Beauty is the Other Dancer')

(2004) KIDNAP SOUNDTRACK, THE - "Flying Kites With Bulldozers" (from 'Beauty is the Other Dancer')


KIDNAP SOUNDTRACK, THE out of print mp3 discography download


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