Monday 13 May 2019


GenresPunk / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz / Crust / D Beat
Related artistsGehirn, .
CountryHonolulu, Hawaii U.S.A.
Years Active2018-2019
Song: "Sync Rate Zero"
Album: "itallreturnstonothing"
Year: 2018
For fans ofTenue, Moldar, Long Distance Runner, Jungbluth, Shin Guard, Ekkaia, Ostraca, Perfect Blue, A Paramount, A Love Supreme, Alpinist, Autarch and Truman.
Label(s): Self Released
This post's artist is from the May 2019 Mix. This is track #6.
You can download: the May 2019 Mix#5 right here or get the new June 2019 Mix#6 here.

Currently on hiatus, Honolulu's ITALLRETURNSTONOTHING used be called Gehirn but changed their name in early 2018. They released a single EP, but there might be something else coming in the coming months as it sounds like they may have it recorded.

Opener "Unit One" is a screamy, chaotic affair dealt in successive waves, as even at 4:26 there is nearly zero slowdown and almost no time to breath, save maybe the outro. "Progressive Knife" is a lengthy song reaching nearly seven minutes. It's decent but is a bit hampered by a slow groove that repeats, making an overly lengthy, caustic opening and close. "Pilot" is the opposite and blazes through in just 2:41, bringing Malaysian and Singapore screamo to mind, most notably Moldar. Oh, and there's a fucking dirty section that pumps out come 1:40 so hold on to your butt. After a sexy, instrumental intro "Sync Rate Zero" gets things going closer to 1:20 with rolling drums and vomited vocals that are caught up and carried by the frenzy of guitars, bass and general lo-fi noise with an end that is ballistic and reminds me of Kodan Armada and Bethari at their most chaotic. Closer "Tokyo-3" goes all out for two minutes before losing steam and dragging on for it's final two.

I'm intrigued to hear the final recordings, as well as any projects these members end up in in the future.



2018 - itallreturnstonothing cassetteEP (stream/download here)


(2018) ITALLRETURNSTONOTHING - "Sync Rate Zero" (from 'itallreturnstonothing')

(2018) ITALLRETURNSTONOTHING - "Unit One" (from 'itallreturnstonothing')

(2018) ITALLRETURNSTONOTHING - "Pilot" (from 'itallreturnstonothing')

(2019) ITALLRETURNSTONOTHING live (go to 6:35 by clicking here)



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