Sunday 18 February 2024


For fans ofLiving Conditions, Crossed, Majority Rule, Basque, Binary, Infant Island, and Portrayal Of Guilt.
GenresPunk / Post-hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz / Emo-violence / Post-rock
Related artistsBubble Scary and Dialog Talk.
CountryMassachusetts U.S.A.
Years Active2023-present
Label(s): Self Released

      This debut EP was released just yesterday (February 17th, 2024) and after a few seconds of the opening track I was sold. The three-piece hail from Massachusetts and play a mixture of many styles but there's definitely some Living Conditions and Portrayal Of Guilt, but with much more diversity as well as (somehow the opposite) attention to linear structure. That is to say, blackened screamo with hints of post-rock and other frills. Their four-song, self-titled debut is truly remarkable, especially considering this is the guitarist/vocalist's first band. Another remarkable thing is that this band seems to be birthed from the ashes of said member's deployment in Iraq, and subsequent awareness and distrust in a broken system run by broken people profiting from breaking the poorest of people.

     'Hauzu's opener "Ceaseless Wavering" goes for the jugular with a quick instrumental build and intense screaming, only to taper off and showcase a knack for finding space and filling it with minimal/sparse notes, helping elevate the heavier moments, to which we return again as the song plays out. Oh and that awesome guitar riff at 3:20 is just icing on the cake. "My Head Beneath the Waves" is the shortest song by far and obviously gets to the essentials more directly than the others, with a devastating bass riff (quick nod to Crossed) that permeates the entire song, forcing it to be a sludgy, noisy romp through its 1:41 runtime. "Forgettable Noise" takes a similar route to the first track in terms of it having a bunch of parts and navigating through them very efficiently, which further generates my engagement. Lotsa groove and restraint on this one. Picking up right where track three ends, closer and absolute behemoth "Little Shells" clocks in at 8:24 with a slow, jazzy, almost lounge-esque intro that creates a dark and somber mood. Once all the instrumentals meet up and kick in to a higher gear you just know the band is taking us on one helluva journey, one that I won't belittle with a lengthy description, but instead invite you to let it envelop you and make your own decision. Or I'm lazy. Either way!

     It should also be noted that Will K. from Dead Air Studios recorded, mixed, and mastered this beast, and also that the band has more material comin'! Very stoked on this new project.



2024 - Hauzu digital EP (stream/buy here)


(2024) HAUZU - "Little Shells" (from 'Hauzu')

(2024) HAUZU - "Forgettable Noise" (from 'Hauzu')


Thursday 15 February 2024

*** PODCAST #145 Hanoi Traffic ***

     Since helping release 'Kids With No Style' I've been following Australia's HANOI TRAFFIC intently. Just last week the band released their brand new EP 'towards an end' and it ripped me a new one. Check that shit out, and then come back here and listen to this podcast that discusses the journey that took the three-piece there. Here are a few things discussed in this podcast: Circle Takes The Square forums...again!, band name origin, channeling Salt Money, release schedule lecture from Dave, the new album, Japanese screamo, dodgeball snare, albums of the year, the upcoming tour, etc. Bands played in this podcast: Freezer, Garry Brents, Isolate, Mouse Fitzgerald, Nitro Mega Prayer, and Tim Reaper & the Comfort Zone. Listen to podcast #145 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.


1 Australian Screamo Recycling Plant
FREEZER "wife" (Isaac)
MOUSE FITZGERALD "The Buildabear Group" (Dave)

The Change-Up
GARRY BRENTS "Fortress Breaker" (Dave)

3 2024 Tour and Bok Suna Love
NITRO MEGA PRAYER "Shinjita Sekai" (Shawn)
ISOLATE "clamor against..." (Dave)



Tuesday 13 February 2024

*** ONEWAYMIRROR + GXLLIUM! exclusive song premiere ***

"Let's Make the Most of This"
"If Hector Was a Beaver"
exclusive song premieres

For fans of
Love Lost But Not Forgotten, In Loving Memory.gif from god and Hayworth

orders open February 26th

     If you're in the screamo-know, then you are probably already familiar with west coast bands GXLLIUM! and ONEWAYMIRROR whom each released a debut full length in late 2023, and both of which reached the Daves Best of 2023 list. A mere six weeks ago the bands reached out letting me know they had a new split in the works that would end up on cdr and if Zegema Beach Records wanted to be involved. Without hearing a single second of material I jumped all over it and agreed. A few days back I got the masters and just shit all over my bedroom. Split of year? So far...hell yes. This thing is fucking exceptional, and from two young bands it just makes me ecstatic about the future of screamo.

(2024) ONEWAYMIRROR "Let's Make the Most of This" (from 'Gxllium!' split)
Following up on their sensational debut self-titled 12"LP, Onewaymirror's two songs are an extension of the full length and hit so fucking hard. This is the first of their two and their In Loving Memory and Love Lost But Not Forgotten influences are still apparent, but the band creates a space for themselves with a unique spin on it all, and being as young as they are it's mindboggling to think what might be coming out next. P.S. those last 45 seconds are god-tier.

(2024) GXLLIUM! "If Hector Was a Beaver" (from 'Onewaymirror' split)

Yo what the fuck. This split opener is absolutely bonkers! Jumping from their always fantastic chaotic destruction to their first real melody injection - and it comes in the form of the mad tapper before jumping back into the black hole that is Gxllium!!!! According to the band, this song is about the band's friend Hector losing their house.

Sunday 11 February 2024

*** EMMA GOLDMAN + TREACHERY + ANDROGYNE live show review ***




Live Show Review

Last night I made the trek from Ladysmith to Victoria with my friend and bandmate Branden and had a blast. I went to see EMMA GOLDMAN primarily, as they had sent me studio videos of their upcoming album and I got pretty damn excited at the sound of the new material. They did not disappoint.

Closing out the night and absolutely fucking killing it was my friends in EMMA GOLDMAN. My first BC show was their Demo release show back in 2018 or something. They have grown leaps and bounds, and with Vee moving to vocals and Hayley joining on bass this band is heavier and better than ever. Falling somewhere between Blind Girls and Nuvolascura, this four-piece hits four primary pillars of heavy/techy screamo, danceable portions, glitched-out interludes, and lulling emo/posty sections. Just fucking floored over here.
(2024) EMMA GOLDMAN full set

This band hadn't played a live show in a year and tore that place up. Very violent pit. Thunderous breakdowns. Vicious vocals. They played a new jam but I didn't capture that on film. I did see that guy get slammed into the speaker pole which gave him a pretty bad concussion. Hope that dude went to the hospital and is okay.

Oh shit this what became of GUSH! I spoke with Alexis outside (guitar, also in Jesei) and found that missing link that I was totally unaware of. People dug the shit out of this band and they put on a great set. They land somewhere on the deathy/grind spectrum.

Wednesday 7 February 2024

*** PODCAST #144 Elias Amini (Not Just A Phase) ***

     Elias is a true gem of the screamo scene. Much like Sascha Kie from Twin Cities Screamo, this dude has lived and breathed screamo for the last 20 years although not necessarily participating directly in the music's creation. Working alongside Rob and others at Not Just A Phase as well as doing additional work on the Skrammies, interviews, and articles for other publications. I've been wanting to talk to this encyclopedia for a while so this was very refreshing. Some things discussed: the birth of a piano-driven screamo band with Elias in a sequined dress...The Piano Grapes, the boy-band phase & songs about fuckin', Eyeball Records sampler, Interpunk orders, Circle Takes The Square forever (and their forum), elitist screamo brain, a Pokemon/Magic tangent, joining Not Just A Phase, dream interviews, ditching high school friends that don't listen to screamo, the Captain Planet era, etc. Bands played in this podcast: Brava Spectre, Caught In The Fall, Die Princess Die, Endamori, Mans, and War Crimes. Listen to podcast #144 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.


1 Screamo as a Dream
MANS "Look At What You Did, You Little Jerk" (Elias)
CAUGHT IN THE FALL "Good Luck at the D & D Tournament" (Dave)

Chug Life as a Personality
WAR CRIMES "Salt of Sodom" (Elias)
ENDAMORI "Shredder" (Dave)

3 Hand Grenades as an Interview Style
BRAVA SPECTRE "Cuss Tongue" (Elias)
DIE PRINCESS DIE "Cinatic" (Dave)



Sunday 4 February 2024


For fans ofGxlliam!, Meth., Live Longer Burn Everything, Mercy Ties, My Condolences, Loftus, Fallingwithscissors, Me And Him Call It Us, .gif from god, Infant Island, Dreamwell, and Onewaymirror.
GenresPunk / Hardcore / Metallic Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz / Emo-violence / Grindcore / Noise / Black Metal / Experimental
Related artists?.
CountryPort Huron, Michigan U.S.A.
Years Active2023-present
Label(s): Self released

     This EP was just released and I think fans of this blog will dig it. Heavy screamo, bit o' hardcore, some black metal, and noise. After a jarring introduction the opening track opens up to a chaotic battlefield at around the two-minute mark featuring some insane drumming and a most excellent transition at 2:20, all of which gives me some Gxlliam! and Infant Island 'Sepulcher'-era material. "I Feel Like a Jesse Pinkman Shirt" is next and after a lulling intro goes straight into pummeling mode, reminding me a bit of Dreamwell and Amitie with lightning drums. You can find the slowest stuff and some clean vox on the third jam, which dips more into emo than the heavier songs. "Floccinaucinihicrucification" is full of speed and decimating panic chords that actually brings to mind the almighty Loftus and newer bands like Fallingwithscissors. Closer "Abuse Repression" clocks in at a whopping 6:26 and is arguably the bands' most experimental and all-encompassing track, and with the dark vibe and nightmare sounds it reminds of Meth.. You've also got hilarious song titles such as "The Number Thirteen Looks Like Bob" (after the band The Number Twelve Looks Like You), "I Feel Like a Jesse Pinkman Shirt" (a Breaking Bad reference), and "This Actually Is My First Rodeo" (that's just funny).



2024 - Abuse Regression digital EP (stream/donate/download here)


(2024) ABUSE REPRESSION - "Floccinaucinihicrucification" (from 'Abuse Regression')

(2024) ABUSE REPRESSION - "Abuse Repression" (from 'Abuse Regression')

(2024) ABUSE REPRESSION - "I Feel Like a Jesse Pinkman Shirt" (from 'Abuse Regression')


Thursday 1 February 2024

*** PODCAST #143 Matt Perrin (Horseboy, Big Water, Joust) ***

     I've been following the Kansas City scene quite closely since becoming friends with Bobby Johnson back in oooooooo 2013 or so. Therefore I caught wind of Big Water before their debut EP even came out, snagged a copy of Leg Yield, and have been utterly smitten lately with Horseboy. Matt Perrin plays in all of said bands plus a bunch more, so with the imminent release of the Horseboy EP on cassette I figured it was high time to give that hilarious and awesome dude a call! A coupla things discussed in this podcast: video game soundtrack influences, playing in Vestibule/Bummer/Blue Healer/Big Water/Horseboy/Joust/Leg Yield, navigating the proto internet, computer as a pacifier, the Kansas City Screamo Three Houses era, exclamation points as sassy indicators, "snare go pang" aka team basketball snare, the balance between proficiency and visual entertainment, doll/bad/worst house, bein' weird in Missouri, Big Water was conceived for three reasons and one of them is to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, the secret behind Leg Yield, annoying Capsule, Horseboy as a foal + Kat saving the band + their upcoming cassette on Tomb Tree + upcoming new material, etc. Bands played in this podcast: Capsule, For The Mathematics, Gxllium!, Heavy Vegetable, Jota, and Robotosaurus. Listen to podcast #143 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.


1 The Christian Metalcore Door
ROBOTOSAURUS "Party Sick" (Matt)
GXLLIUM! "Taking Mary's Virginity" (Dave)

Robert Johnson & KC's Perpetual Rebirth
FOR THE MATHEMATICS "redlightexitsignpastiche" (Dave)

3 Horseboy For President
CAPSULE "Ferox" (Matt)
JOTA "Dyspnea" (Dave)



Sunday 28 January 2024

*** VOLP exclusive song premiere ***

"razor mind"
exclusive song premiere
For fans ofEngineer, The Minor Times, TelosHorsewhip, Anna Sage, I Am A Curse, Trainwreck, and Ken Mode

     A few months ago I was sent the debut album from Paris, France's VOLP. I'd never heard of them, but they released an EP back in 2021 that I totally missed, but you can bet your ass I immediately snagged it after hearing how absolutely fantastic the upcoming 'Vortex' cassette/cd LP that drops February 6th, 2024 on Tomb Tree and Out Of Thunes Records. This band features members of The Informers, Retsar Baînaim, Homeboys, Napoleon Solo, Black Shabbat, Monsieur Po, Calcine, Nordkaap, SaaR, Bain De Sang and plays seriously dark, metallic, semi-mathy hardcore that I feel like is a ridiculously amazing cross of Engineer, Horsewhip, and Ken Mode. Today I'm premiering the closing jam and absolute beast that is "razor mind", and make sure to return on the 6th when this behemoth begins its official rampage. Sounds like the band is also cooking up at least one, if not more, music videos!

(2024) VOLP "razor mind" (from 'Vortex')

     Like many of the songs on this 8-song full length (approx. 30 minutes in total) the song doesn't have any soft parts, there are no interludes, zero cleans, nada noodle soup - this thing is abrasive, potent, violent, and unrelenting. It's also the longest song on the record by over a minute, clocking in at 5:14 with every single second being worth your time. After a short feedback/lulling intro the song goes full tilt around the 45-second mark, an utter barrage of symphonized noise complete with truly venomous vocals and adrenaline-soaked riffage and breakdowns. An obvious initial comparison is the new Horsewhip album but if you dug the destruction of The Minor Times and Engineer back in the day you'll fucking love this shit. By its midsection there's a slower passage that gets downright evil before hurtling itself down an infinite hill again which is where the climax of the song truly builds and eventually unravels much like Ken Mode has been doing for decades. God-fuckin'-damn that's a good time.


Thursday 25 January 2024


For fans ofCelebration, Gxlliam!, Canyons, Leg Yield, Graf Orlock, Nerver, Pretty Mouth, and Big Water.
GenresPunk / Hardcore / Metal / Screamo / Skramz / Emo-violence / Powerviolence / Grindcore
Related artists: AGENT, Any Kind Of Cleaning Supply, Big Water, Bluehealer, Bummer, Con College, Gridlock, Leg Yield, Pear'n, The Deacons, VestibuleHorseboy, Iwakura, Joust, Product LustBlack Pope, Byrgeau Noil, Lushing, Tall BoysAbandoncy, and Riala.
CountryIndependence/Kansas City, Missouri U.S.A.
Years Active2022-present
Label(s): Self Released

     Preceding my podcast with Matt Perrin is the band he told me about during said cast, MISSOURI EXECUTIVE ORDER 44. I checked them out after we concluded and instantly fell in love with this slab of Missouri-drenched goodness.

     Featuring members from a ton of sick bands, the conglomerate ends up being very reminiscent of early Nerver material when they went under the name Celebration. The six tracks that comprise 'Seventeen Dead in Caldwell County' mix noise rock and emo-violence with that dank and dirty KC-style that has dominated the scene for years through bands like Canyons, Big Water, and the aforementioned Celebration. The music is heavy, sludgy, knows when to lay down breakdowns with panic chords, short, dirty, and anxiety-inducing.

     Their debut EP opens with a track that sounds like a fuckin' demon's sermon and leads beautifully into the banger that is "Fuckin' Boggs" that hangs on to reality by a thread, and ending in just 36 seconds after a massive breakdown. My personal favourite "Bonnie Lonnie Lauralie" follows and is a dissonant romp with enough speed and ferocity to make it truly frightening. "Crooked River" is a noise track followed by "F.L.D.S." and "Root Beer", both of which slap and have music videos embedded below for you to check out, the latter of which ends with some hilarious repetitive shouts of "somebody get me a fucking root beer!".

     I don't know what's coming next for this band but I'm fucking stoked on it already!



2023 - Seventeen Dead in Caldwell County cd/cassette EP (stream/buy here)


(2023) MISSOURI EXECUTIVE ORDER 44 - "Bonnie Lonnie Lauralie" (from 'Seventeen Dead in Caldwell County')

(2023) MISSOURI EXECUTIVE ORDER 44 - "F.L.D.S." (from 'Seventeen Dead in Caldwell County') [official music video]

(2023) MISSOURI EXECUTIVE ORDER 44 - "Root Beer" (from 'Seventeen Dead in Caldwell County') [official music video]


Friday 19 January 2024

*** PODCAST #142 For The Mathematics ***

     In early 2005 I discovered FOR THE MATHEMATICS, a five-piece sassy rock/post-hardcore band out of Ottawa. I picked up 'The New Science' and jammed it incessantly. Then my girlfriend at the time (now wife) and made the 4-hour trek to see them play, where they killed it. I rabidly picked up the next EP demo and a year later 'We Impend' was released on Year Of The Sun Records. Two years after that they broke up and Robb's next band Higher Rites released an album with some leftover/reworked FTM jams. In the 16 years that have followed I have never stopped jamming these two EPs, for they are fucking incredible. After a few years of chasing the band around I finally was able to sit down with vocalist/guitarist Robb and bassist Albert to discuss the band's history and possible future, as well as: Zaphod Beeblebrox & the Ottawa scene, an avalanche of compliments, Robb's writing framework, the Faraday to For The Mathematics bridge, factors of influence/discovery, music bombardment, restraining the unrestrainable, low budget music videos, FTM keggers & the 5-minute keyboardist, ravenous youth & the East Coast, too many drummers, Alberto leaving the band, doing their 'In Utero', being in a Horse The Band pit during "Cutsman", the 20th anniversary, etc. Bands played in this podcast: Girl Arm, Horseboy, Nation Of Language, Self, Sufjan Stevens, and Tropical Fuck Storm. Listen to podcast #142 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.

      Some additional band member information! Clay was in Jetplanes of Abraham for a while before Higher Rites. Robb was in the band for about 5 minutes but was testing out a draft of 'We Impend' on them and realized it needed to go to For The Mathematics. They were pretty popular in town for a while before breaking up. Liam was in The Balconies for a good while. These guys were on Warner, and probably the biggest band that members have been affiliated with in some capacity. James (FTM drummer #2) and Robb are in The Pale Light right now. Their second album 'Leviathan' sounds closer to For The Mathematics than their first, 'Future Eaters'.


1 I Don't Know If You Know How Awesome You Were and the Full Body Blush
~no music

Low Budget Music Videos are the Best
TROPICAL FUCK STORM "You Let My Tyres Down" (Robb) [official music video]
SELF "Cannon" (Albert) [official music video]
GIRL ARM "Jetsons" (Dave) [official music video]

3 Four Drummers and Picking Up the Pieces
NATION OF LANGUAGE "The Wall & I" (Robb) [official music video]

4 East Coast Old Man Energy
SUFJAN STEVENS "Jacksonville (live at Austin City Limits)" (Albert) [official music video]
"Vicious Mockery" (Dave)



Thursday 18 January 2024

Ива (aka EEVA)

BandИва (aka EEVA)
For fans ofVS Self, Raein, D'Amore, La Quiete, Rutka Laskier, Alas, and The Exploration.
GenresPunk / Post-Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz
Related artists: Le Desespoir and He Called Himself Jesus.
CountryMoscow RUSSIA
Years Active2009-present
Label(s): Self Released

     Ива has been around for awhile with a variety of different work. The primary reason I'm posting this today is because Moscow "post-hardcore" band began with a sick screamo-esque debut which has since been taken down from the band's socials. The newer material is much more subdued and less playful, which is why I won't bother covering that here.

     I'm just here for the self-titled 'Ива'. Consisting of seven short jams generally hovering around the minute-and-a-half mark, the band weaves intricate patterns mixing gorgeous noodles with barely distorted guitars and minimal heavyness. The vocals are shouted to the point where they break into screams, but this is more like later La Quiete and Raein material where the emphasis is on the mood of the music, and the vocals are more of an afterthought (as well as less screamy). If you dig these jams you should at least look into their later material, but I'm pretty sure there were member changes that resulted in a pretty quick shift out of this style.



2010 - Ива cdEP (download here)


(2010) Ива - "3" (from 'Ива')

(2010) Ива - "7" (from 'Ива')

(2010) Ива - "6" (from 'Ива')


Monday 8 January 2024


For fans ofAux.Aura, Us Haunted Bodies, Linger, Hallam Foe, Ihuntmonsters, The Great Redneck Hope, (early) Curl Up And Die, Tyranny Of Shaw, Advocate, Dear Diary This Is A Letter From My Teenage Angst To My Adult Self, (early) SeeYouSpaceCowboy, and Long.Way.Down.
GenresPunk / Hardcore / Metallic Hardcore / Screamo / Skramz / Emo-violence
Related artists?.
Years Active2023-present
Label(s): Self Released

     The two quick releases in 2023 from MAYTH caught my attention before I even listened, for it said it was "emo-violence from Malaysia" so naturally if you don't check that out immediately you aren't really in the know about screamo, are you? Elitism aside, this solo project released four songs this year that blew my socks off.

     Starting with a fantastic short three-song EP 'greater transmission risk', these tracks blow by as each jam is less than a minute long. Venomous vocals (almost black metal in delivery) amidst chaotic hardcore and those wonderful emo-violence octaves, describing it any further seems silly given how short the tracks are. Just a month later 'mayth' was released that houses the single track titled "confusion". This track is almost as long as the entire EP that precedes it, and brings to mind the more metallic hardcore being kicked around in the early 2000s, namely Advocate and Tyranny Of Shaw.

     According to their Bandcamp page, there will be a full length dropping this March! Hella stoked on that.



2023 - greater transmission risk digital single (stream/donate/download here)
2023 - mayth digital EP (stream/donate/download here)


(2023) MAYTH - "iv" (from 'greater transmission risk')

(2023) MAYTH - "ii" (from 'greater transmission risk')

(2023) MAYTH - "confusion" (from 'mayth')


MAYTH additional links


Friday 5 January 2024

*** PODCAST #141 Kyle (VS Self, Self Versed Records) ***

     VS SELF has been blowing up for a minute, and their cross between Two Knights emo and D'Amore screamo piqued my interest and then some. I had the pleasure of chatting with Kyle (guitar/vox) of the band who also runs Self Versed Records. A few things discussed: Gayt (Kyle's new band), covering up profanity in the car, drunk does not equal punk, overcoming struggles and the rebirth, a Reptilian tangent, The Badlands show turning point, accumulated factors of success, losing of a member/gaining a member, TikTok talk, living the dream and being in constant awe, VS Self's 2024, go to all the screamo shows in San Diego and L.A., etc. Bands played in this podcast: Boyfriends, Cassels, Cenobite, D'Amore, Dakota Dakota, and Icrywhenispeak. Listen to podcast #141 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.



Zegema Beach Records 'halfsies' tapes (/40)
Goes live Jan 6th @9am PST / 11am CST / 12pm EST

1 Too Much Screamo?
CENOBITE "Chambers" (Kyle)
D'AMORE "Your Signature is Just a Poorly Written Name" (Dave)

2 Rebirth Out of the Ashes Like a Goddamned Phoenix
BOYFRIENDS "real serious shit" (Kyle)
CASSELS "Charlie Goes Skiing" (Dave) [official music video]

3 The Screamo Way to Say It Is "kuh-new-me-are-say"
ICRYWHENISPEAK "Cerulean Tears" (Kyle)
DAKOTA DAKOTA "Hamburger Help Us" (Dave)



Gayt video

Wednesday 3 January 2024


For fans ofPiri Reis, Onewaymirror, Daighila, Tristan Tzara, Aster, Utarid, Orbit Cinta Benjamin, Piet Onthel, Mortar, and Amu Daria.
GenresPunk / Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz / Emo-violence
Related artistsAmu Daria.
CountryKlang MALAYSIA
Years Active2023-present
Label(s): Self Released

      ÂME MORTE...what the fuck? This is easily one of the best demos of 2023. Cathartic emo-violence littered with beauty. Four songs, all fantastic, all short, and in the vein of Piri Reis. Honestly I don't need to say anything more about this, as the EP is so short you might as well get ravaged and love every minute of it, instead of reading this bullshit.



2023 - Demo digital EP (stream/donate/download here)


(2023) ÂME MORTE. - "iii" (from 'Demo')

(2023) ÂME MORTE. - "iv" (from 'Demo')

(2023) ÂME MORTE. - "i" (from 'Demo')