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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Screamo / Skramz / Emo-violence
Related artistsOppenheimer Limit.
Years Active2009-2011
Song: "The Blind Overture"
Album: "Todos Caerán split"
Year: 2011
For fans ofOrchid, UtaridSeyarse, Caitlyn Bailey, The Monaco Heartattack, C'Est Eureka!, Perfect Blue, Mališa Bahat, Louise Cyphre, The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra, Tröpical Ice Land, Loftus, Delos, Textbook Traitors, Means To An End, Craneo, Virginia On Duty, The Ultimate Screamo Band, Cassus, Am I Dead Yet?Маяк, Mariesena, Sometimes Walking, Sometimes Running and Caught In The Fall aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Self Released / Dog Knights Productions / Young Voices Records / Chucky The Rat Records / Daniil Kharms Distro / Имхопанг / Revive Distro / Sad Records / Romantic Songs Records
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I feel like I've been sitting on GUMILINSKI for more than five years, so instead of continuing to stick my ass in their face I figured I should stand up and give them a proper listen. Boy am I glad that I did, cuz this stuff is awesome.

Falling somewhere between Euro screamo and German/Malaysian emo-violence, I first heard them through their Todos Caerán split 7" on Dog Knights. I remembered them being very shrieky emo-violence, but upon further investigation that is a bit of a pigeonhole, as they do manage to do some interesting things that will surely keep your attention, and their discography is more than worth your time.

Upon completing their discography I began jamming from first to last, as is the only proper way to go through a discography. It begins in 2009 with their 'Gumilinski' cdrEP, an excellent five-track introduction clocking in at only a fraction over seven minutes. The vocals are screamy but lower on the spectrum, kinda like Orchid meets Acme. Only opener "La Primavera" eclipses the two-minute mark, with all tracks emanating dark, cavernous screamo ala Caitlyn Bailey, Delos and Mališa Bahat. That same year they also released a single song titled "The Physical Impossibility Of Death In The Mind Of Someone Living" on a split floppy disk (two, actually). This track bides its time until the halfway mark and then lets loose with an onslaught of ridiculous drumming and frantic guitars, and by the time the one-minute mark hits that breakdown will end you.

The following year the band released five new songs on a '3-Way split w/CN Roundhouse Kick / Топограф! Землемер'. After a brief 17-second introduction titled "00", GUMILINSKI wastes no time in tearing shit up with "Untitled", a chaotic emo-violence clinic. "The Actor and His Role" slows things down a tad but don't think it's any less destructive, as that second half is ballistic. Closer "I Gave a Heart You Gave the Road" is another very good jam, but it's "The Great Fire Illusion" that takes the cake as the best GUMILINSKI song I've ever heard. The second half is prodigious and brings to mind the more epic Orchid material such as "And The Cat Turned To Smoke" as well as "Epilogue to a Car Crash".

Their final year of output was 2011, which saw the release of their aforementioned 7 'split w/Todos Caerán' which ended up on the compilation cdr titled 'Kitsch'. The split houses four excellent songs which are probably my favourite of the band's collection, and saw the band taking the emo-violence route to a much denser degree with even better guitar tones. "The Blind Opera Overture" is an excellent start, bringing to mind Tröpical Ice Land, Seyarse and Delos and weighing in at nearly two-and-a-half minutes. "La Guerra" is next and is much harsher and chaotic than its predecessor, especially the final 30 seconds. "Yes We Know That There Is Such Band As The Cardigans But We Actually Don't Know From What Wagon They Are" is another quick, minute-and-a-half romp before the finale/bonus track "Life Walks in Beauty" straddles an interesting tightrope between Shotmaker worship and Orchid, which is a mighty fine act, I must say. The 'Kitsch' compilation includes the split songs as well as three unreleased tracks that are all fire. "Catch-22" is 3:35 in length, making it the longest GUMILINSKI jam, and it has a serious Textbook Traitors (the chaotic parts) meets Italian screamo vibe (spoken/yelled vocals) going on. "Her Monotonous Space" is an eerie/tranquil piano song, while "Homemade Diabolism" is incredibly powerful, taking more of a post-hardcore approach instead of emo-violence, and man oh man does that first minute have some serious weight to it. The song dips in the middle during an ambient/noise interlude that builds on itself until 1:50 when shit goes bananas and those pummeling drums take hold. And that screaming...ooooo baby that's some good screaming.

So there you are. I finally, really did it. And I am very glad to have taken the time to. Cuz this shit is killer.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2009 - Gumilinski cdrEP
2009 - Thomas Saves The Day split 2xFloppy Disk

2010 - 3-Way split mini cd (w/CN Roundhouse Kick / Топограф! Землемер)

2011 - Kitsch cdrLP
2011 - Todos Caerán split 7"EP


(2011) GUMILINSKI - "Homemade Diabolism" (from 'Kitsch')

(2011) GUMILINSKI - "Catch-22" (from 'Kitsch')

(2011) GUMILINSKI - "La Guerra" (from 'Todos Caerán' split)

(2011) GUMILINSKI - "Life Walks in Beauty" (from 'Todos Caerán' split)

(2010) GUMILINSKI - "The Great Fire Illusion" (from '3-Way' split)

(2009) GUMILINSKI - "The Physical Impossibility Of Death In The Mind Of Someone Living" (from 'Thomas Saves The Day' split)

(2009) GUMILINSKI - "Sunshine Dust" (from 'Gumilinski')

(2009) GUMILINSKI - "Loveless Mum" (from 'Gumilinski')


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  1. Ah, German/Malaysian emo-violence. Pretty good, but I happen to prefer Bulgarian/Laotian goregrind myself.