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***LKTDOV discography premiere***

BandLKTDOV aka The Last Kiss To Die Of Visceroth
GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Post-Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz / Ambient / Atmospheric / Post-Metal / Sludge / Experimental
Related artists: Last Kiss Good Night, To Die, Lord Of ViscerothDeadly WeaponWicked Suffer, Anggisluka, Maur, Energy Nuclear, Goddess of Fate, Sri Plecit, Summer In Vienna, This Heart, Wound, Cloudburst and Dirty Light.
CountryYogyakarta INDONESIA
Years Active2008-present
Song: "Behold, A Shattered Enchantment"
Album: "LKTDOV"
Year: 2018
For fans ofVia Fondo, Eucalypt, Archives, La Quiete, Raein, State Faults, Majorel, Trachimbrod, Viva Belgrado, Mogwai, Godspeed, You! Black Emperor, Respire, Tel Fyr, Marnost, Mono, 124C41+, Amber Daylight, Deers!, RainingAngel EyesStandstill, La Parade, Karloff, Shizune, The Rabbit Theory, Fiesta Bizarra, Young Mountain and Suis La Lune aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Self Released / Zegema Beach Records / Tomat Records / Samstrong Records / Relamati Records / Utarid Tapes / Sail Boat Records / Optical Records / Rizkan Records
This post's artist is from the August 2018 Mix. This is track #8.
You can download: the August 2018 Mix#8 right here or get the new September 2018 Mix#9 here.

Okay so this will be a pretty big, important and news-worthy post. Not only do we have a discography review and links, but this is the LKTDOV discography download premiere of their entire out of print catalogue dating back to their first 2009 release (there are 10 releases in the download). The band was kind enough to send me the files and also gave me permission to share all of these very obscure recordings (which you can download here). And not only that...but I have some news. As one of the bands not previously mentioned on the Envy tribute comp had to drop off due to member changes so...

the almighty LKTDOV will be appearing on the:
Envy 12" tribute compilation!!!

This thing will release late 2018 on Zegema Beach Records and will also feature tracks from:

Now that that is out of the way, why not go ahead and download the full LKTDOV digital discography if you haven't already, right here. Okay? Okay. So let's begin.

Forming in 2008 and first releasing in 2009, their first contribution is a 14-minute live recording called "The Art of Losing" that appeared on a '5-way split w/Corruptshit, DE, Reason & Primate'. It's a feedback drenched, jammy, sludgy, post-metal tune with some hardcore leanings and some deeper growling. The sound is so buried in feedback that it can actually drown out the music, causing a bit of an issue at times. The swell and break just after six minutes and the epic, final two are the highlights for me. Simply put, this is literally the earliest incarnation of LKTDOV so it doesn't really sound like their later stuff, it's much more raw, metal-based and gritty.

In 2010 they released another split, this time a 3-way with 'Spritz & Cancel Cancel', including the 22-minute opus "Losing Your Faith". With much better production than their debut, the first three minutes are buried in a lone, distant guitar riff which is eventually met with drums and bass in a steady trek upwards. Again, this is slower, sludgy and very post-metal/ambient in its construction and deployment, sounding very little like their later material and a hell of a lot more like Isis, although that climax at 15 minutes is pretty sick and much more screamy hardcore.

The next year LKTDOV recorded a 'Rehearsal Demo' cdr housing four tracks, half of which were rerecorded for later releases. Here lies the demo for "Into the Gloomy World", a sick track called "Blackened Skramz (Rehearsal)" as well as two "Rehearsal" tracks. In all honesty, this might be the best LKTDOV release with the exception of the new 7", as the two screamo tracks on here are beyond ace. The opener is a nice piano interlude and "Rehearsal 1" is a beautiful Mono-esque post-rock track complete with additional instrumentation and lush atmosphere that includes vocals after the four-minute mark. "Rehearsal 2" is the first song that resembles newer LKTDOV as it's a fast-paced, screamy hardcore song with a fair amount of post-hardcore leanings, including a nice, melodic guitar layered over the chaotic opening and a slowdown during its midsection before barreling through to the close. Seriously this song is fucking ace and I'm gutted that there isn't a proper, recorded version cuz it reminds me of a driving and intense take on Amber Daybreak and Youth Novel. Closer "Blackened Skramz" is another good song, this time utilizing dual vocals amidst a mesmerizing guitar looming in space, giving the musical melee some perspective.

Following this sick step in a new direction came the 2012 'Demo'. Sure, it's pretty lo-fi but it's a cool release, even if inferior to the 'Rehearsal Demos', from a screamo point of view, at least. Opener and rerecorded "Into the Gloomy World" is a much better sounding two-minute instrumental piano track that leads into "As They Stabbed The Light Off The Sphere", which diddles around for a minute and a half before getting nutty and the screams pour forth, sounding like a mixture of Australia's Eucalpyt and New Zealand's Raining, and it's without a doubt my favourite from this release. "Those Moments When You Are Drowned In Alone" is quite similar in its approach as it begins quiet and gets louder as it progresses, but it's much more of a post-hardcore song with screaming instead of the aforementioned screamo track.

In 2013 LKTDOV released a tape, I think, and definitely a digital release for 'Kala Pati Kala Lupa' that included an "extended version" with a video titled "Losing My Faith Live at Garasi Kinoki". This is labeled as the sixth track but I see no track five, so I dunno if there's a missing track or not. This was the first release with shortened LKTDOV as the band name, instead of the previously used LAST KISS TO DIE OF VISCEROTH and is a compilation of their four early tracks. The first song, "Losing Your Faith" is a much better recorded version of the same song from the 2010 split, still 22 minutes in length, dark, brooding and ambient/post-metal in nature. "Life Love Regret (Live at Magnetic RIND)" is nearly 19 minutes of swirling, spacey, atmospheric and screamy post-hardcore not unlike 124C41+ and Angel Eyes. "The Art of Losing" is here also, again sounding much clearer and in the end it's a much more enjoyable listen, even at 25 minutes! I can certainly see why the band opted not to bother posting the older versions because compared to the newer ones they are vastly inferior. Closer "Gloom Rehearsal" is "Rehearsal 1", I do believe.

The same year they self released a tape 'split w/Paris In The Making', housing two tracks of Elven post-rock. "Welcome To Another World" is a web of subtle guitar plucks layered over one another while "Is It a Dream Within a Dream" is a piano/spoken word-track that shifts gears to their first real, clean, screamo section at 1:25, giving it a very big Standstill feel.

The last release in 2013 was their readily available self titled cassette EP 'LKTDOV'. It features three songs on the A side and another song on the B side that is not up on the internet. The first two tracks are rerecorded but very similar to the versions that appeared on the 'Paris In The Making split', namely "Welcome to Another World" and "Is It a Dream Within a Dream?" but the third song, "Parting Away From You" is new and it is a lengthy, sprawling and very post-rock tune with a slight switch to screamo at 3:25, as is their general structure at this point, aka ambient intro and screamo/post-hardcore second half. They were really starting to hammer the nail home, and with "Perspective Denied (Rehearsal)" they really sink their teeth into the driving, epic screamo that they first dabbled in on 'Rehearsal Demo' and hopefully appears on more future releases.

In 2014 they released a cassette 'split w/Anggisluka', again including previously released tracks with new recordings, this time the A side from their self titled EP from the previous I don't feel the need to write more about it. In fact, these songs end up again on the band's 2015 release, which is a compendium of sorts, compiling different versions of previously released songs as well as a few new bangers, rounding it out as a compilation LP. "All We Have Left is a Memory of Yesterday" is a cool, short and very European screamo jam, while "Sweet is the Night-air!" is the same but even more driving and perhaps reminiscent of bands like Shizune. "The Smile That Came Later Was To Disguise Our Pain" is much more post-hardcore and features a primary guitar progression as well as some pretty sick drumming. "These Lustreless Eyes" follows the same path as the previous three tunes while the last new track is titled "Joy... Lie... Nor Desire" and it is a very subdued, emo song with a lot of subtle singing.

Earlier this year, also known earlier in 2018, LKTDOV released a new 7" that incorporates all of their styles. Opener "Crimson Waves Upon Tangerine Skies" sounds kind of like the title, as I imagine a lush, fiery sunset over the ocean. Comparisons to Godspeed, You! Black Emperor and Mogwai are probably warranted. "Risau! A Reqieum of Fetid Nerve Souls" lies somewhere in between the two, straddling both a hint of screamo on one end and post-rock/post-hardcore on the other. It's much more playful and positive than "Behold" and perhaps bears some resemblance to Peru's sick screamo band Fiesta Bizarra. But it's the closer "Behold, A Shattered Enchantment" that was the first thing I heard from the band and it may forever be my ultimate, quintessential and favourite LKTDOV song. Opening in full, running strides, the driving nature of the drums and bass are complimented perfectly by a simplistic but ridiculously sharp hook layered over a chorded European guitar progression. The vocals are screamed soon after and take the song to a fantastic level of danceable screamo. At 1:54 the song cycles back around and applies additional notes to the initial guitar hook, and when the vocals meet back up at 2:17 you are officially hearing one of the highlights of 2018, no doubt about it. If you are a fan of the recently deceased Suis La Lune or Sweden's still active Via Fondo or Trachimbrod you will likely be absolutely smitten by this song, which also has a hypnotic music video which I've linked here.

I find it very interesting that some of my favourite LKTDOV songs are rehearsal demos (three of them, to be exact) so I really hope they do more of the screamo stuff along with the sensational new stuff like "Behold, A Shattered Enchantment". Let's see what happens next!

Here is a short history of the band that Indra sent me:
LKTDOV aka LastKissToDieOfVisceroth was started in 2008 as our side project band since we already had our own main bands. The name itself is a mix of our bands: Last Kiss Good Night, To Die and Lord Of Visceroth. After that we had so many line up changed with members coming from other bands such as Warmouth, Wound, Deadly Weapon, Cloudburst, Sri Plecit, Goddess of Fate, Wicked Suffer, Dirty Light etc.

At first our main idea with the band was to play one long song for each gig where we improvised with only one musical note. Think about post metal music, but more boring, and to make our audience bored was our main goal. Then we decided to switch our music to 90s screamo induced post-rock. Some kids on the internet cited us as one of the first real screamo band in Indonesia, we don't know if it's true or not, thanks anyway hahaha.

We did several gigs, recorded some singles and released a 5-way split CD-R with Corrupshit-DE-Reason-Primate in 2009 and a 3-way split CD-R with Cancel cancel (Singapore) and Spritz!!! (Malaysia) in 2010. Some of our songs also appeared on some compilation projects. In 2013 we put everything we released on a discography of our early years titled 'Kala Pati Kala Lupa' as a digital download at Stoneage Records & Pati Rasa Records. After that we shortened the band name into LKTDOV and we have kept it active since.

Our current (2018) members are: Indra Menus (vocal), Okta (bass), Bogex (drum), Wisang (guitar), Made Dharma (guitar)



2009 - 5-way split w/CorruptshitDEReason & Primate cdrEP

2010 - 3-way split w/Spritz & Cancel Cancel cdrEP

2011 - Rehearsal Demos cdrEP

2012 - Demo cassetteEP

2013 - Kala Pati Kala Lupa cassette/digitalEP
2013 - Paris In The Making split cassetteEP (stream here)
2013 - LKTDOV cassetteEP (stream/buy here)
2013 - Tunnel To The Underground Vol.3 comp (contributed "Is It A Dream Within A Dream")

2014 - Anggisluka split cassetteEP

2015 - All we have left is a memory of yesterday cd/cassetteLP (stream some here)

2018 - LKTDOV 7"EP (buy here)
2018- Envy tribute compilation 12"LP


(2018) LKTDOV - "Behold, A Shattered Enchantment" (from 'LKTDOV') official music video

(2018) LKTDOV - "Risau! A Reqieum of Fetid Nerve Souls" (from 'LKTDOV')

(2018) LKTDOV - "Behold, A Shattered Enchantment" live video

(2015) LKTDOV - "Sweet is the Night-air!" (from 'All We Have Left is a Memory of Yesterday')

(2015) LKTDOV - "All We Have Left is a Memory of Yesterday" (from 'All We Have Left is a Memory of Yesterday')

(2013) LKTDOV - "Perspective Denied (Rehearsal)" (from 'LKTDOV')

(2013) LKTDOV - "Is It a Dream Within a Dream" (from 'Paris In The Making' split)

(2012) LKTDOV - "As They Stabbed the Light Off the Sphere" (from 'Demo')

(2011) LKTDOV - "Rehearsal 2" (from 'Rehearsal Demo')

(2011) LKTDOV - "Blackened Skramz" (from 'Rehearsal Demo')


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