Wednesday 31 May 2023

*** EXCRUCIS exclusive song premiere ***

"One Must Make A Living"
exclusive song premiere

For fans ofBlind Girls, Dianacrawls, I Hate SexThese Arms Are Snakes, and Oathbreaker

orders open June 30th, 2023 at 9am PST

     Born from the ashes of Chicago bands such as Nouveau and Not For You, EXCRUCIS sent me their demo recordings a few months back and I was stoked. After hearing the masters and gettin' these tapes ordered for Tomb Tree I became ecstatic. Ecstatic for Excucis? Yep. This four-piece plays simultaneously destructive and dancey hardcore/screamo (not unlike Dianacrawls) with a lot of variety and jarring transitions (not unlike These Arms Are Snakes). Their 9-song, self-titled album comes out on June 30th via Tomb Tree and it's fucking great. You can jam the opener below...and what an opener!!!

(2023) EXCRUCIS "One Must Make A Living" (from 'Excrucis')

     Clocking in at 1:28, "One Must Make A Living" wastes little-to-no time in capturing the listener's attention in the way jarring thunder is both terrifying and wonderful. Feedback leads into a bass wallop and Linda's incredible shrieking. So, after seeing Linda in Not For You I knew they'd be a sick screamo vocalist...but holy shit did they seriously exceed my expectations! The wild, torn cries flip between ear-shattering screams and sassy spoken word with some slight crooning. There's also very cool guitar progressions and the drums are fucking commanding, and that doesn't just go for this track, the entire EP sounds like this. June 30th, baby!!!


Not For You playing in Hamilton 2016

Nouveau playing in Hamilton 2016

Thursday 25 May 2023

*** PODCAST #115 Olth ***

     As soon as I heard the upcoming OLTH album 'Every Day is Someone's Special Day' I knew it was something special. And with repeat listens came an even further appreciation for the absolute chaos and visceral bombshell that is their sound. After jumping at the chance to release their debut on cassette, I asked Danny (guitar) and Sean (vocals/lyrics) to have a chat with me. We discussed their upcoming release on June 1st, 2023 via Zegema Beach Records as well as: the best and worst of The Grateful Dead, getting into screamo, the Loma Prieta legacy, the poppiest of screamy bands, lyrical themes for 'Every Day is Someone's Special Day', the band's favourite OLTH songs, hearing Elliot Smith for the first time, better than Alexisonfire, new OLTH, collaborative music and breaking out of habits,  etc. Bands played in this podcast: Elliot Smith, In Reverent Fear, Infester, Loma Prieta, Senses Fail, and Stuntman. Listen to podcast #115 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.


music video for "screamO sucks"

1 Birthing Screamo at the Grateful Dead Show
INFESTER "Darkness Unveiled" (Sean)
STUNTMAN "The Scourge" (Dave)

2 Olth Chisels a Statue
LOMA PRIETA "David Fung" (Danny)
SENSES FAIL "Bite to Break Skin" (Sean)

3 What the Hell are Those Vocals?
ELLIOT SMITH "Tomorrow Tomorrow" (Danny)
IN REVERENT FEAR "Bright Eyes Under the Blue Night Skies" (Dave)

4 Nolth Lights Everyone On Fire
~ no music


live video



Tuesday 23 May 2023

*** SICKLE EATER exclusive premiere ***

"When Words Skew A Shattered Frame"
exclusive song premiere
For fans of
Blue Noise, Deafheaven and Life


orders open May 29th, 2023

     I'd never heard of SICKLE EATER until I was sent this 'Coldworld' 3-Way split to release on cassette via Tomb Tree. Regular player My Hair Is A Rat's Nest was the catalyst for this split, and Outside Observer closes out the b-side with a 15+ minute journey. Today's premiere is for the shortest of the songs and clocks in at six-and-change of most excellent screamo/black-metal gold, titled "When Words Skew A Shattered Frame" and performed by the incredible SICKLE EATER, who I am now enamored with and eagerly anticipating more material from. The full release comes out May 29th on 34 cassettes.

(2023) SICKLE EATER "When Words Skew A Shattered Frame" (from 'Coldworld' 3-way split)

     Following a brief/spooky introduction the songs shifts into blown-out screamo with searing vocals and wonderful guitar leads. At the one-minute mark the song shifts into early Alexisonfire territory with a chuggy, atmospheric, and jarring section is the precursor to more Blue Noise/early Deafheaven black metal/screamo. There's a near-silent break around the four-minute that is not the ending! The song swings back into epic clarity about 20 seconds later and takes on a bit of a post-rock feel that even include some clean vocals. The swirling beauty present in the chaos is absolutely wonderful, and although this is slightly lo-fi it in no way diminishes how awesome it is, as there is lo-fi and shit-fi, and this is the former.

Monday 1 May 2023

*** PERFUMED SATURNINE ANGELS exclusive song premiere ***

"Hope is Draining"
exclusive song premiere
For fans ofUnited Nations, Cara Neir, Envy, Our Future Is An Absolute Shadow and PG.99

     Today's premiere is for a project I was asked to do vocals in. So I won't say much about it as I'm biased as fuck. PERFUMED SATURNINE ANGELS features instrumentals from Garry Brents (Cara Neir, Gonemage, Memorrhage, etc. and David Norman on vocals/lyrics (Our Future Is An Absolute Shadow, Apostles Of Eris, Mrtex, etc.) with a guest appearance by Ivan Belcic on vocals (Kosmogyr). The full length releases on 75 cassette (50 UV printed/25 swirled) via Zegema Beach Records and Santapogue Media on May 22nd, 2023.

Garry had this to say about the inception of the project:
Perfumed Saturnine Angels was an idea initiated by Brandon Nurick (RIP), when asking me if I wanted to ever make a screamo project in the vein of PG.99 and early Envy with him as the vocalist and me on instruments, especially after knowing me for many years as he was one of the biggest fans of Cara Neir. I was glad to say yes and started writing and recording material for it a few months later. The lyrical intent was to pour out his soul on the battle with addiction. On a deeply personal level and relatable level with goals in mind to help others through not only this album but his passion for covering music online and through zines. 

Unfortunately, Brandon passed in the Fall of 2022 not long after I finished the instrumentation of the album. So this album’s mission immediately shifted into being a body of work in dedication to him and his original vision, seeing it through to completion with Dave Norman on the mic and a guest vocal appearance from Ivan Belcic.

(2023) PERFUMED SATURNINE ANGELS "Hope is Draining" (from 'Saccharine Curses Exhaled in the Wind')
     This is the 7th of 9 tracks and lyrically deals with the two main characters exiting a cave with their hands fused together. As they find themselves lost in a sea of white, they turn back and fall into their black holes. Musically it vibes as one of the heavier and shorter tracks, ditching the ambient breaks and spoken word for dancey screamo, metallic hardcore, breakdowns, and some righteous slappin' of the bass.