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GenresPunk / Rock / Math-Rock / Post-Hardcore / Experimental
Related artistsGirl Arm.
CountryMontreal, Quebec CANADA
Years Active2008-2010
Song: "this is water"
Album: "foxholes and atheists and so forth"
Year: 2010
For fans ofAt The Drive In, Moneen, Girl Arm, Native, North Of America, La Dispute, Campbell Trio, Atsuko Chiba, Tera Melos, Worst Gift, Life In Vacuum, Hercules Hercules, Encrypt Manuscript and The Paper Chase.
Label(s): Self Released
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HEY PREDATOR! completely flew under my radar until my friends in Girl Arm informed me that I would probably like their old guessed it, HEY PREDATOR! And in addition to my love for this band, my four-year old son Lucas is presently obsessed with them. They played an exceptional merry-go-round of sassy indie/math/noise rock and post-hardcore which was honed on their next band's debut LP. That being said, these two records are fantastic and try something different than Girl Arm, as there is much more melody, less awkward/jazzy sections and a lot of vocal interplay. The band consisted of a drummer, bassist, three guitarists and a vocalist, although one of the guitarists and the bassist added vocals as well. I think the band was also jamming a serious amount of At The Drive In when writing this material, but that is meant as a compliment in every regard. From the videos I've seen they also killed it live, just watch them slaying "pregnancy pact" here.

2009's full length LP was released on cd and titled 'spit smoke, black factories.' This record is pretty jangly, the vocals aren't always in key and it's quirky as fuck, but all of that plays in their favour. "devastation works" is a decent song until 1:40 when the two vocalists exchange their best Cedric impressions, taking the song to another level. The guitar fuckery in "pregnancy pact" is very reminiscent of what Girl Arm did just a few short years later, and there's a splash of North Of America influence in case you needed some extra incentive to check this out. The bouncy, jazzy and mathy "puncture wounds" is playful as all hell and actually brings Lautrec to mind more than any other band, although there is some North Of America going on in the vocal department. The last half builds on a line of, "I would dive back in the water for them, 'You'll never save the dead! You'll never save the dead!'", erupting at 2:14 like no other song on here with a dazzling outro that gets my entire family rocking out hard in the car. "how i learned to stop worrying..." and "ochre essence" are probably the sassiest of the band's tracks, closer "the things we carried" is hella dancey while "program and practice" would likely excite fans of La Dispute.

The band's final output was a five-song EP by name of 'foxholes and atheists and so forth'. It's a much more refined effort that takes most of the obvious melodies from the LP and ditches them for swirling, mathier and much more jarring instrumental work. I think the vocals are really well done here too, as the attempt to hit notes out of their range has been dropped in exchange for harsher, angrier yellin'. All of this is blatantly obvious on my son's favourite tune and opener "this is water" which has a catchy as fuck vocal section that he likes to act out, "This is water, drink it down and pull yourself up!", but it's the closing guitars with the back-and-forth vocals from 2:56 onward that get me. The next tune titled "no stars, just coins" sounds a lot like Girl Arm, so naturally I fucking love it, especially the climax at 2:55. There's a lot of east coast love on this track as well, as North Of America and The Holy Shroud are two more obvious comparisons. The final track "H1NE1" is pretty jarring once it gets into it (around the 49-second mark) and is another really good HEY PREDATOR! jam to help usher the band from this awesomeness to Girl Arm ridiculousness.

I shall repeat again, if you enjoy this and haven't checked out Girl Arm you need to rectify as soon as possible. Better yet, grab a tape /30 from Zegema Beach Records in Canada here or the U.S.A. here.



2009 - spit smoke, black factories. cdLP (stream/donate/download/buy here)

2010 - foxholes and atheists and so forth cdEP (stream/donate/download/buy here)


(2009) HEY PREDATOR! - "puncture wounds" (from 'spit smoke, black factories.')

(2009) HEY PREDATOR! - "how i learned to stop worrying..." (from 'spit smoke, black factories.')

(2009) HEY PREDATOR! - "pregnancy pact" (from 'spit smoke, black factories.')

(2010) HEY PREDATOR! - "this is water" (from 'foxholes and atheists and so forth')

(2010) HEY PREDATOR! - "no stars, just coins" (from 'foxholes and atheists and so forth')

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