Friday 29 April 2022

PODCAST #87 Allen Nunez (Massa Nera, Miriam, Dim Into Dross)

Hey who loves Allen? I sure as hell do. Allen is a wonderful person with a great sense of humour and some seriously sick talent. Besides playing in Massa Nera from the get-go, he's spent time in many other bands which we discussed, as well as: nu-metal introductions, inspired by Chris, Bordello (pre-Massa Nera), Propagandhi love, the 20-minute song, tons of info on the new album, multiple vocalist love, delirious Allen, Foo Fighters, Miriam instability, Dave provides motivation (or at least...tries to), Dim Into Dross' existence, too many bands, oh my god we're on the same comp, Dave and Allen play Portrayal Of Guilt via doo-doos and other weird mouth noises, black metal, working out/maui thai, video games, etc. Bands played in this podcast: De Facto Enscripture, Portrayal Of Guilt, Propagandhi, Soul Glo, System Of A Down, and Underdark. Listen to podcast #87 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.

SYSTEM OF A DOWN "War" (Allen)
PROPAGANDHI "Back to the Motor League" (Dave)

SOUL GLO "Driponomics (feat. Mother Maryrose)" (Allen)

3 Allen Fucking Up
PORTRAYAL OF GUILT "The Sixth Circle" (Allen)
UNDERDARK "Bank of Roses" (Dave)



PODCAST #87 linked here

Thursday 28 April 2022

***ORPHANED exclusive song premiere***

exclusive song premiere

For fans ofDitch Organ, Hope Drone and Old Man Gloom

Do you like peace, calm, and general tranquility? Yeah? THEN GET OUT! Cuz there is none of that for you here, just pure hardcore/black metal/doom that is a barrage on the senses. Featuring members of Sarcoughogus, Closedown, Ex-Wolf-Teeth, Ex-Harvey Pekar, Ex-Noxis, and Ex-Christmas, this Cleveland trio (who all contribute vocals!) will lay waste for about four-to-five minutes before shifting into aggressive noise/drone for the final minute or so. Today I'm premiering "Devolution", the second track from the four song EP 'Hate Has Consequences' releasing May 1st on Tomb Tree, with cassettes following a few weeks after that.

"Devolution lyrics are about the Black Lives Matter marches in the Midwest and how protestors stood up for their beliefs about institutionalized police force injustice while being bombarded with tear gas, rubber bullets, night sticks, and riot gear. Thank you to those who seek to highlight racism, discrimination, and inequality experienced by black people. and continue to protest incidents of police brutality and racially motivated violence against black people."

(2022) ORPHANED "Devolution" (from 'Hate Has Consequences')

This track is a hook through the ear and directly into the brain. It's not a pretty hook. In fact, I think it's rusted, dipped in poison, and hurts like hell. The tri-vocals are utterly devastating and take the band's sound to another level of chaos and grime. The instrumentals are done at breakneck speed, and holy smokes that drummer must get tired. Seriously, that's some intense-ass drumming that takes little-to-no breaks, with two exceptions: 1) oh my god that repeating riff that makes everything else freeze so as to isolate the note progression, it's fucking awesome and the focal melody point of the entire track, and 2) the final two minutes of feedback, noise, and general discomfort. It bangs. It slaps. It pops. It does many things, and I love all of them.


Sunday 24 April 2022

***PremieRing #2 VIENTRE exclusive premiere***


Featuring: Vientre, Demersal, Piet Onthel, and Letterbombs


Miss The Stars
This Noise Is Ours

"Nacido Para Morir"
exclusive song premiere

For fans of
Joliette, Naivete and Zvleta

Tapes releases May 23rd on Tomb Tree and Witch Elm Records

So recently I did an Out Past the Rings #103 for the Massa Nera, Ef'il, Thisismenotthinkingofyou, and Yo Sbraito, and for that release I came up with the idea of PremieRing. A what? A PremieRing aka a ring of premieres. Four blogs post a song by one of the band's on a 4-way split, and link to the next blog, thus creating a premiere chain. Christopher from LETTERBOMBS watched this Out Past the Rings episode (linked here) and asked if we could do it again. So here we are! And even the blogs are the same with one switch, Miss The Stars has taken over for Sophie's Floorboard, but This Noise Is Ours and and I are all back at it! The cassettes come on three variants (plus 5 test dips) and will be released on May 23rd, 2022 via Tomb Tree and Witch Elm.

(2022) VIENTRE "Nacido Para Morir" (from '4-Way' split)
Holy shit. VIENTRE was always kind of a "pretty" screamo band with gorgeous singing, very little distortion, and a whole lotta pretty melodies. Don't get me wrong, I dug it. I dug it hard. But I'm certainly not going to get upset when a sick bands gets heavier. "Nacido Para Morir" (translates to "Born to Die") is the first of the band's two jams that close the 4-way split, and it's a fucking banger. The first near-minute is just a chaotic skramzfest, but the song does open up to breathe at the 45-second mark with some back and forth single notes perpetually bookended by heavy breakdowns. After the song gets back to full throttle it eventually burns its fuel and recedes to an eerie, lulling, outro for the final 35 seconds.

Friday 22 April 2022

***ANCHORESS release show w/BRASS + STUTTR

ANCHORESS release show


@Red Gate on Friday April 15th, 2022
Live Show Review

In 2019 I put on Zegema Beach Records Fest and a band called Friolento played. It through that connection that I met Ricky from said band, and we stayed in contact over the years. In late 2021 he sent me 'Stay Positive' by ANCHORESS, which was another project he was in, doing bass duties. It wasn't screamy enough for Zegema Beach and I sat on it for a few months jamming it every few days. After a month or two it was apparent that I was obsessed, and asked if Tomb Tree could release some tapes, with the album just releasing less than a month ago. And it was on Friday April 15th, 2022 that they held their release show, and obviously I went and filmed the entire set, as well as a few songs from the supporting bands who kicked ass. I also grabbed some ANCHORESS 12"s which I've just put up for sale (or grab them from Early Onset Records who put on the show!!!), and don't forget to go through the proper geographical link here if you'd like a tape from yours truly.

Super quirky, sassy, screamy, rock music for those seeking experimentation. Awesome stage presence. Lotsa glitter. Ricky and I were talking and he likened them to The Blood Brothers which is definitely accurate but the band has a lot more going on than just that, so jam these three videos and decide for yourself. And then uhhhhh, tell me lol

(2022) STUTTR

For fans ofThe Blood Brothers, Q And Not U and Desiderata
\additional video here/

Also from Vancouver, this band brought the rock and the punk and the hardcore and made a nice balloon animal out of the three. Anchoress even went as far as saying that this band stole the evening. Super nice people and fucking awesome stage presence, my only complaint is that the set was a bit long.
(2022) BRASS

For fans ofMeth And Goats, and Rye Coalition

I was ridiculously hyped for this set and it did not disappoint. The band played the new album in full from front to back and kicked ass whilst doing it. There were waaaay more people singing along with the band (and myself) than I had expected but it made the entire thing all that much more special. Every member of the band came over to me and thanked me for making their tapes and they were all super kind and genuine. Expect at least one of them to pop up on a future podcast!
(2022) ANCHORESS Full set

For fans ofMillion Dead, Marathon and At The Drive In


Tuesday 19 April 2022

***GREED WORM exclusive premiere***

"Sermons of Vermin"
exclusive song premiere
For fans ofCursed, Advent, and Trap Them


Tomorrow Tomb Tree is releasing the GREED WORM 12" lathes for 'Hell Is Real', which also releases digitally at the same time, April 20th, 2022 at 9am PST / 11am CST / 12pm EST. The new band features members of Crowning, Itto, Ikaray, Snuffed, Shrivel Up, and Cloud Cruiser playing a most dirty, deathy, and sludgy version of metalcore that reminds me first and foremost of a band called Advent...which very few seem to know about. Regardless, jam the new song below and find out what it really sounds like!

(2022) GREED WORM "Sermons of Vermin" (from 'Hell Is Real')


"Hell Is Real" official music video

"Trash Kingdom" official music video

Saturday 16 April 2022

PODCAST #86 Hexis (Filip & Luca)

I've been following HEXIS for a very long time...probably about 75% of their existence. In that time I have witnessed them be the most prolific touring band in DIY hardcore/metal, release an unreal amount of phenomenal material, and after meeting them in Croatia back in 2017 I've been enamored with the individuals as well. With a mind-boggling and epic upcoming Canadian tour, it was a no-brainer to talk to Filip and Luca while they were isolating on tour. We discuss many a things, including: having covid, touring like a beast, Loftus love, alarm clock breakdowns, his first band Neon Red Noise, Myspace connections, getting into the underground, Botch tangents, 10 years of growth, selling out, vocal approaches, Luca is a rock, the new album, touring Canada, house shows, all dressed potato chips, , etc. Bands played in this podcast: Birch, Cease Upon The Capitol, Esokhôra, LLNN, Shora, and Tentacles. Listen to podcast #86 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.

LLNN "Calamity" (Filip)
BIRCH "Rorschach" (Dave)

SHORA "Erode/Implode" (Filip)
TENTACLES "My Mortal Cord" (Dave)

ESOKHÔRA "тирада" (aka "tirade") (Dave)



PODCAST #86 linked here

Tuesday 12 April 2022

***REVERIE exclusive premiere***


exclusive song premiere

For fans ofRaein, Monte Ida and Gillian Carter

Any chance you checked out the last few zamplers? Well I've been plugging this Italian band REVERIE on those relatively subtly, but it's time to shift the focal to them and them alone. Why now? Because the full length releases on April 22nd, 2022! The 12" vinyl will likely not be ready until later this summer (plant delays, obviously) but goddamn prepare to poo-poo in thy pantaloons on the 22nd.

Today I'm lucky enough to be premiering the visual accompaniment (is that called a music video?) for the third track titled "Patterns". It's just over two minutes of your time and chances are you'll fucking dig it.

(2022) REVERIE "Patterns" (from 'Everything repeats itself forever')

Opening with some nice clean notes, the song links the members up after about 30 seconds and we're met with a lurching, massive midsection. This leads to a really catchy little build to the climax repeating "The taste of disappointment stays with us forever!!!" that I can't help but scream along to. The finale is a wonderful collection of stop/starts and Italian screamo love. Seriously that's a sick fucking song.