Sunday 14 July 2024

*** PODCAST #156 Andrew Schwartz (.gif from god) ***

Photo by: Bret Backus

    Anyone who has followed this blog knows my love .GIF FROM GOD knows no end. Therefore I extended another arm to the band and vocalist (and the original bassist) Shorts agreed to let me run through their musical history. The band ruined me at ZBR Fest 2024 and hanging out with Shorts and listening to his favourite mosh calls in the alley was a personal highlight for me. In this podcast he added to that mosh call list and we also discussed: motocross'n'music, Offspring and Green Day memories, almost an Iwrotehaikus... inspired band, extreme metal vs. screamo, LP3!, chunky sass, war metal, teenage revival and the wall of death, Swamp Fest memories and Weak Wrists shoutout, favorite recent albums, Kate Bush and Prince give Shorts a call, lotsa love, etc. Bands played in this podcast: Antichrist Seige Machine, Crowbar, Fallingwithscissors, Old Man Gloom, and Suicide Silence. Listen to podcast #156 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.


1 The reason why I am this nightmare of a person
CROWBAR "Nothing" (Andrew)
OLD MAN GLOOM "Gift" (Dave)

2 Erase the Past

It Feels Like They're Bleeding Into Your Ears
SUICIDE SILENCE "Unanswered" (Andrew) [music video]



Thursday 11 July 2024

*** EXCRUCIS exclusive song premiere ***

exclusive song premiere
For fans ofBlind Girls, DianacrawlsThe Love And Terror Cult, Piper Maru, Kill Sadie, Piss and Crochet

     Aight, you ain't ready. I wasn't ready. And I released the first EXCRUCIS album last year! When I was sent the new full length by Chicago's four-piece blew me the fuck away...and I still haven't landed. Sassy as fuck, mad screamy, danceable, playful, heavy and super dark, the band features members of Nouveau, Yail, Wrestle Crow and Not For You'There are Collectivities that Devour Souls' releases July 22nd on Zegema Beach Records via 100 cassettes. 11 tracks for fans of Dianacrawls, Indisposed, Blood Brothers, Leer, Blind Girls, etc. The band had this to say about the theme behind the album which stems from a Simone Weil quote...

DYLAN "yeah the basic context is that there are collectivities that nurture souls, and collectivities that devour souls. she's talking about this in relation to a distinction between 'rights' and 'obligations', rights being what you are 'granted' in a state which coerces your participation, vs 'obligations' that exist due to people just being social and having needs. In a nurturing society, you are still constrained, but it's by fundamental social contracts like, you still have to respect yr neighbor, whatever."

LINDA: "But I kind of attribute it to living in a fascist state, as in they are devouring our souls through capitalism. That’s the meaning I primarily pull from it, but I guess above is what the quote’s context was."

(2024) EXCRUCIS "Parasite" (from 'There are Collectivities that Devour Souls')

     Oooo baby let's go. "Parasite" is the sixth track off this record and is exactly halfway through the album. It helps bridge the sassier/more playful first half with the staggering weight/darkness of the second, all in just a 1:21 runtime. Linda's frenzied singy yell permeates the opening 20 seconds, giving the song a simultaneous burst of melody and uneasiness. The yells turn into full blowns screams afterward as the song builds much like European screamo until they go apeshit just before the minute mark with double-speed, abrasive riffing, and stop/start drums. It's during the last 30 seconds that EXCRUCIS hit the "holy fuck" button, decimating the listener with a phenomenal breakdown laced with striking three-note bombs and poisonous screaming. Fuck to the yes, my friends. Fucking to the fucking yes.


(2024) EXCRUCIS "Ceasefire" (from 'Zampler 23There are Collectivities that Devour Souls')

'Excrucis' debut album

Tuesday 9 July 2024


For fans ofCrowning, Othiel, Youth Funeral, Iwan, Votive, To Forget, Sear, and Leveless.
GenresPunk / Post-Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz
Related artistsKerosene Heights, Fenris, and Profane Command.
CountryAsheville, North Carolina U.S.A.
Years Active2024-present
Label(s): Self-Released

     Props to Brando! My other guitar player in Mourn Recif showed me this band one night at band practice and it's the only time anyone has mentioned them to me, and holy smokes is that a travesty. Releasing four songs on their debut, self-titled EP 'Foxglove', the jams are equally dark and intense, bringing to mind Crowning and Leveless above others. The tracks are short (generally churning for around a minute-and-a-half), interesting, powerful, and screamy. That checks a lotta boxes. Opening jam "firefly pt 1" hits hard all the way through but shines brightest at the end of the track with a super playful outro. Very sick. The sequel and longest track on the release is "firefly pt 2" which spends nearly 40% of the track building to the absolute beast that is the midsection of the song. Love those call-and-response screams. "somewhere in between" is aptly titled, and includes some very sweet singing that transforms to and from screams, making it the most varied and arguably best song. "ithoughttheworldofyou" is a wild closer with tons going on to help convince the listener to give the entire EP another go, it's that good.

     Why are you still here? Go!



2024 - Foxglove digital EP (stream/donate/download here)


(2024) FOXGLOVE - "ithoughttheworldofyou" (from 'Foxglove')

(2024) FOXGLOVE - "firefly pt.2" (from 'Foxglove')


Saturday 6 July 2024

*** MOURN RECIF + HILLSBORO + BOK SUNA live show review ***



@Botched Vintage + Apparel in Victoria on May 24th, 2024


@Time and Space Continuum in Duncan on May 25th, 2024

Live Show Reviews

Upon starting MOURN RECIF, I immediately told Yuri aka BOK SUNA that I wanted them to come up and play with us. So we did. And as HILLSBORO is on Softseed Music along with BOK SUNA, it was a no-brainer to ask them to join us for the two shows. Oh, and aaaaaaalso, Oliver from HILLSBORO drums for BOK SUNA there's that. I literally got the BOK SUNA masters for their sophomore album today, and HILLSBORO has that new EP dropping in late August. Woooo baby what a time to be alive!!!

These were our second and third shows, so we were stoked to finally get to the initial plan we had when we first started discussing playing shows and trying to play with Bok Suna. The Victoria show was very cool, and included a giant grate falling on Dave during "Slow Reign". Our set the next night on our home turf felt a bit better than the previous, so you've got an embedded song from that show, with another link underneath for the Vic show.

(2024) MOURN RECIF "Harmonics Harm Onix's" (live in Duncan)

*Extra video: "Pink Lemonade" (live in Victoria)


On the cusp of their new EP release we got our friends from Victoria to 1) help us out with said Vic show, and 2) play with us in Duncan. These guys play indie/shoegaze/alternative rock and are super chill, with additional hangs being had...there might even be a new band in the works! Shout out screamo.
(2024) HILLSBORO "HotGirlTM" (live in Duncan)

*Extra video: "Coming Down" (live in Victoria)


Yuri is magnificent. BOK SUNA's recent EP + LP release on my label quickly became one of my favourites releases of 2023, and now she's back with a new album later this summer - this time on vinyl! Check out some new jams below, her live performance has a beautiful gravitational pull. I've even included the entire Victoria set a few embeds down.

(2024) BOK SUNA "gtfo" (live in Duncan)

*Extra video: new song (live in Victoria)

*Extra video: Full Set (live in Victoria)



next MOURN RECIF show:
July 18th in Vancouver