Wednesday 1 January 2020

***TARQUIN's Best Of 2019***


After the demise of my blog, I fell out of touch with a few genres during the course of the year. Around the June/July period with the emergence and subsequent rise of Myspace era focussed label 'Wax Vessel', my interest in older and modern noise / chaotic leaning music peaked again. I've always had a passion for this type of abrasive and off-kilter style and it's great seeing newer bands carrying the torch onwards.

In keeping with this 'noise' theme, here are my top picks for 2019. Please enjoy...


01. METH. - Mother Of Red Light
Standout Track: Her Womb Lays Still
FFO: Daughters | Wreck and Reference | Celeste

02. .GIF FROM GOD - approximation_of_a_human
Standout Track: Possible Futures In The Minds Of Children
FFO: Pg. 99 | Me And Him Call It Us | Norma Jean

03. THE WIND IN THE TREES - A Gift Of Bricks From The Sky
Standout Track: Hellbound
FFO: Discordance Axis | Daughters | Robinson

04. FAWN LIMBS - Harm Remissions
Standout Track: Odium Pitch
FFO: Car Bomb | Crowpath | Ulcerate

05. POUND - ••
Standout Track: xx_.+-x_ _
FFO: Meshuggah | Coalesce | Admiral Angry

06. Sleepsculptor - Entry: Dispersal
Standout Track: Hidden Garden Ceremonial
FFO: The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza | Arsonists Get All The Girls | Reflections

07. Coilguns - Watchwinders
Standout Track: Manicheans
FFO: Botch | Breach | KEN mode

08. Senza - Even a Worm Will Turn
Standout Track: Born of Dirt
FFO: Jeromes Dream | Textbook Traitors | Cara Neir

09. Car Bomb - Mordial
Standout Track: Scattered Sprites
FFO: Meshuggah | The Dillinger Escape Plan | Gojira

10. The Sound That Ends Creation - Music Designed To Give You Ideas... Incase You Should Run Out Of Ideas
Standout Track: Pulling 562 Teeth All At Once
FFO: Daughters | PsyOpus | See You Next Tuesday

2019 EPS:

01. Geisterfahrer - Vivisection Parade
Standout Track: Android Fitness
FFO: See You Next Tuesday | Pig Destroyer | Cattle Decapitation

02. The Burning Wind - An Inheritance in A#
Standout Track: Inheritance
FFO: Botch | Converge | Disembodied

03. Fantom Limb - S/T
Standout Track: Old Sins
FFO: Botch | Spitfire | ZAO

04. THIN - respite_apology
Standout Track: Gristbite
FFO: Ed Gein | The Red Chord | Daughters

05. Tulip - S/T
Standout Track: Lessent
FFO: The Locust | An Albatross | Genghis Tron

06. Tendrils - Collapse
Standout Track: A Face For Collapse
FFO: Daughters | Converge | Gaza

07. Ljesus - Last
Standout Track: Boss Level 1
FFO: Botch | Cave In | The Armed

08. Wounded Touch - From Day 0 Forward
Standout Track: Excision
FFO: Converge | Advent | Sons of Abraham

09. Politess - The Sound Of Crowdfunding
Standout Track: Confrontation par le son
FFO: Daughters | The Locust | An Albatross

10. Karkait - Yekum // Kiyum
Standout Track: Karkait Ha'Kiyum
FFO: Plebeian Grandstand | Calvaiire | Nesseria

P.S. I know I've probably missed some real gems here and will kick myself later for not including them. 😜
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