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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Metallic Hardcore / Screamo / Skramz / Emo-violence
Related artists: Sudirrrman John Macbaren, A Lot Like Turd, Foire', Falter.
CountrySeremban MALAYSIA
Years Active2019-present
For fans of: Virginia On Duty, Amu Daria, What Of Us, Carol, Acme, Mališa Bahat, Takaru, A Light In The Attic, Jeanne, Union Of Uranus, June Paik, Daighila and Capacities.
Label(s): Bilic Chaos Records / Zegema Beach Records OR Tomb Tree Tapes (upcoming release)

A few weeks back I came across a new release that someone said was "Malaysian screamo", so naturally I flew in to take a peek cuz Malaysian screamo literally always delivers. MAKRUH is no exception, and may I be so bold as to say it's the best emo-violence album of 2021? So far, a big-ass yes.

Released back in January, 'Makruh' containts 11 jams that can best be described as bassy, dark, compact, and explosive screamo. The vocals in particular are layered on nice and thick, reminding me most of Virginia On Duty in both vocal style and instrumentally. Only one track eclipses the two-minute mark and literally every jam is a banger, including the instrumental intro "Introvert". The most blatant of notables include "Altercation" (a revamped version from the demo the year prior), "I am Wrath" (with a breakdown that descends into hell), "Aghast" (injects some dancey screamo tones and has a ridiculous ending), "Bloodlust" (atmospheric intro/riffy mcrifferson), "Judgement Dead" (41 seconds of ), and "The Path" (closer and general slap in the face).

If you're hankering for some intense, cathartic and epic emo-violence then by golly, THIS IS IT!!!



2020 - Raw Demo Song "Altercation" digital single

2021 - Makruh cassetteLP


(2021) MAKRUH - "I am Wrath" (from 'Makruh')

(2021) MAKRUH - "Aghast" (from 'Makruh')

(2021) MAKRUH - "Bloodlust" (from 'Makruh')


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