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***CARL JOHNSON + мятеж exclusive premiere***

GenresPunk / Hardcore / Screamo / Skramz / Emo-violence / Grindcore Crust / Doom
Related artistsJoe's Wasted Life and Mirage Of Last Train.
CountryRyazan RUSSIA
Years Active2016-present
Song: "Against You!"
Album: "мятеж split"
Year: 2018
For fans ofUnder A Sky So Blue, Hive Mind, Acme, Yotsuya Kaidan, Carol, Systral, Owen Hart, Earth Control, Saligia, The Endмятеж, Usurp Synapse, The Truth About Dreaming, Heisse, Daighila, Joshua Fit For Battle, Discordance Axis, LachanceShikariStorm The Bastille, We Watch Cloudsмища and Under Glass aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Self Released / Zegema Beach Records / Polar Summer
This post's artist is from the February 2018 Mix. This is track #1.
You can download: the February 2018 Mix#2 right here or get the new March 2018 Mix#3 here.

I got a facebook message a few months back (late 2017) from a Russian band called CARL JOHNSON. I'd never heard of them, and they asked if the project I do vocals for (мятеж) wanted to do a split tape. After checking out their 'split w/YCПЕХ!' I agreed and was pretty excited. Soon afterwards I received their tracks for the 'мятеж split' and I was blown away. Their dirty, vicious and doomy style of screamy hardcore/emo-violence has been honed and I'm super stoked to be on a split with such awesome songs.

The band started in 2016 in Ryazan and in that first year they released a live demo EP awkwardly titled '#1 (HQ remastering)' which has six tracks, all of which ended up on the 2017 LP. The sound is unmistakably there as the songs surge forward in a chaotic and screamy spiral, but the live recording quality obviously leaves much to be desired, which was soon rectified on the proper version of '#1'. They also released a digital single called "the end is near", an instrumental affair with an audio clip at the end.

It was in 2017 that CARL JOHNSON found their sound, fitting somewhere between the dark, chaotic madness of Germany's Carol, America's Owen Hart (aka Earth Control), Malaysia's Daighila and newer bands such as Under A Sky So Blue, Hive Mind and Saligia. First releasing their 10-song LP '#1' in May, it's fucking devastating, no doubt about it. The "Intro" and "Carl Johnson" tracks begin with ambiance, until about 35 seconds into the band's self titled song when the instrumentals kick in and play around for another minute. It isn't really until track three that the vocals meet up with everything else, which happens on the 54-second "Dystonia" that blazes through and includes a full-scale demolition at around 37 seconds. "Freak" has a screamo-as-fuck opening guitar riff that quickly morphs into devastating emo-violence and is probably my favourite on the LP, reminding me of Crestfallen. "Lovers" is another noteworthy song that builds to utter annihilation, as does the very short but extremely powerful "Lowrider". CARL JOHNSON's next release was the split tape with YCПЕХ!, housing three tracks of violent, demonic screamo. This album is the first to showcase the alternating shrieky/growly combo that is spread across the band's future material and is debuted on "Ice Cold Killa".

On the new 2018 'мятеж split' (that we are premiering here today!!!) CARL JOHNSON offer up five of their heaviest and best songs to date. The B side of the split opens with "Second Wind", a brutal and vicious 1:45 chaotic, shrieky, growly and grindy powerviolence that is devilishly good. One of my favourites is next, the stellar "Against You!". This thing opens with a brooding, Orchid-style guitar that crashes into everything else at the 30-second mark, creating a swelling, grooving, blackened screamo jam, not unlike Under A Sky So Blue. The middle of the song leans more towards hardcore punk with the ending being sludgy, prodigious, breakdown-laden metallic hardcore. "Pull the Trigger" has some seriously extreme vocals in both the high and low department, "Enemy/Self" begins with some of the most insane emo-violence (think Shikari) forty seconds only to give way to soft, chill screamo ala Raein, while closer "Hot Killa" is 24 seconds of madness and a fitting end to an awesome EP. It will be released on 50 copies, with copies going to the Zegema Beach, Polar Summer and the band.



2016 - #1 (HQ remastering) digitalEP (stream/donate/download here)
2016 - the end is near digital single (stream/donate/download here)

2017 - #1 digitalLP (stream/donate/download here)
2017 - YCПЕХ! split cassetteEP (stream/donate/download here)

2018 - мятеж split cassetteEP (stream here) [pre-order tape here]


(2018) CARL JOHNSON - "Against You!" (from 'мятеж' split)

(2018) CARL JOHNSON - "Enemy/Self" (from 'Zampler #10 + мятеж split')

(2017) CARL JOHNSON - "Ice Cold Killa" (from 'YCПЕХ!' split)

(2017) CARL JOHNSON - "Freak" (from '#1')

(2017) CARL JOHNSON - "Lowrider" (from '#1')

(2017) CARL JOHNSON - "Lovers" (from '#1')

(2016) CARL JOHNSON - "the end is near" (from 'the end is near')

(2016) CARL JOHNSON - "Charles" (from '#1 (HQ remastering)')


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Sunday 25 February 2018

***AU BOUT DE MES LÈVRES exclusive EP premiere***

'L'ivresse de l'eau' EP
exclusive premiere
For fans of: Commuovere, Les Deux Minutes De La Haines and Daïtro
buy cassettes soon from Le Blast Records

Welcome to the exclusive premiere of AU BOUT DE MES LÈVRES first EP 'L'ivresse de l'eau'. Below are the five tracks along with a brief synopsis and lyrics/thoughts by Gabriel. You'll be able to order from the Le Blast Facebook page (by messaging them) and the first run will be on a mere 17 copies. My friend, drummer of AU BOUT DE MES LÈVRES and the person behind Le Blast Records is Gabriel Wagner. He reached out to me a few weeks back about premiering his new project and before I even listened to it I knew that I was hella down. He had this to say about the album:
"Consider this a demo. We had to record with a bass that was not well adjusted, and the guitar and drums were both recorded live. We're still proud of what was written (songs 1 and 3) in only one jam, and recorded the next jam. The fifth song was written and recorded in about 30 minutes, with both interludes being written and recorded live. So I think it sounds good considering all of that."

(2018) AU BOUT DE MES LÈVRES - "Merdes et papiers froissés" (from 'L'ivresse de l'eau')
The opener is chill and kinda reminds me of La Nausée, Lonely Animals and Commuovere all mixed into one, as they are all bands that Gabriel has taken part it, so they're pretty reasonable comparisons. The dreamy screams dip heavily into European screamo midway through the song and drive it home until 2:15.
I. "Merdes et papiers froissés Expirons ensemble sur ces boulevards sans mouvement ni commerce où puisse s’endormir le soleil. Posons-y nos têtes et laissons pourrir les souvenirs au fond de l’étang. Ne te jette pas au creux du désert, par peur de me voir perdre pied. Regarde-moi. Longe mes pas. C’est la seule importance. Nos doigts ont parcouru tant de brèches. Pourquoi donc s’acharner à balayer la cendre crématoire des bustes poussiéreux de nos mémoires? J’ai vu le vent la ramener tant de fois. J’ai vu nos larmes, au second jour de l’enfance, se souiller de temps. Je voudrais que tu saches la légèreté que me vaut ton silence. Je voudrais que tu voies toutes les ordures – merdes et papiers froissés – lancées dans ta fosse. À ton image."

(2018) AU BOUT DE MES LÈVRES - "À nos amours" (from 'L'ivresse de l'eau')
This is a three-minute ambient/noise track with audio clips from Maurice Pialat's 1983 film by the same name. It's awkward, uncomfortable and claustrophobic.
II. À nos amours Dialogue tiré du film « À nos amours » (Maurice Pialat, 1983)

(2018) AU BOUT DE MES LÈVRES - "Au seuil des départs" (from 'L'ivresse de l'eau')
My favourite of the five songs, three three is very screamy and the most Commuovere sounding of the album, which is good because I am still a little grief-stricken that the band has ended. It's 1:14 of chaotic screamo with insane drumming and a bit of restraint in the guitar section.
III. "Au seuil des départs Face au mur nous parvient le vague où nous nous heurtons sans relâche. La coque trop mince, abimée par nos cœurs qui battent au rythme de l’attente. J’espère encore cet au-delà, celui des vitres claires où se perdent couleurs vives et instants de lumière. J’espère encore qu’un jour s’exilent ces pensées fangeuses qui enserrent mon crâne. Au gré de vastes marées; d’appels sans résonnance. Envahi par cette impression d’être au seuil des départs, je vois, transfiguré, l'horizon de nos petites morts. Notre goût de liberté a fui au fil de l'eau."

(2018) AU BOUT DE MES LÈVRES - "-" (from 'L'ivresse de l'eau')
The second of the two noise tracks, it's isolated guitar with an eerie distant and reverb soaked sound amidst children playing, and floats effortlessly around the stratosphere for 2:03.
IV. – (…)

(2018) AU BOUT DE MES LÈVRES - "L'ivresse de l'eau" (from 'L'ivresse de l'eau')
The title track is mostly pretty jazzy stuff with multiple people talking over it, and it's pretty decent but I was dying for one more banger.
V. "L’ivresse de l’eau Baignant doucement le fil des jours; Au cœur des fluides fragiles et sereins de l’attente, Se dépliaient, béats, les membres sclérosés. Mais demeurent des rumeurs d’écœurement, En ces dômes entachés de cent mille voix, Où s’entrechoquaient jadis choses pointues et ternes. Et pourtant, Le calme. ------------------------------ Autour de moi diminuèrent les remous, et j’observai, sans grand étonnement, ma peau se détacher de l’eau – dans un court bruit de succion. Tout m’avale. Je sentis le sol me couver sous la chaleur de son corps infini, puis disparut l’atmosphère. Je n’arriverais bientôt plus à respirer; Je me voyais déjà, enveloppe vide et transparente, Inhabitée; Objet errant à l’ombre de l’écrasement de la chair. C’est par mon ventre que je suis avalé."


Wednesday 21 February 2018


GenresPunk / Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz / Emo-violence
Related artistsTetola93, Blue Friend and Document Not Found.
CountryTokyo JAPAN
Years Active2016-present
Song: "局面"
Album: "Suicide Note"
Year: 2017
For fans ofEnvy, 49 Morphines, Blue Friend, Улыбайся Ветру, Crowning, Cease Upon The Capitol, Youth Funeral, Lakmé, Carl Johnson, Forget Me Not, Dip Leg, Amanda Woodward, Aussitôt Mort, Heaven In Her Arms and Loma Prieta aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Self Released / Zegema Beach Records / Middle Man Records / MeatCube Label / Kakusan Records / Dance Happy Doom Crew / Cyllene Records
This post's artist is from the February 2018 Mix. This is track #2.
You can download: the February 2018 Mix#2 right here or get the new March 2018 Mix#3 here.

I first heard about AGAK a few years ago when my friend Shingo from Tetola93 let me know he was in a new band, as I had helped release their final album alongside MeatCube in early 2014. Fast forward to late 2017 and I was informed of a split 10" that Zegema Beach Records was given the opportunity to help with and AGAK was part of it. I contacted Shingo and let him know I was going to be helping with his new release. It was only then that he sent me the 'Suicide Note' EP via email and I was flabbergasted. Hoooooollllllly shit these six songs are insanely good, technical and cathartic screamo. Think if Envy stayed hard and fast, then mix it with Czechia's Lakmé and Korea's 49 Morphines.

Before we begin discussing 'Suicide Note' it should be noted here that on the AGAK bandcamp page only two songs are available, but I've put the entire 6-song EP for download right here and that is the version I'll talk about. It opens with "辞世", an ambient/noise intro that lasts 1:38. This is followed by the sensational "局面", which is a strong contender for best AGAK song. At 2:20 it's a rager of blistering, dark and metallic screamo with excellent dual vocal exchanges halfway through. "価値" takes things the swelling and epic route and more than doubles the time of the previous track, while "終点" is a mere 1:46 of technical and playful wizardry backed up by a pummeling breakdown close. "循環" gets stupid at 50 seconds with a powerful, surging concoction of Dip LegLakmé, Amanda Woodward and Envy, as well as impressive guitar solos and frantic close. The final song on the cdEP is a sweet ambient outro with eerie, looming piano. This thing was so incredible as a package that it made my Best Of 2017 EPs at #14, linked here.

Building on what I mentioned earlier, I'm super stoked to drop the news that in the summer of 2018 AGAK will be on a split 4-way 10"LP alongside Coma Regalia, Cady and my friends in Majorel. This insane split will be coming out on Zegema Beach Records, Middle Man Records, MeatCube, Kakusan, Dance Happy Doom Crew and Cyllene Records. I've heard the AGAK tunes and they are fanfuckingtastic. More news coming soon!



2017 - Suicide Note cdrEP (stream/donate/download here) [download full version here]

2018 - 4-way split 10"LP (w/Majorel, Cady & Coma Regalia) coming summer 2018


(2017) AGAK - "価値" (from 'Suicide Note')

(2017) AGAK - "局面" (from 'Suicide Note')

(2017) AGAK - "循環" (from 'Suicide Note')


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Monday 19 February 2018

***PORTRAYAL OF GUILT exclusive interview***

Interview by Lucas Gismondi (of Fraera)
Featuring James Beveridge and Matt King
Photos by Raf Santos Photography

Pre-order new split

Lucas: Hey y’all! so you’ve finished your headlining set here at D-Beatstro in Toronto, needless to say it was amazing. I was standing 3 ft away from you [James] and your drumming style is incredibly raw and precise. I was wondering where you got your drumming influence from?
James: A lot of places I suppose. I mean, drummers I really like in that style would be like Casey Hansen (ex-Gaza, Cult Leader), Tyler from Yaujta. Randomly enough, The Mars Volta is one of my favourite bands, so I take a lot from that.

Lucas: Given that it is your first time across the northern border; what you think of shows in Canada so far?
James: Oh they’ve been amazing, maybe even some of the best ones of the tour.

Lucas: Coming to Canada, and knowing about our scenes strictly through a social media perspective, how do you think it fares when you’re here playing to the same kids online? And what was your impression of Canadian Screamo/Hardcore in general before this?
James: Well I’ve been contemplating this a lot actually. For example, if you post a show on social media in Austin, you’ll have a ton of people that are supposedly going to show up but don't; and I find that here, every show was fucking filled with people, and they were down even if some of them have never heard of us.

Lucas: How were the shows in New York with Majority Rule and pg.99? How did it feel to get the offer?
James: Haha probably the biggest trip of all time! Me and Matt [King] drove from Austin to New York like a non-stop 30 hour drive, the other guys flew out. Yeah, went and played some shows with our favourite bands, for example Matt’s favourite band is Majority Rule. We’ve always really loved them, it was mind blowing.

LucasYour S/T demo has received so much praise and attention and interest, even with the second pressing being put out through Deathwish inc., I just want to know, did you expect any of that after putting out a three song demo?
James: No, not at all. So the band started about 8 months ago, the songs were actually just songs for a side project (we were in another band), and we all really enjoyed the intensity we were able to convey through this side project. Eventually the main band went on hiatus and sort of split up, so this took over [Portrayal of Guilt] and has randomly taken off haha!

Lucas: With all the different labels looking at you guys attributed with specific sounds, and the fact that your demo is so incredibly dynamic and well composed, you cannot really pigeonhole it into one specific genre. Do you guys get bothered at all when people refer your music as a specific type of music. Because you now have a crossover of fans that love screamo/crust/powerviolence etc.
James: Exactly, that’s almost what were going for. When we first put it out, the Miss the Stars label were the first people to hear our music. Their label is more indicative for screamo releases, and we love that music, but we also love tons of other music. I think people pick up on that, not just screamo kids.

Lucas: So, tonight you had your bass player [Rick] using the electronic mixing pad as well. It seems like between songs, you guys got a little more industrial sounding, are we going to hear more of that in the future?
James: Musically, we have yet to incorporate it. It’s more a live tool, we feel like it helps the live show.

Lucas: I just wanted asked about the limited Christian Death run, and how that come about?
James: We’ve been talking about doing that cover for awhile now. We were in Arizona on an off-day, and our friend hooked it up with a spot to go record it, and got it all done that same day.

Lucas: Now, conceptually and lyrically; misanthropy and depression are common topics, does the current political climate in the States; not only affect you as people but also in your writing?
James: It definitely does, it’s a confusing time for everyone. If you want to talk Matt about it, here he comes actually haha.

Lucas: Hey Matt, so as I mentioned to James, the political climate in the States is a mess at the moment. I’m just wondering if and how it plays a part in your writing?
Matt: I don’t know really, it just makes me angry I guess. Ever since I’ve been writing in general it’s always been sort of creepy, darker stuff, including music.

Lucas: What are some of the bands that influenced you and how did you originally get into more aggressive and emotional music?
Matt: Well, Majority Rule is my favourite band. When I started listening to music, someone gave me a hard drive full of Majority Rule, pg.99, Mass Movement of the Moth, Hot Cross among plenty of other bands. So I guess you could say the first music that I really got into was screamo.

Lucas: I was talking to James earlier about people labelling you guys different sounds and genres, and how you might feel about that?
Matt: I mean, that’s kinda the idea though. I wouldn’t want to be pigeonholed into any sort of genre. I want to be able to play everything.

Lucas: Coming from Texas, I just wanted to know what your impression of the Canadian screamo scene is so far?
Matt: I talked to the people in Respire, we didn’t really know what to expect to be honest. It seems like people here are more into the genre.

Lucas: Lastly, what advice do you have for up and coming punks, whether they want to start a band or just be part of the community?
Matt: I would just say, do whatever you want, be yourself, don’t let anyone influence you on how to be yourself.

Lucas: Awesome! Thank you so much for your time, and that show was incredible!
Matt & James: Yeah thanks so much!


Before I moved to New Zealand I was able to rope two nice folks in Dunedin into starts bands with me. The previously posted podcast with Jörg of Swallows Nest is linked here, but for this post the very obscure (we didn't record anything and we only played one show) EMÖ LENDVAI and my good friend Karl Leisky are the focal points. Not only did we play in that band together, but they also spent time in Yung Nat$ and currently do a noise/ambient project under the name of Fuckoult. We recorded this during the first week of November 2017 in my home in Dunedin, New Zealand. You can stream and/or download each part or the entire thing for free on the OMSB Podcast bandcamp page linked right heeya.

SLOW MASS - "Dark Dark Energy" (Dave)
PURGE - "More Wolf Than Thee" (Karl)

THE NOW - "We Don't Call Him 'Columbine' Because He Wears a Trech Coat, We Call Him 'Columbine' Because He Kills People" (Dave)
PARENTS - "Insight" (Karl)
SLEEPYTIME TRIO - "Rock Candy" (Dave)

KITE FLYING SOCIETY - "Art of Conversation" (Karl)
FOXMOULDER - "Tempered Ill" (Dave)
REI COMPACT - "Furchteimer" (Karl)

DIE PRINCESS DIE - "Nights of the Light" (Dave)
OPC - "kbeast" (Karl)
- "Atrocities From a Story Book Perspective" (Dave)


PODCAST #23 linked here
As EMO LENDVAI only ever had one show and we never recorded, I decided to dig through our practice sessions from my cellphone and video camera to find the best versions of the five songs we wrote in our short, four month existence. I've included them as a download here and there's also this link if you want to watch a video from our only show.

(2017) EMÖ LENDVAI - "A Galaxy Brunch During Ramadan" (from 'various practices demo')

(2017) EMÖ LENDVAI - "Stemsmoker's Regret" (from 'various practices demo')

(2017) EMÖ LENDVAI - "Shmoodles" live video

Wednesday 14 February 2018


GenresPunk / Hardcore / Screamo / Skramz
Related artists?.
CountryTokyo JAPAN
Years Active2013-present
Song: "Sight"
Album: "Blind Girls split"
Year: 2016
For fans ofBlue Friend, Forget Me Not, Amber Daybreak, Youth Novel, Crowning, 49 Morphines, Via Fondo, Shirokuma, Rainmaker, Anemone, Matsuri, Причал, Yarmulke, Vampires, Masada, Leer, Улыбайся Ветру, Yage, Blind Girls, Dip Leg, Hue, Suis La Lune, Hue and Loma Prieta aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Self Released / Zegema Beach Records / Dog Knights Productions / Asian Gothic Label / Structures//Agony / Through Love Records / Dingleberry Records / Samegrey Records / (We Built The World And) Miss The Stars Records / Don't Live Like Me Records / Kakusan Records / Rubaiyat Records
This post's artist is from the February 2018 Mix. This is track #6.
You can download: the February 2018 Mix#2 right here or get the new March 2018 Mix#3 here.

I generally post everything done here around in some, as far as I had thought, dead groups on Google+. Almost a year back I received a message on Google+ (which is rare, to say the least) telling me to check out Japan's SANS VISAGE. I don't know if they were a fan or a member of the band, but that was one very important message. I had already delved heavily into their 2016 split with Blind Girls (which made the Best Of 2016 list, linked here) and loved the song "Sight", but had neglected to search any further for other material. I quickly nabbed a few copies of their 'Demos' cassette from Connie at Structures//Agony Records right before she closed it down and started listening more. Right at the tail-end of 2017 SANS VISAGE dropped 'Moments' and I was fucking floored. Like, holy fuck this is amazing and I just fell directly into my concrete basement, floored. Ouch. With the Best Of lists out in full force at the end of December I feel like this record was lost in self-righteous postings by everybody and nobody, which is a goddamn shame.

Expanding on what  I quickly mentioned above, the band released two demos in 2014 (''Demo #1') and again in 2015 (''Demo #2') digitally which were compiled onto a tape in 2016. The first is an excellent debut with three songs, each titled "song 1", "song 4" and "song 3", with "song 4" being my personal favourite, as it weaves more of a Via Fondo web than I've heard in quite some time, and even includes a midsection reminiscent of the uplifting screamo sounds of Hue. The rest of the EP is pretty straightforward screamo, chaotic and pretty with a bunch of people screaming. It should be noted here that only one of the three songs end up on the 2017 LP, "song 1", making the other two exclusive to this release. The sophomore demo has five songs, including the missing "song 2", which opens with the eerie and distant "-". "barricade" is next and it's a fucking killer tune that incorporates incredible back-and-forth screaming alongside driving, dissonant instrumentals that could be likened to Malaysian screamo or Level Plane Records, perhaps even both. "song 2" brings to mind fellow Japanese screamo bands Forget Me Not and Blue Friend, and is an excellent track. "distance" embraces yelling over heavy screams and deploys much more inviting guitars, giving it an emo/post-rock feel. "past" rounds out this EP at a massive 6:41, as generally SANS VISAGE tunes are between one and four minutes. It is the slow builder, creating a stunning journey instead of shorter wow moments. The intro lasts almost two minutes and then the screaming kicks in over epic instrumentals, only to implode by 2:40 and give way to twinkly emo and desperate singing. Then there are like...three more parts, and they're all very good. From 'Demo #2' only one song here is exclusive, the opener, as the remaining four were re-recorded for the 2017 full length.

2016 was a busier year for SANS VISAGE, as they upped their releases to two. They began with the split 12" with Sweden's Careless and Det är därför vi bygger städer. Their songs "Counterfeit" and "Indolence" have much more strength than the preceding demos, likely due in large part to much better recordings and production. Their first song is vicious and includes a deep bass riff halfway through, while the second focuses on grooves over anger, creating a head-bobbing screamo/post-hardcore party that mesmerizes and destroys simultaneously. Released in late 2016 was their split EP with Australia's Blind Girls, including two more new tracks that continue to drop jaws further than the previous offerings. After initially jamming the A-side, I assumed the Blind Girls songs were not to be topped...but I was wrong! SANS VISAGE's "Sight" is fucking bonkers. The guitar progressions, guitar tone and stop/start rhythms in this thing are insane. Insane, I say! "Kyogen" isn't too shabby either, as it goes from chaos to ambiance to destruction in less than two minutes.

We got a further taste of the SANS VISAGE full length early in 2017 when UpWind Productions released their 'Tufàgne' compilation with an exclusive new/demo track titled "Denial" (that ended up having a music video, linked here). Then, on December 20th, 2017, SANS VISAGE dropped 'Moments' and good god, I nearly fainted. The LP is, for a lack of a better word, stunning. Recorded, mixed and mastered by my man Liam from Blind Girls, the 11 songs (five of which are brand new, the other six re-recorded) are individually amazing but also mesh so well when listened to as an album. Opener "22" is a swayin' opener, complete with groovy instrumentals, fresh screams and subtle singing. Previously discussed "song 1" and "song 2" follow, and then "worthless" hits like a ton of bricks. Frantic guitars, lightning drums and harsh screaming permeate the majority of this track, with a shit-ton of parts in only 2:17. A re-recorded and much quicker version of "denial" is next, followed by the new, blazing, violent, 45-second track "alt". "barricade" is next, the standout track from 'Demo #2', and the killer production gives the song new depth that is intimidating and accentuates that beautiful guitar tone and screaming whilst boosting the ridiculous time warp at 2:02, aligning it further with some earlier Loma Prieta material. "distance" is next, getting a slight push in the aggressive direction when compared to the original demo. Two new songs are next, starting with the hella jammy "life" that, for some odd reasons, brings North Of America to mind...but if they were screamo. The interplay of bass, drums and guitar during the first minute and a half are stellar, and when the track moves into the next gear at 1:35 they bring everything together and layer excellently placed vocals on top of it all. Track 10's "sway", another new tune, is much more subdued in its screamo, or maybe it's just much more attuned to the more relaxed and jazzy moments of Saetia and Off Minor, at least for the first minute and a bit. The final track is the re-recorded "past", which gives the album closure. And what an album. Jeeeeebus.

Thanks SANS VISAGE. You are incredible.



2014 - Demo #1 cdrEP (stream/donate/download here)

2015 - Demo #2 cdrEP (stream/donate/download here)

2016 - Blind Girls split 7"EP (stream/donate/download here)
2016 - 3-way split cd/12" w/Careless and Det är därför vi bygger städer (stream/donate/download here)
2016 - Demos cassetteLP (compiles Demo #1 and #2)

2017 - Moments cdLP (stream here)
2017 - Tufàgne compilation cassetteLP [contributed "Denial" demo version] (stream/donate/download here)


(2017) SANS VISAGE - "denial" (from 'Moments') official music video

(2017) SANS VISAGE - "worthless" (from 'Moments')

(2017) SANS VISAGE - "life" (from 'Moments')

(2016) SANS VISAGE - "Sight" (from 'Blind Girls' split)

(2016) SANS VISAGE - "Indolence" (from '3-way')

(2015) SANS VISAGE - "barricade" (from 'Demo #2')

(2014) SANS VISAGE - "song 4" (from 'Demo #1')


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Tuesday 13 February 2018

***HOLY SHIT DAY @Zegema Beach***

It's a crazy day over at Zegema Beach Records, as we're streaming two amazing 7" splits along with pre-orders. There's also a 'SeeYouSpaceCowboy' starter kit with their 7"EP, 7" split and cassingle for about $12US (linked here). Jam'em, buy'em, check'em out below:


Monday 12 February 2018


GenresPunk / Hardcore / Screamo / Skramz / Emo-violence / Powerviolence / Noise
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CountryStockholm SWEDEN
Years Active2017-present
Song: "Followed By"
Album: "Discourse"
Year: 2017
For fans ofMakara, Untold Want, Ruhaeda, Enoch Ardon, We Watch Clouds, Crimson Curse, Brainbomb, Antioch Arrow, The Blood Brothers, Transistor Transistor, Black Flag, Born Against, Lucertulus, Under A Sky So Blue, Carl Johnson, St. Albans Kids, Mohinder and Sur L'eau aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Emocat Records / Winter Sea Records
This post's artist is from the February 2018 Mix. This is track #8.
You can download: the February 2018 Mix#2 right here or get the new March 2018 Mix#3 here.

My friend Marta sent me the BARABBAS, DU FÖRTAPPADE tracks before they were initially released (on the awesome EmoCat Records, no less) and I was very, very down. So here's the review of Sweden's violent screamo four-piece's debut offering 'Discourse', influenced by Neil Perry, Ampere, Loma Prieta, Joshua Fit for Battle but sounding more like Makara, We Watch Clouds and Crimson Curse. The cassette begins with "Begrebet Angest", a 32-second blast of post-punk/screamo straight to the face. Before you can comprehend why your head hurts, "What Werther Wrote on the 15th of March" starts and waltzes around like Sur L'eau meets St. Albans Kids. "Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung" nearly reaches two minutes and includes an eerie, atmospheric opening with a Japanese (I think) audio clip. The song itself springs forward 41 seconds in and manages to take their noisy screamo to the next level, as this track blows away the preceding two with much more power, better transitions and a more cohesive and therefore thick sound. "Dining for Apocalypse" is much of the same but is led by booming bass lines, crunchy palm mutes and maniacal shrieking and almost sounds reminiscent of Ruhaeda and early Transistor Transistor. "Den dömda" also boasts sick bass and a cataclysmic section that begins at 20 seconds and instrumentally almost reminds me of "Extracurricular" by At The Drive In, strangely enough. Closer "Followed By" opens with feedback and screaming before the Makara-esque music as well as recording and production quality, and that climax at one minute is devastating.

So there you have it. Six songs in less than nine minutes. New, noisy, sassy, screamy and raw hardcore punk. Thanks, Marta!!!



2017 - Discourse cassetteEP (stream/donate/download here)


(2017) BARABBAS, DU FÖRTAPPADE - "Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung" (from 'Discourse')

(2017) BARABBAS, DU FÖRTAPPADE - "Followed By" (from 'Discourse')

(2017) BARABBAS, DU FÖRTAPPADE - "Dining for Apocalypse" (from 'Discourse')


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Friday 9 February 2018


GenresPunk / Hardcore / Thrash / Crust / Screamo / Neocrust
Related artistsCease Upon the Capitol, Thetan, Moral Decay, Singaia, Bandara, The Baldwin Mass Suicide, Metalwolfchaos, Barricaded Suspects, The Hell, Meka, Karoshi, Revolt And Reject, Fucking and Killing, Dolcim, Altar Of Complaints, Subjects/Rulers, Zyklon G.
CountryNashville, Tennessee U.S.A.
Years Active2004-2005, 2007-2010
Song: "Die Alone"
Album: "Sanctions/Dawn split"
Year: 2009
For fans of: Tragedy, Envy, From Ashes Rise, Ekkaia, Hongo, Remains of the Day, Schifosi, Kakistocracy, Asschapel, Dove, Sl'S3, Dawn, Karoshi, Fall Of Efrafa and Protestant.
Label(s): MeatCubeLabel / Anti-Corporate Music Inc. / Keep It Together Records / Tent City Records
This post's artist is from the July 2017 Mix. This is track #4.
You can download: the new January 2018 Mix#8 here.

Review by Jesse Mowery:
SANCTIONS were a melodic crust band from my hometown of Nashville, TN. I first played with them in 2005 when I was 17. At the time I knew nothing of crust or screamo music, or at least had skewed views of it. The bassist and drummer I knew from playing with their band Moral Decay, so I expected it to be good. What they played blew me away, as I had been wanting to hear a band that mixed a hardcore punk base with more melodic tendencies, as I was super into Iron Maiden and At the Gates at the time. I got their demo from them at the show, and listened to it over and over on repeat for weeks on end. That would be one of their last shows for a couple years, as Ryan was touring and releasing a bunch with his band Cease Upon the Capitol, on top of co-running I've Come For Your Children.

Right around the time Moral Decay played their last show was when SANCTIONS made their return, and CUTC wasn't around for much longer, so they all were able to start focusing on it more. In 2008 they released a full length called 'Home Sweet Home' that was 12 songs of blazing and dynamic melodic crust, including rerecorded versions of the demo songs. Around the same time they were on a comp called 'When the Bomb Drops' that was on Tent City Records, which had a few songs from Home Sweet Home, as well as the fantastic comp 'The Emo Annihilation' on React With Protest. My band Dawn played a bunch of shows with SANCTIONS, and Dan recorded us a few times, so we planned on doing a split together, which was both bands' first vinyl release as well. A year and a half after recording it came out as a 10" in 2009 on Anti-Corporate Music Inc. and Meatcube Label. The SANCTIONS songs on it definitely showed a more confident sound, moving from TN melodic d-beat worship in the vein of From Ashes Rise and Tragedy into their own sound. My favorite song on it is probably "Die Alone", as it's probably the closest thing to what they would be doing on their last album. Also "Oracle of Apocalypse" has a shred solo at the end from yours truly, which now that I'm thinking about it was probably the last real solo I recorded. After this they started having different lineup things happen. Roy from CUTC/the original bassist from SANCTIONS joined on 2nd guitar, and they recorded a full length that included a lot of songs that would end up being on 'No Land'. Unfortunately Josh accidentally kicked over Dan's hard drive at one point, successfully deleting their recordings. He quit sometime after that, and the band stopped for a bit to figure out what they were doing. They went back to the 3 piece format with a new drummer Chad, who had just moved to Nashville. They started playing newer stuff almost exclusively, fleshing all of the problems out before recording. Unfortunately their last album would come out post-mortem, as Ryan got offered a job in Seattle that was too good to turn down.

There is a part of me that wonders what they would have done next, but 'No Land' is probably the best note they could've ended on it, as in my opinion it's one of the more forward thinking crust/hardcore albums of the past decade. Ryan's love of Envy really comes out on this, as the guitars, melodies, and dynamics are reminiscent of early to mid era Envy, but with more consistent d-beats/fast punk parts.

Besides making amazing music, both Dan and Ryan run labels that have helped support regional and international bands, plus Dan has recorded almost every band I've been in and many other Nashville bands who probably wouldn't have recordings otherwise. Dan currently runs Black Matter Mastering, which he also does some amazing and weird etching besides mastering, and runs the label Anti-Corporate Music Inc, on top of playing bass in Thetan with Chad from SANCTIONS. Ryan runs Meatcube Label, which has been one of the only labels putting out and distributing Japanese screamo/emo bands consistently in the US. For a while he did an amazing blog on Japanese bands called The Absent Trail of an Echo and My Future Plagued by Surrender, and now helps with NIKU Cube.

Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2005 - Demo cd (stream/donate/download here)

2008 - Home Sweet Home cd (stream/donate/download here)

2008 - The Emo Annhilation 6" compilation

2008 - When The Bombs Drop 2xcd compilation

2009 - Dawn/Sanctions split 10" (stream/donate/download here)

2012 - No Land cassette (stream/buy here)

(2009) SANCTIONS - "Die Alone" (from 'Sanctions/Dawn split')

(2012) SANCTIONS- "Meaningless Life" (from 'No Land)

(2008) SANCTIONS - "Bright Future" (from 'Home Sweet Home')

(2008) SANCTIONS - "SPF" (from 'The Emo Annihilation')

(2008) SANCTIONS - "Suicide Bomber" (from 'When The Bomb Drops')

(2005) SANCTIONS - "Tragedy" (from 'Demo')


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