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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Metalcore / Metallic Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz
Related artists?.
CountryNew Jersey U.S.A.
Years Active1997-2000
For fans ofYou And I, The Story Of Floating Weeds, The Assistant, Dispensing Of False Halos, Crestfallen, Tyranny Of Shaw, and Codeseven.
Label(s): Inertia Records / Cast Down Records

     I was recently shown this album from New Jersey hardcore/metalcore/emo band BLUE SKIES FADE. They seem to have played shows for a few years around the release of their only album 'The Untimely Construction of a Bridge To Jump Off'. The album is loaded with neurotic moments and transitions (sometimes seamlessly, sometimes not) that swerves the vessel between varying track lengths and genres, generally emo with raw sung vocals, metalcore/metallic hardcore, and screamo. Songs such as "Pacify the Agony" and "Blur" hold my attention while others like the 7+ minute opener "Monday", "Numb", and closer "Conspiracy" have but a few beacons of light amidst a flurry of stuff that just doesn't jive with me. Primary, the unjiviness comes from the clean vocals that are kinda tone-deaf - which some people love, but not me. The thing is, when the band moves into the heavier stuff they really excel at it. The first half of "Angelica's Story" is badass and reminiscent of bands like Dispensing Of False Halos, The Assistant, and 'Division of Labor'-era Codeseven (those dual vox are intense), but the introspective midsection doesn't do anything for me. This holds true for the last two minutes of "On The Side Of Darkness" (another needlessly lengthy endeavor), most of "Blur" and "Pacify the Agony" as the intense, engrossing, cathartic aspects of the band shine brightly. 



1998 - The Untimely Construction of a Bridge To Jump Off cd/cassette LP (buy tape in the U.S. / buy tape everywhere else)


(1998) BLUE SKIES FADE - "Angelica's Story" (from 'The Untimely Construction of a Bridge To Jump Off')

(1998) BLUE SKIES FADE - "Blur" (from 'The Untimely Construction of a Bridge To Jump Off')
(1998) BLUE SKIES FADE - "Pacify The Agony" (from 'The Untimely Construction of a Bridge To Jump Off')


BLUE SKIES FADE out of print mp3 discography download / additional links


Monday, 28 November 2022

*** PODCAST #104 Rich Lombardi (The Sawtooth Grin, Cloacal Kiss, etc.) ***

     Back in July of 2020 I had the pleasure of distroing/fulfilling orders for THE SAWTOOTH GRIN's 'Cuddlemonster' 12" via Wax Vessel. A massively important thing for vinyl/extreme music lovers as well as myself and Zegema Beach Records, that release was the initial catalyst for Wax Vessel becoming the untouchable behemoth it is today. I somehow managed to snag an interview with vocalist Rich Lombardi and it was a very enjoyable few hours. You want stories and info about SAWTOOTH GRIN and CLOACAL KISS as well as Rich's choice music cuts? Well hot damn let's do this! Discussed in this episode: smashing Fraggle Rock, theatre/musicals and Dave's standard Evil Dead plug, Tom Waits' #1 fan, being the center of attention, woodwind vs. brass, tangents on: Stone Temple Pilots, Codeseven, Cave In, Botch, The Blood Brothers, and The Minor Times, high school cliques, Slayer is basically loud Weezer, pre-Sawtooth Grin aka All Ties Severed, the "scab Deadguy lineup", opening up for Coheed And Cambria (aka Shabuti), Mullet Fest, best and worst Sawtooth Grin shows, screaming in a grain silo, opening for Dillinger Escape Plan, Wax Vessel and Nik Velleca, a reintroduction to screamo, being famous or something, the snowball reunion, etc. Bands played in this podcast: Deadguy, Grouper, Jough Dawn Baker, Naked City, Nuvolascura, Timber Timbre, and Tom Waits. Listen to podcast #104 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.




1 Come Along With Me On the Journey, We've Earned It Together, Let's Party.
TOM WAITS "Flash Pan Hunter" (Rich)

2 A Recipe For Progressive Nostalgia
DEADGUY "Turk 182" (Rich)
JOUGH DAWN BAKER "Boise Cascade" (Dave)

3 Sawtooth Grin Stories
TIMBER TIMBRE "Creep On Creeping On" (Rich)
GROUPER "Unclean Mind" (Dave)

4 I'm In the Middle of My Fondest Sawtooth Grin Moment
NAKED CITY "Reanimator" (Rich)
NUVOLASCURA "Half Truth" (Dave)

5 You Need To Know That Your Band Is Really, Really Important To Us
- no music



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Wednesday, 23 November 2022

*** KERATIN exclusive song premiere ***

"Only Eye"
exclusive song premiere
For fans ofEnvy, Nionde Plagan, Suis La Lune, and Trachimbrod

releases December 5th, 2022

     When I got a message from a member of Gil Cerrone (a massively underappreciated band that released a killer EP this year) letting me know that another one of their bands had just recorded an EP, I was excited. Not super excited. Like...medium excited. So when I got hold of the 'Only Eye' EP by Australia's KERATIN my excitement level shot through the goddamned roof. This wasn't really good, it was fucking awesome. Like...Swedish awesome. So Tomb Tree whipped up 84 tapes that are ready to ship December 5th and now we're here, just under two weeks away.

(2022) KERATIN "Only Eye" (from 'Only Eye')

     This screamo/post-hardcore jam begins immediately with everyone going full-tilt until the 28-second mark when that massive, gorgeous, swing begins and leads into one helluva Hot Cross-esque riff. Seriously, in the first minute the listener is dealt a flurry of influences and styles with solo salads, lower-end screams ala Nionde Plagan, dreamy riffs not unlike Suis La Lune, and the ability to get behind the weight and momentum of the song like Envy. The song has minimal lyrics (although they are repeated a ton) and coasts through the second half off the wave of the first, laying out a lush landscape and riff echoes. Hot damn, this EP is fucking fire.

Sunday, 20 November 2022

*** PODCAST #103 Victor Shores ***

     I've been peripherally aware of three-piece VICTOR SHORES for about a decade at this point, through their connections with The Reptilian and Tiny Moving Parts. But it wasn't until Nate from No Funeral asked if I wanted to co-release this new album with Tomb Tree doing some tapes and No Funeral doing the 12"s. I was kinda like "sweet I finally have an excuse to check them out and I've just been sent a bunch of songs to jam", but hooooooly moly did those 9 tracks lay their hooks in me...forever. I'm fucking obsessed. If you like "heavy emo punk" or "twinkle emo skate punk no twinkle" (definitely a genre, definitely) you should be all over this new, self-titled album, for it is truly something to behold.

     It was truly a friendly conversation and it felt like we'd known each other for a long time. We talked about a ton of stuff including but not limited to: patience through Covid, the No Funeral connection, brothers over bandmates, a large Reset/Simple Plan tangent, what everyone was doing before Victor Shores and how they all met up, the band's first drummer, a Hot Cross tangent, the band's decade-long progression, David can record/mix/master, Bryce can hot sauce your face, Donnie's t-shirt/print/embroidery shop, writing the new record, etc. Bands played in this podcast: Algorillathym, Keratin, The Plan, Prize The Doubt, Sincere Engineer, and Why?. Listen to podcast #103 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.
1 Patience and Aging Like Fine Wine
WHY? "Gemini" (Bryce)
THE PLAN "3x3" (Dave)

2 Twinkle Skate Punk No Twinkle
SINCERE ENGINEER "Overbite" (Donnie)
PRIZE THE DOUBT "People Magazine" (Dave)

3 See if that makes the fucking cut.
ALGORILLATHYM "Go Home" (Victor Shores' Dave)
*** KERATIN "Still Quill" (Dave) *** -> EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE!!!



PODCAST #103 linked here


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Music videos!!!



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*** PODCAST #102 Aaron Wamack (Me And Him Call It Us, O'Brother) ***

     Back in 2013 I started this blog. That same a fellow showed me ME AND HIM CALL IT US. I kinda liked it but thought it was a bit chaotic and grindy. In 2016 I became obsessed with the band, and in 2017 wrote this review. In 2020 Wax Vessel released the ME AND HIM CALL IT US 'Epilogue' 3x12" discography and the band came into view once again, but dare I say on a bigger platform. I eventually gathered up the courage to ask drummer/vocalist Aaron Wamack if he'd be interested in a podcast, and he thankfully said yes. We discussed a ton of stuff but here a few highlights: Christian adult contemporary music, elementary school music class, breaking into secular music, jamming The Chariot with dad, his first band Forget About Stars, the Georgia move, the formation and influences of Me And Him Call It Us, Google + was important for one thing, going on a four-month tour, the Final Expression crossover, the Wax Vessel revival, the making of the 'Epilogue' booklet, ironically annoyed with "Innocent Bystander...", Aaron plugs Zegema Beach Records, Harken The Hands Askew history and...future?, joining/recording/touring with O'Brother, Manchester Orchestra connections, love for Blake, etc. Bands played in this podcast: The 1975, Black Matter Device, Brutus, Lower Automation, Mico, Nada Surf, Svalbard, and Thank You Driver. Listen to podcast #102 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.






1 A Hidden Shoebox of Secrets
BRUTUS "Dust" (Aaron)
SVALBARD "Click Bait" (Dave)

2 The Importance of Wearing Band Shirts at School
THE 1975 "Oh Caroline" (Aaron)
NADA SURF "80 Windows" (Dave)

3 The Flow of Me And Him Call It Us / Chipping Away at the Statue
MICO "Impío Serafín" (Aaron)
THANK YOU DRIVER "Dyer Blueprint" (Dave)

4 The OBrother and Big Jesus Years
BLACK MATTER DEVICE "Jay Dino Dies" (Aaron)



PODCAST #102 linked here


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*** LOWER AUTOMATION exclusive song premiere ***

exclusive song premiere
For fans of
Dillinger Escape Plan, One Day As A Lion, At The Drive In and Cave In

     Chicago's mathy noise rock veterans were kicking around for quite a few years before I caught wind of them. In early 2021 the band sent me their self-titled debut LP and I kinda lost my mind over it. 'Lower Automation' is honestly one of the sickest, most awesome records to ever jump into my earholes. I had zero expectations. I knew nothing. Now...well, now I apparently know everything and I drag around what has to be ridiculous expectations. But, in true LOWER AUTOMATION fashion, they blew me out of the water and I still haven't landed yet.

     Just over a year after their self-titled breakout 12" the three-piece is back with a whopping 12 new jams that'll leave you scratching your head while trying to bust some moves. It's a weird dance, there's no denying it. But that's the appeal of LOWER AUTOMATION. Want repeating sections? Fuck you. Looking for that simple hook or groove that you can lean into? Oops you just fell flat on the floor. The band's sophomore full length 'Strobe Light Shadow Play' simultaneously houses the most abrasive, chaotic, and weird concoctions by the band to date, but also the most melodic with a few songs that sport clean singing and dare I say "melodies".

     Vocalist/guitarist Derek Allen had this to say about "Guzzler":

This was one of my favorite songs to write lyrics for. It's kinda about how buying and consuming things is instilled in us from birth, which I think creates an emptiness in us and fuels a cycle of using these things as a distraction from how abysmal we feel.

     The full 12"LP releases in full on November 22nd via Zegema Beach Records on 200 eco-mix vinyl. These are in hand and ship the week of release.

(2022) LOWER AUTOMATION "Guzzler" (from 'Strobe Light Shadow Play')

     This mid-album track is a clusterfuck of awesomeness and weirdness. It begins with a gargling intro reminiscent of being swallowed into the Matrix, followed by extremely elegant and swirling/spacey Cave In-esque guitars with Derek's classic yelp (not entirely different from Cedric's At The Drive In wail). There's even a broken synthy part reminiscent of Zack De La Rocha's One Day As A Lion. This track offers just a taste of the infinite math soup that 'Strobe Light Shadow Play' has to offer.

Sunday, 13 November 2022


GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Post-Hardcore / Screamo / Skramz / Doom
Related artists?.
CountryLille FRANCE
Years Active2012-2016
For fans ofDaitro, Sed Non Satiata, Aleska, Yarostan, Massa Nera, Rha., The Solexine Chapter, Jeanne, Aussitot Mort, We Never Learned To Live, Cult Of Luna, and Amanda Woodward.
Label(s): Self Released/ Tokyo Jupiter Records

     I only came across this band recently and definitely wish I was aware of them back when they were releasing because A) this shit rules and B) I can't find me that first EP anywhere. I'm sure many readers know/love Daitro and by extension Yarostan, Aleska, Massa Nera, and Amanda Woodward, so you'll be stoked on France's ERRATA. The band's mixture of post-rock, post-hardcore, screamo and dare I say doom was a concoction I don't think I've heard a proper replication of (although Sed Non Satiata is a very close comparison), meaning that they really hit something special with their 8-song, 2013 LP 'L'autre Hemisphere'.

     Opener "Tour D'abandon" sets the tone immediately with a torrential downpour of commanding, heavy riffs and screams reminiscent of Daitro. This track is perhaps a tad misleading as the postier elements lay in wait for the second track "Entracte" which also happens to be triple the length. "Narcisse Est Mort" and "Le Sang Des Silènes" will hit the Amanda Woodward itch in any listener with searing vocals, mammoth instrumentals, and instrospective moments. Speaking of introspective, the 9:23 "Dernière Escale Avant Naufrage" spends a lot of time in the post-rock realm before picking up speed in the latter half. "Empreintes" is vaguely reminiscent of the opener but smoothed out a bit, and closer "L’éperdu Des Astres" is the lengthiest of the more screamo-driven tracks but packs a serious whallop, tying it for the strongest song on the album with tracks one and three.

     If anyone digs up that cdrEP of 'Modus Operandi' please let me know or post it in the comments 💗



2008 - Modus Operandi cdrEP (anyone have this? I don't!)

2013 - L'autre Hemisphere cdLP (download here)


(2013) ERRATA - "Tour D'abandon" (from 'L'autre Hemisphere')

(2013) ERRATA - "Narcisse Est Mort" (from 'L'autre Hemisphere')

(2013) ERRATA - "L’éperdu Des Astres" (from 'L'autre Hemisphere')

ERRATA digital LP / additional links


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*** BARABBAS, DU FÖRTAPPADE exclusive song premiere ***

"Regrets of Something Impossible"
exclusive song premiere

For fans of: Enoch Ardon, We Watch Clouds, Antioch Arrow, Transistor Transistor, St. Albans Kids, Sur L'eau and Letterbombs

BARABBAS, DU FÖRTAPPADE has been kicking it since 2017 or so and play cathartic screamo/hardcore from Sweden. Fresh off a line-up change, the band is releasing their debut full length in early 2023, the 12-song 'Discussions on Existentialism' on 12" via Dingleberry Records and Distribution (DE), No Heroes Records (DE), Jean Scene Creamers (US), Entes Anomicos (DE), Fresh Outbreak Records (IT), Pasidaryk Pats Records (LT), and Salto Mortale Music (SK). The record was recorded at Hermitage Studios in Stockholm, Sweden during December of 2021. It was mixed and mastered by Steve Roche at Permanent Hearing Damage studio (Off Minor, Neil Perry, Massa Nera, Capacities). Artwork and design by Alex Mages (@alexmages.artwork). Get ready for 1:32 of groovy-yet-disjointed stuff not unlike Letterbombs or We Watch Clouds.

(2022) BARABBAS, DU FÖRTAPPADE "Regrets of Something Impossible" (from Discussions on Existentialism')

The bottom's reached and now we can turn back. I feel the point where things could be good again. Start to remember things that made us. It is now we smile. But instead, we sorrow. The abyss is reached.  The abyss is reached. How the fuck could you die?


Friday, 4 November 2022

*** ERETIA exclusive song premiere ***

"Part II"
exclusive song premiere
For fans of
Fall Of Efrafa, Aussitot Mort, Cult Of Luna, R. Josef, and Rosetta

     ERETIA is a band consisting of a bunch of screamo vets including members of Osoluna (pre-Drei Affen) and Tempano but opts for a doomy, post-hardcore/post-metal vibe and it's awesome. The songs are very concise and generally last five minutes or less which is rare in the genre, but the songs are organic and move from section to section seamlessly whilst retaining a heavy, sludgy, grip on the listener. "Part II" is no different, coming in just under four minutes but swelling to a mammoth riff to close out the final minute. Awesome stuff!

     The cd/tape/12" comes out before 2022 concludes via 19 labels from all over the world so the chances are high that you will be able to snag a copy semi-locally and not have to pay international shipping.

(2022) ERETIA "Part II" (from 'Quietud')


Tuesday, 1 November 2022

*** PODCAST #101 Venus Twins ***

     I became aware of VENUS TWINS back in 2020 when I heard their sophomore EP 'Eat Your Dogs'  and that opener "Fkn Lightning" ruined me, reminding me of Big Dick and Death From Above 1979. I helped release that on tape and then hooked up again with the Texan twins for their newest full length 'RAXIS'. The bass and drums duo are currently on the road for a month (their longest tour yet!) and are about halfway through, so peep this podcast to either A) get acquainted with the band or B) learn a lot in-depth info (especially about the lyrical content of the new album). If you'd like more info on their individual releases I've also done a discography review (linked here).

     'RAXIS' is definitely one of my favourite albums of 2022 and has taken over as my shower listen. Go check it out first (linked here) then jam this OMSB-first "on the road" podcast. We discussed many-a-things, including (but not limited to): what were you doing when covid stopped the world?, Mommy's Little Boy, learning from Rock Band, Cold Fire, joining Acid Carousel, the scene in Denton, moving to New York, gathering a plethora of influences, the best Circa Survive album, the meaning of RAXIS, the benefits of being twins in a band, tour stories, lego rave party, family members and vices, being vegan and the Animal Kill Clock, xanax + weed = demons, future EP plans, etc. Bands played in this podcast: Big Dick, Big Hand//Big Knife, Hella, Tongues Of Fire, and YHWH Nailgun. Listen to podcast #101 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.

"Mist Mist Mist Mist Mist Mist Mist Mist Mist" official music video

1 The Slow 360 and Dillinger
"Fkn Lightning" (intro) 
TONGUES OF FIRE "Silence" (Matt and Jake)
BIG DICK "Yard Fight" (Dave)

2 The Effects of Coffee and Being Twins
YHWH NAILGUN "Look at Me, I'm a Rainer" (Matt and Jake)
HELLA "Ho's in the House" (Dave)

3 Track-By-Track Commentary aka Jazzers Go Hard
BIGHAND//BIGKNIFE "Sift" (Matt and Jake)

4 Future Plans aka An Oxymoron Unto Itself
(outro) VENUS TWINS "Return to Dust" 



PODCAST #101 linked here


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GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal / Metal / Black Metal / Doom / Sludge / Ambient / Experimental
Related artists?.
CountryBoston, Massachusetts U.S.A.
Years Active2019-present
For fans ofHope Drone, Somn, Blue Noise, Spectral Wound, An Autumn For Crippled Children, Dakhma, Old Soul, Olam, Show Me A Dinosaur, Underdark and Deafheaven.
Label(s): Self Released / Mutual Aid Records

     It's October 31st and I had this one already lined up and hot dog does it fit the bill. Massive, heaving, dark, ominous blackened post-metal (or is that just called atmospheric black metal?) by Boston's HEAD IN HAND. I was introduced to them via AJ from Adobe Homes who had me check them out and by golly I'm glad I did. This doesn't need to be lengthy either, as their first release in 2020 isn't really my thing (doomgaze?) and the songs from the 2021 EP ended up on the 2022 EP, thus meaning I've got about five actual songs to review.

     So let's focus solely on 2022's 'Unnatural Providence', a five-song journey through Somn, Hope Drone, and early Deafheaven territory although a bit more restrained at times. Opener "Smoking Mirror" is a 12-minute trek through gorgeous misty mountains, past entrancing cave wizards, and into the underbelly of the darkest subterranea. There's a lot more emphasis on movements and structure over speed and ridiculousness, giving the band both a softer side and a gloss of sludge. "It That Betrays" gets into the groove of things quicker than its predecessor and sinks that massive hook in nice and early. Awesome screaming too, all over the course of seven minutes with no lulls or ambient passages. What's one of the best books ever? Why it's "The Lathe of Heaven" by Ursula Leguin, obviously. This is also the title for the apex track that also weighs in around seven minutes and change, but focuses more on lush textures under the screaming instead of sheer power. "Years of Lead" is a mixture of tracks two and three, with closer "I Will Guide Thy Hand" being the epic, crushing, closer you'd expect from such a solid five jams.

     Very stoked to see what they release next!



2020 - Solstice Demo EP (stream/donate/download here)

2021 - Return to the Ground EP (stream/donate/download here)

2022 - Unnatural Providence cassette EP (stream/donate/download here)


(2022) HEAD IN HAND - "It That Betrays" (from 'Unnatural Providence')

(2022) HEAD IN HAND - "I Will Guide Thy Hand" (from 'Unnatural Providence')

(2022) HEAD IN HAND - "Smoking Mirror" (from 'Unnatural Providence')


HEAD IN HAND additional links


Friday, 28 October 2022

*** PODCAST #100 Mares Of Thrace ***

     Back in 2018 I wrote a review of the MARES OF THRACE material to date (linked here). Then I waited. Things happened. I continued waiting. More things happened to lots of people. Or, more specifically, they happened to MARES OF THRACE. Original drummer Stef left the band leaving Trez a bit low and looking for hope. Enter Casey, and bam, new MARES OF THRACE. Find out all about it here as well as: Stef's blessings, musical families, the mass Nanaimo exodus, stoners vs. hip-hop kids, ska makes an appearance yet again, Star Trek and curry, Goreguts love, getting around the Columbia House scam, the creation of "Venison" from Isis, the bug that struck Stef (don't worry it's a good one), some things are just easy for Casey, slow and heavy, compliment fest, favourite song on the new record, what Casey's eyebrows do, not screaming for six years, skramz dabble, etc. Bands played in this podcast: Future Of The Left, Ken Mode, Meshugga, PJ Harvey, Sannhet, The Third Memory, The Totemist, and The Wind In The Trees. Listen to podcast #100 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.


1 You Are The Only Person I Would Allow To Be In This Band
MESHUGGA "Phantoms" (Casey)
THE WIND IN THE TREES "Dying In Light Years" (Dave)
PJ HARVEY "Who the Fuck?" (Trez)

2 From Stef to Casey
SANNHET "Revisionist" (Trez)
THE TOTEMIST "Roast Host" (Casey)
VENUS TWINS "Return to Dust" (Dave)

3 There's a shortage of earnest praise in the world. (but not here)
"Absolutely Not" 
FUTURE OF THE LEFT "Arming Eritrea" (Trez)



PODCAST #100 linked here


Tuesday, 25 October 2022

*** PODCAST #99 Aeryn Jade Santillan (Massa Nera, This Place Is Actually The Worst, Guillemet) ***

     Aeryn fucking rules. Straight up, one of the coolest people I've met and an incredible human in all aspects. She used to play in Guillemet, and then started This Place Is Actually The Worst, and now also play bass/vocals in Massa Nera. What's that? They also compose music? Goddamn! We discussed lots of stuff and played some sick music, but here's a quick list: joining Massa Nera, Linkin' Park comfort, EYESWIDESHUT, being a scene kid, missing myspace, life-changing advice from Paper Mice, being in Guillemet, unintentional John Zorn overlap, whatever happened to Miriam?, inherent inclusivity, a meaning behind the new Massa Nera album, the story behind "April 7th", Aeryn's favourite song on the new record, why she rips into "Shapeshifter" live, shits that have shits, the vices we have, etc. Bands played in this podcast: Charger Port, Frankie Cosmos, Guillemet, Isodora Cane, Paper Mice, and Yeule. Listen to podcast #99 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.


"April 7th" MUSIC VIDEO!!!!


1 The Reason There Are So Few Drummers...Parents
GUILLEMET "773" (Aeryn)
ISODORA CRANE "Don't Play Russian Roulette With A Man Who Has Two Glass Eyes" (Dave)

2 Pivotal People
PAPER MICE "Hot Air" (Aeryn)
CHARGER PORT "where does the ceiling end..." (Dave)

3 Opera vs. Hardcore Screamo Land
FRANKIE COSMOS "Knives in My Throat" (Dave)
"I Miss You This Much" (Aeryn)

4 The New Album and the Endless Cycle
no music



PODCAST #99 linked here


Thursday, 20 October 2022


GenresPunk / Rock / Noise Rock / Drums And Bass / Grunge / Experimental
Related artists?.
CountryBrooklyn, New York U.S.A.
Years Active2019-present
For fans ofDeath From Above, Big Dick, Lightning Bolt, PrimusHellaBlue Youth, Drive Like Jehu, McClusky, Meth And Goats, and Raw Grip.
Label(s): Tomb Tree Tapes / Softseed Music

     When Tomb Tree started off and I was combing through bands to ask about releases I came across VENUS TWINS, a two-piece from Brooklyn, New York consisting of twin brothers on drums and bass/vocals. I picked up 'Eat Your Dogs' as the 22nd release for the label and put out a small run of 30 tapes. This album was preceded by the 'Kickass' EP released a year before (2019) and was followed by the brand new 'RAXIS' album in October of 2022 which ended up on Softseed Music on about 80 swirl cassettes. The duos dark, groovy, noise rock will surely turn heads of anyone who even remotely enjoys the stylings of bands such as Death From Above, Raw Grip, and Big Dick.

     In December of 2019 the two-piece released 'Kickass', which is a bit of a different beast, with a heavier Primus vibe than the later stuff, especially in the vocal-department. There's still the signature VENUS TWINS sound but it's just a bit muddled. Opener "Addiction" is has a yelly tail-end, "DOOM//CRUCIFY" has a cavernous chorus, and closer "Vile" is pretty aggressive, but otherwise I find myself wanting to listen to the new two albums instead.

     Released just 9 months later was 'Eat Your Dogs', a much more mature and organic-sounding release housing 8 tracks book-ended by the most obvious bangers. This release shows the band finding their groove and expanding/evolving their sound outward from it. Opener "Fkn Lightning" is exactly what the title states, blasting through 1:19 of fantastic bass-driven noise-rock with a nice, jazzy midsection that leads seamlessly into the mindfuckery that leads this song out. Seriously that's one helluva jam. The following seven songs are very good noise-rock/punk jams with some experimental and wonky sections from time to time and generally heavier vocals (to the point of screaming), but hot damn that opener is perfection. Closer "Spiders" is also a favourite of mine, mainly due to the infectious instrumentals that wreak havoc all over this track, and after listening to the 2022 album this definitely has 'RAXIS' feels all over it. Much jammier, yelly vocals more than screamed and a groove that sweeps the listener through the track with ease, it's the perfect lead into the next paragraph!

     2022's 'RAXIS' showcases much of what was explored 'Eat Your Dogs', but simultaneously refines and experiments aggressively outward. It's a strange contradiction that somehow plays out to a real-life "double plus good", as it gives the band a serious handle on their song structure and those ear-worm riffs, while also giving them infinite room to expand and dabble in new/weird/awesome things. Opener "Falling On My Own Sword" thrusts this juxtaposition on the listener immediately as the waves of bass wash over the speakers and the song shifts from awkward, disjointed lurches to a super groovy midsection adorned with a stop/starts and isolated, shouted vocals. Next up is the absolutely phenomenal "Return To Dust". Cripes I could write a paragraph just on this song, but I'll try to keep it short. This jam has three sections that are fucking righteous, the first being the ridiculously catchy bass riff that injects two piercing notes which are like the scrumptious fishing hooks of all-time. Get a taste of this during it's first run at 1:10. The second thing that this song excels at is the vocals, as they hop, skip, and jump through the verses and fully wrap around the listener come chorus time with a very easy to remember "six six six six six seven, six six six six six six". Wonderful vocal delivery. Awesome cadence. Then there's the jolting tail-end that has the lone vocal line of "incarcerated!" during a freeze and it's subsequent explosion of danceable garage/noise-rock. Easily in my top 3 songs of 2022.

     Oh shit there's still a lot to go over, so I'll actually try and condense my thoughts. "Don't Take Fix (You Are a Skeleton)" and "Sees Recneps" take a closer step toward dark, sludgy, experimental rock, while "Agony Sludge Infinite" sees the band heading directly into the unknown. "God's Machines" is a whopping 10:28 in length and contains no filler, this sucker just goes for 10 fucking minutes. Closer "In A Smashed Mirror" is similar but clocks in at 6:43, is much more eerie and kinda unravels at the end. The remaining tracks are my other faves and include the frantic and very Lightning Bolt-esque "Mist Mist Mist Mist Mist Mist Mist Mist Mist" (music video embedded below!), the infectious/prodigious groove that is "ANGEL32:35", and that palm-muted banger also known as "Light Catches the Rats".

     The band's 'RAXIS' tour started just two days back and has a bunch more shows coming up so check this video to see if they're playing near you! Hard recommend, VENUS TWINS are amazing!!!



2019 - Kickass digital EP (stream/buy here)

2020 - Eat Your Dogs cassette EP (stream/donate/download here) [buy tapes from Tomb Tree here]


(2022) VENUS TWINS - "Return To Dust" (from 'RAXIS')

(2022) VENUS TWINS - "Light Catches the Rats" (from 'RAXIS')

(2022) VENUS TWINS - "Mist Mist Mist Mist Mist Mist Mist Mist Mist" (from 'RAXIS') official music video

(2020) VENUS TWINS - "Fkn Lightning" (from 'Eat Your Dogs') official music video

(2020) VENUS TWINS - "Spiders" (from 'Eat Your Dogs')

(2020) VENUS TWINS - "Veins" (from 'Eat Your Dogs') official music video

(2019) VENUS TWINS - "Vile" (from 'Kickass')

(2019) VENUS TWINS - "Doom//Crucify" (from 'Kickass')


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"Return To Dust" live