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BandLUCIENTE aka Failed Suicide Plan
GenresPunk / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal / Crust
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CountryErfert GERMANY
Years Active2007-present
Song: "Es ist ein Weinen in der Welt"
Album: "Über den Abgrund geneigt"
Year: 2019
For fans ofTrainwreck, Zann, Olam, Lentic Waters, The Ocean, KalpaÉglise, Nine Eleven, I Not Dance, Bökanövsky, Lakmé, Noise Trail Immersion, Takaru, I Am A Curse, Eaves and Perth Express.
Label(s): Self Released / TDD Records / Hey Hey Records / Frohike Records
This post's artist is from the May 2019 Mix. This is track #5.
You can download: the May 2019 Mix#5 right here or get the new June 2019 Mix#6 here.

Yet another LISTEN TO JESSE MOWERY review. So Jesse posted this German powerhouse in a group somewhere and I became instantly hooked, as the behemoth, crusty, post-hardcore/post-metal was very reminiscent of Trainwreck, Lentic Waters, Eaves and I Not Dance. I've only really delved into the newest record, 2019's 'Über den Abgrund geneigt', but upon listening to their first EP 'Failed Suicide Plan', second EP '3rd record', third EP 'Fragment' and first LP 'Luciente' are all excellent releases, comparable to the newest endeavor and worth your time.

The band's sound lies in melodic grooves woven into crusty, crushing hardcore/post-metal with vocals that dip in and out of shrieking and gutteral growls. Their EP 'Fragment' and first LP 'Luciente' show the band with their sound matured more than five years ago. On their latest record LUCIENTE most notably play with more vocal variety and stretch out the heaviness from both high and low, reminding me most of The Ocean and Kalpa. Opener "Es ist ein Weinen in der Welt" boasts fantastic swings with the screams and growling from 1:45, and those behemoth instrumentals don't hurt either. Title track "Über den Abgrund geneigt" packs another wallop after a brief, doomy intro - most specifically the ridiculous drum shifts after 1:45 and the subsequent climax. "Styx" was released as a single/teaser the year prior and is perhaps the most metal of their material, and it's pretty dang epic and shifts into Cult Of Luna territory before shredding hard. "Maschinengeheul" incorporates some metalcore murder riffs and is easily one of the best tracks on here, while finale "Acéphale" does a great job of obliterating the listener at the close.

I only just found out that their old material was released under the band name Failed Suicide Plan, and was changed for what I can only assume are obvious reasons.



2007 - Al Fredo split 7"

2009 - Failed Suicide Plan cdrEP

2011 - 3rd record EP (stream/buy here)

2013 - Fragment 7"EP (stream/buy here)

2015 - Luciente digitalLP (stream/buy here)

2018 - Styx digital single (stream/buy here)

2019 - Über den Abgrund geneigt LP (stream/buy here)


(2019) LUCIENTE - "Es ist ein Weinen in der Welt" (from 'Über den Abgrund geneigt')

(2019) LUCIENTE - "Maschinengeheul" (from 'Über den Abgrund geneigt')

(2019) LUCIENTE - "Über den Abgrund geneigt" (from 'Über den Abgrund geneigt')

(2018) LUCIENTE - "Styx" (from 'Styx')

(2016) LUCIENTE - "Rabenschar" live @Fluff Fest

(2013) LUCIENTE - "Einsam Zweisam" (from 'Fragment')

(2009) LUCIENTE - "Frühling" (from 'Failed Suicide Plan')


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