Tuesday, 4 September 2018

***DIANACRAWLS exclusive premiere***

'Sporadic Defenestration'
exclusive EP premiere
For fans ofDaughters, Commuovere, To Dream Of Autumn, La Luna, Kill Sadie and Yung Nat$

Holy fuck, are you ready? I'll just answer for you, you are not. I am elated to bring you the exclusive premiere for Montreal's DIANACRAWLS debut cassette EP 'Sporadic Defenestration' that releases on No Funeral Records on 150 ivory glitter tapes. This six-song affair is as obtuse and funky as it is screamy. Gabriel (drums, ex-Commuovere) started the very Daïtro-esque Au Bout De Mes Lèvres while Marie began fronting DIANACRAWLS with members of The Ultimate Screamo Band, Politess, and Hérésie, but they are still a band I have no obvious comparison for. The songs are very jammy and grooving but flip-flop between different slow, accessible variations and heavy, chaotic and very screamy hardcore, sometimes simultaneously. Each song is its own beast and the band isn't afraid to step outside of the proverbial genre-box, so I'll stop being generic.

(2018) DIANACRAWLS - 1 - "Brutalisme Linéaire" (from 'Sporadic Defenestration')
A very versatile opener with some awesome clean singing in the intro that reminds me of the very early Hopesfall LP and subsequently goes ballistic. There's a slowdown, bass-driven section that cycles in and out of madness after the first 60 seconds.

(2018) DIANACRAWLS - 2 - "Rollercoasting Stimulation" (from 'Sporadic Defenestration')
This song goes right for the jugular with lots of screaming and a ton of shifts, changes and trap doors, my favourite coming at 1:37 with a very chill, Primus part that has screaming thrown over top at two minutes.

(2018) DIANACRAWLS - 3 - "Which Brings You To Affectionate Tears" (from 'Sporadic Defenestration')
This sounds like a two-and-a-half minute tantrum of rage and destruction. Without a doubt the heaviest track on here, and the most intense.

(2018) DIANACRAWLS - 4 - "I Was Walking On The Street On A Sunny Day, I Saw A Dead Frog On The Sidewalk And Then I Started Crying" (from 'Sporadic Defenestration')
This song is so short it's almost non-existent. I assume the joke here is that saying the title takes longer than listening to the song itself.

(2018) DIANACRAWLS - 5 - "Canopée " (from 'Sporadic Defenestration')
This is a very weird track with a proggy, dancey and synthy intro that gets very heavy, then super screamy and ends on with a trippy, Kill Sadie-esque ambient/noise outro. Goddamn mindfuck, that one. A quite enjoyable one.

(2018) DIANACRAWLS - 6 - "Us Anyway" (from 'Sporadic Defenestration')
This closer is fantastic. The dual screaming and maniacal instrumentals get very jammy/proggy at 48 seconds, leading to a death-ray roasting section that lights the Earth ablaze from 1:19 to its 2:09 close. Hot damn what a ride!

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