Sunday, 23 September 2018

***BETHARI / INQUIRY LAST SCENERY / MAR NEGRO / POETRY OF TORCH 4-way split exclusive premiere***

M   A   R      N   E   G   R   O
P O E T R Y  O F  T O R C H
B     E     T     H     A     R     I

'4-Way Split'
exclusive 4-song premiere

Hooooolllyyyyy shit here comes another exclusive premiere of at least one song from each of the bands on the 4-way split between MAR NEGRO (Costa Rica), POETRY OF TORCH (Japan), BETHARI (Singapore) and INQUIRY LAST SCENERY (Malaysia). This thing releases on cassette October 6th, 2018 from Thailand's Tenzenmen Records and Malaysia's Exit Records.

For fans ofJeromes DreamSenza and Textbook Traitors

Ahhhhh, the reason I got to do this is cuz I love me some BETHARI, and proved it here. These five new songs likely follow a narrative due to the very intriguing song titles. They are also fucking scorchers, jesus ass christ. With the exception of the intro song all tracks here are only 20 to 32 seconds each, so this is over very quickly and needs repeat listens to soak in all that awesomeness. My favourite of the five would have to be the third track, but the fifth is also unrelenting.

(2018) BETHARI - #3 - "P (对联)" (from '4-way' split)

For fans ofStubborn FatherAlpinist and Left Astray

They offer up four tracks of extremely dark, crusty and volatile hardcore, making them the heaviest on the split. There's definitely some crossover into other genres as I wouldn't really label this as screamo, but it fits right in with the other bands and will leave you feeling like you got punched in the gut.

(2018) INQUIRY LAST SCENERY - #4 - "Belansungkawa" (from '4-way' split)

For fans ofYo SbraitoEkkaia and Tenue

Two-piece from Valle Central in Costa Rica, they play a raw and screamy mixture of Euro screamo (Italian, in particular, I would say) and neocrust. I hear a bit of La Quiete and Shizune as well as darker stuff such as Orchid and Ekkaia. My favourite of the three is the perfectly balanced "Migración Forzada". Very cool stuff that I hadn't heard before. They also have a six-song demo EP from 2017 that you can grab here.

(2018) MAR NEGRO - #3 - "Migración Forzada" (from '4-way' split)

For fans ofCape Light, (early) Examination Of The... and 5000

Ahaha at this point I'm just floored. Four amazing bands, dear lord what a split. This Japanese four-piece plays a brutal, explosive blast of emo-violence not unlike some of the heavier new bands coming out of Japan (I'm thinking of Cape Light and 5000, in particular). I have premiered two songs below because this band is new and very hard to find online, as they seem to be socially quiet (at least on the English shores) but did see that they share their guitarist with Zdzis Law. Check this out if you like your music caustic, short, violent and amazing.

(2018) POETRY OF TORCH - #1 - "Kneel Young" (from '4-way' split)

(2018) POETRY OF TORCH - #3 - "Sink Into My Lust" (from '4-way' split)

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