Sunday, 15 July 2018

PODCAST #27 w/Henrietta Lockheart (Terrifying Girls' High School, Emocat Records, etc.)

Since moving to B.C. on the west coast of Canada I've only "hung out" or "chilled" or what have you with two amazing individuals in Vancouver. Henrietta Lockheart and Miggy Hawes both do a ton of things, besides do a guest spot on this podcast. Henrietta is a driving force behind Kitty On Fire Records while Miggy is the brains of Emocat Records, while both of them play in Terrifying Girls' High School (sassy skramz) and the newer project Diva Plavalaguna (synthy screamy rock).

Honestly, this podcast is very entertaining. I would say it's downright funny. It's essentially like sitting in and listening to our (then) bi-weekly hangs aka screamo ramblings (skramblings, if you will) with us showing each other bands that we like. We discuss chip-tunes, nintendo-core, bands getting stranded in Russia, how much money we've lost on releases, the correct pronunciation of "shown", how to be the toast of the skramcave, a bunch of other stuff as well as a lengthy discussion on the screamo scenes reaction to the new Jeromes Dream record crowdfunding campaign. A podcast worth your time for many reasons. Also, be sure to check out:

Emocat Records (Bandcamp / Facebook)
Kitty On Fire Records (Bandcamp / Facebook )

Terrifying Girls' High School (Bandcamp / Facebook)
Diva Plavalaguna (no pages yet, coming soon)

DMVGE - "Cyber Soldier" (Henrietta)
THE ADVANTAGE- "Contra - Alien's Lair & Boss Music" (Dave)

ERROR37 - "Relaxulate" (Henrietta)
SANS VISAGE - "barricade" (Dave)

KILL YOUR CHILDREN - "1 & 2" (Henrietta)
BLUE YOUTH - "Black Lung" (Dave)
5PM PROMISE - "Elä Sinä Minusta" (Henrietta)

Jeromes Dream discussion



PODCAST #27 linked here

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