Monday, 10 December 2018

***PODCAST #30 w/Vanessa Valadez (Crowning) & Andy***

One time, on the internet, I saw that my friend Vanessa (from the band Crowning) asked if anyone knew any good places to go in British Columbia. As I now live in British Columbia, I posted something along the lines of "Hey, come visit the shores of Zegema Beach," or something equally unwitty. Long story short, Vanessa and her partner Andy came to visit us in Nanaimo (pronounced "nah-NIY-moe") and we did a podcast. In very related news, the Crowning/Marée Noire split cassette (listen here) is all ready to go and shipping out so should you want one of these beauts just order from ZBR in the US here or Canada/Internationally here.

(2018) - CROWNING "Trakata" (from 'Marée Noire split')
buy split in the U.S. here or in Canada/Internationally here

FOLLY - "I Repeat" (Vanessa)
CODESEVEN - "How Many Miles to Babylon?" (Dave)
DESIDERATA - "Fritz Called Magnum" (Dave)

CUTTING PINK WITH KNIVES - "You're Late" (Vanessa)
BLIND GIRLS - "3am" (Dave)
MILLION DEAD - "I Am the Party" (Vanessa)
MARCO SOLO - "Your Ghost" (Dave)

EMPLOYED TO SERVE - "Watching Films to Forget That I Exist" (Vanessa)
ENKEPHALIN - "Calling to Confirm" (Dave)
FARAQUET - "Cut Self Not" (Vanessa)
GIRL ARM - "Crimean Crimes" (Dave)
YOUTH FUNERAL - "É" (Vanessa)



PODCAST #30 linked here

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