Friday 28 December 2018

***KNOWPEACE exclusive premiere***

exclusive album premiere
For fans ofCouncil Of Rats, Celebration, Tenue, Graf Orlock, Deszcz, Creeper , Perth Express and Furnace

I am stoked to bring you the exclusive premiere of King's Lynn's KNOWPEACE and their new EP titled 'Resist'. After releasing their previous EP 'Revolt' on January 1st, 2018 the band decided it fitting to close out the year with these new, volatile and explosive three tracks. The band had this to say:

Callous Records have kindly agreed to issue the physical release on tape and we're very proud to be on a label that's home to so many awesome artists (Punch On!, Underdark, Perfect Blue and more). This release deals with issues such as the rise in fascism around the globe ("A Return"), ignorance and belittling of the crisis that is climate change (Denial) and the scapegoating and punishment of the poorest in society for economic recession (The Ivory Tower).

(2018) KNOWPEACE 'Resist'

All three songs pack some serious heat but opener "A Return" is a great introduction, riding feedback for nearly 20 seconds before blasting full force into dirty, abrasive and dark metallic hardcore. The yelled vocals followed by dual screaming/bellowing that begin at around 35 seconds are fucking killer, as is the subsequent climax at 1:20. There's a slowdown, driving midsection that weaves in and out of the heavy before fully committing at the two-minute mark by shattering the listener with waves of sinister hardcore. "A Denial" is much shorter as it only reaches 1:34 and has much more of a Graf Orlock feel to it and could probably be labeled as crust and/or d-beat. Closer "The Ivory Tower" has the raw intensity and fury of Furnace, as it wastes no time going for the jugular. In fact, Satan himself shows up around the one-minute mark to provide some seriously hellish vocals, followed by (with what sounds like) every band member chiming in for gang vocals across the latter half. A seriously good EP with a strong message that you should probably heed. STOP FUCKING UP, PEOPLE.


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