Tuesday, 18 December 2018

***NUVOLASCURA premiere***

"Flower Offering"
exclusive song premiere
For fans ofLord Snow, Itto, Mahria, La Luna, Capsule, Curtains, Cloud Rat and Blind Girls

pre-order coming in January from:
Zegema Beach, Sombras Del Progreso & No Funeral

In the fall I went to go see SeeYouSpaceCowboy at a house show in Seattle. It was awesome. Whilst there I chilled with the band and sat down for awhile with Dom, who plays in Letters To Catalonia as well as NUVOLASCURA. They informed me that NUVOLASCURA (who also has members of Ghost Spirit, Heritage Unit and Curtains) had just wrapped up the recording of a new album and would let me hear it once completed. A quick recap is in order here - NUVOLASCURA used to be Vril (reviewed here, actually) and I was lucky enough to help release a 4-way 10" split with Middle Man and Icorrupt in early 2017, so we had a bit of history already. Nevertheless, I kind of forgot about the imminent, incoming LP and after it showed up in my inbox I gave it a spin - but I had no idea what I was in for. By the time the first track ended I was winded. What the fuck was that? I know it was amazing, but what the fuck was that? And so I listened to the song again. I came to nearly the same conclusion but picked up a plethora of new stimulation, there's just a shit-ton to unpack within Jack Shirley's mesmerizing mix. And so it goes for the entire 11 songs on the 'Nuvolascura' 12" and cassette LP, which will be available to order from Zegema Beach, Sombras Del Progreso and No Funeral.

(2018) NUVOLASCURA "Flower Offering" (from 'Nuvolascura')
First off, in no way is this a soft or calm song, but compared to the rest of the record it has more obvious melodies, restraint and even some clean, spoken-word vocals. It's an excellent first look at the band's ability to weave stunningly intricate metallic hardcore with a multitude of other genres, and the attention to detail and subtleties is remarkable. "Flower Offering" is the third song off of 'Nuvolascura' and begins with a dreamy, looped guitar that fades out at 15 seconds with all of the instruments coming in at once and falling somewhere between Itto and, especially with those vocals, La Luna. This section swirls around like magical dust before condensing into a whirlwind for just a brief ten seconds and quickly reverting back to the entrancing guitar noodles. During this revisitation Erica slyly steers the ship toward some seriously unstable storms as her talking shifts to outright shrieking and helps the song transition into a powerful but short lead-in that explodes at 1:20. Do take note of the drumming here as well as the climb to that phenomenal 6-second climax at the end of the song.

There is simply no way that you won't finish this track and crave more. Well good news, you can hear a new, outrageously awesome song titled "Half Truth" on the new Zampler #12 - Oh God, We're Gonna Die which will be released on January 1st, 2019. Trust me, you are not ready.


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