Sunday, 24 June 2018

***PUNCHLINE HUNTING SEASON exclusive premiere***

"Sleepless in Shokudō"
exclusive EP premiere
For fans ofRuined Families, The Great Sabatini, Callow, Apostles Of Eris, Remote, Turing Machine and EYES
I am happy to bring a brand spankin' new premiere for your listening pleasure. Antwerp, Belgium's PUNCHLINE HUNTING SEASON has graciously let me drop their third EP titled 'Sleepless in Shokudō'. In four songs, the listener is met with a myriad of styles that will bend the mind while simultaneously puncturing your ear holes. Members have spent time in Bob SagetCharles³Ihloosuhree and Cyclus, citing Town Portal, True Champions Ride On Speed and Kidcrash.

The EP begins with the only lengthy title, "The disadvantage of eating mashed potatoes out of a rice bowl with chopsticks". It is a wonky and disturbing subterranean ride through experimental post-hardcore with an awesome transition taking place at 1:40 that takes this opener to its next level. "Rackmoth" (awesome title, by the way) focuses on some very interesting riffing during the first minute that makes this sound very different from other hardcore bands almost sounds like 8-bit music through a guitar and it's sick as fuck. "Superaidstiger" begins sounding like an entirely new band with some sweet guitar noodlin' that brings jazzy, atmospheric prog-rock to mind. The song then shifts into spacey post-hardcore territory with vocals not far from Ruined Families. While the first three track combine for a total of 10 or so minutes, the closer "Sleepless" is a whopping 11:58. It's like a behemoth of a man, ambling slowly and awkwardly down a dark street, muttering something under his breath that sounds like a scream. Woah...that's pretty vivid, but also isn't a great description. Besides, when two minutes hit the song takes a pretty mathy blast into the fastest and most aggressive material on the release, at three minutes you can recline in a chair and go to sleep, at four you may go back in time or possibly fall into your own brain, by five you might be floating in space, then there's a few minutes of silence and a final denouement that weaves acoustic guitars and 80s sci-fi music to conclude this mindfuck.

Enough vague and weird descriptions, jam it below.

(2018) PUNCHLINE HUNTING SEASON - 'Sleepless in Shokudō' full EP

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