Saturday, 16 June 2018

***PODCAST #26 w/Lisa Clements (KOMUSŌ song premiere)***

Upon moving to Vancouver Island, a place we think we'll spend the next decade or two of our lives, my wife Lisa and I did a new podcast to commemorate the occasion. I've also used this as an opportunity to do a soft premiere for the first track from the forthcoming KOMUSŌ cassette EP that I'm releasing on Zegema Beach Records, with Japanese versions being sold at the band's current shows, including a release show last week and another show on Monday. Each part of the podcast is approximately 15 minutes in length and free to download. I will have a proper full EP exclusive premiere for KOMUSŌ this Wednesday June 20th, 2018 which will coincide with ZBR pre-orders of the following:

KOMUSŌ - Komusō cassetteEP (ZBR119)
***60 copies with four tape variants and five cover variants
      *tape variants:
                - 20 clear w/blue+gold glitter
                - 20 rubine red
                - 10 gold plated (painted)
                - 10 silver plated (painted)
      *cover variants (made to order):
                - venus violet (cardstock)
                - lunar blue (cardstock)
                - solar yellow (cardstock)
                - gamma green (cardstock)
                - re-entry red (cardstock)
***4 songs, 2 songs per side
***8 minutes in length
***orders come w/free Komusō sticker + ZBR sticker

.GIF FROM GOD - "Rats" (Lisa)
***exclusive premiere*** KOMUSŌ- "暗宿" (Dave)
12XU - "Salut les Jeunes" (Lisa)

CAPE LIGHT - "yowatari" (Dave)
60659-C - "Convenient" (Lisa)
5000 - "Helpless" (Dave)

- "Elä Sinä Minusta" (Lisa)
BONEFLOWER - "Andromeda" (Dave)
ABHINANDA - "La Musica Continua" (Lisa)

GIRL ARM - "Crimean Crimes" (Dave)



PODCAST #26 linked here

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