Monday 18 June 2018

'If History' by: RAYLEIGH

Year: 2018
For fans ofMahria, Frail Hands, Cavalcades, Heart On My Sleeve and Greyskull.
This post's artist is from the June 2018 Mix. This is track #13.
You can download: the June 2018 Mix#6 right here or get the new July 2018 Mix#7 here.

Review by Thomas Schlatter:

I've been waiting for new RAYLEIGH material for quite some time. It's been five years since the band came up to the surface to give us some new music and I'm pleased the day has finally come. At first listen I can kind of understand why it took 5 years for these songs to come together. Each song is an island unto itself, with a complete world of twists and turns. However, all 11 songs seem to contribute seamlessly to a coherent universe. 

RAYLEIGH demonstrate a dark style of chaotic hardcore on these 11 songs. The songs are dense with dueling guitars, frantic drumming and desperate screams. The abstract lyric style adds to the darker, and should I say, "more epic" tone of the release. Picture a more upbeat/chaotic Buried Inside and then you'd be starting to get a picture of what's going on here. Metallic influences infect the song writing in a very tasteful way; you don't realize that you're listening to chugging guitars and pinch harmonics because the techniques are sowed into the songwriting alongside melody and chaos so well.

With songs ranging from the two minute mark all the way up to six minute epics, RAYLEIGH seem to know when to reel it in and when to go the extra mile. The song writing feels natural in this regard. Surprises such as the piano outro in "Halfmoon Bay" show you that this band has a plan for keeping you guessing. Have a listen to all 11 songs at once to get a full on cinematic experience.

*editor's note: we released the first RAYLEIGH cassette tape, long sold out, linked here



(2018) RAYLEIGH - "Fly in the Ointment" (from 'If History')

(2018) RAYLEIGH - "Pelican Bay" (from 'If History')

(2018) RAYLEIGH - "Tar Horoscope" (from 'If History')


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