Wednesday, 30 December 2020

PODCAST #56 Robbie Hansen (Eyelet/мища)

I remember perusing the CHUG LIFE blog back in 2010 and being extremely impressed by the depth and downloads located on said screamo blog. Eventually I found out that one of the fellas who ran it also played in мища. Soon after I started this blog and interviewed Robbie Hansen for this blog (linked here). Eventually the band broke up and Robbie started playing drums in Alter. After a local screamo band lost their drummer, Robbie said he could fill for Eyelet (reviewed before he joined the band here). After he joined the band full-time I was able to put on a show for them in Hamilton, Ontario (linked here) and even interviewed the band including Tony, which I've embedded below. Theeeeen Zegema Beach released their 'Howling in the Hall' cassette EP that was given away with ZBR orders. Next up? Well, the new goddamn Eyelet 12" LP releases very, this year. Check that podcast for info! Robbie also does two of his own podcasts which are linked below Eyelet. Bands played in this podcast: Confederate Railroad, Age Of Electric, Kidcrash, Off Minor, DEVIII and Ovlov. Listen to podcast #56 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link. And definitely check Zegema Beach, Icorrupt and The Ghost Is Clear tomorrow!!!

EYELET video interview from Sept. 2016:


CONFEDERATE RAILROAD "Trashy Women" (Robbie)
"Remote Control" (Dave)

KIDCRASH "Life Was Real, Vital, Urgent, Important (demo version)" (Robbie)

OFF MINOR "My Recovery" (Dave)

DEVIII ft. FLMMBOiiNT FRDii "Spark Master Tape" (Robbie)
OVLOV "The Valley" (Dave)



PODCAST #56 linked here

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