Friday, 13 November 2020

***Podcast #52 NUVOLASCURA***

One time I met Dom from NUVOLASCURA. Next thing I know I was asked to release their breakout debut 12"LP 'Nuvolascura' in 2019, and we've going hard ever since. Having met all of the band at 2019's ZBR Fest in Vancouver, I can honestly say that each member is a brilliant musician and beautiful human being. I spoke with the band back in August of 2020, discussing a wide variety of topics including the band's best show (an awesome story, too), podcasts, the West Coast scene, their new 'As We Suffer From Memory And Imagination' cassette/12"LP, their top albums of 2020, and lots more. Listen/stream/download podcast #52 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.


LOMA PRIETA - "Carelessnessness" (Taylor)

OSTRACA - "Waiting For The Crash" (Erica)
MOUTHING - "Separating Noise From Stillness(Dave)

VEIL OF MAYA - "We Bow In Its Aura" (Dom)
LA BELLA "Subaltern" (Daniel)
NUVOLASCURA "Now It's Clear" (everyone)


'As We Suffer From Memory And Imagination'


PODCAST #52 linked here

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