Tuesday, 28 July 2020

***PODCAST #48 Dave Cullen (Crowning / Pregnancy Pact / ZBR U.S.A.)***

No one in the screamo community has had more of an impact on me than two people, Jesse Mowery and our musical endeavours together (podcast #45 linked here) and Dave Cullen of Crowning (who head into the studio to record their 12"LP next week!!!) who also heads up the U.S.A. arm of Zegema Beach Records. But let's be honest, he's the body, the arms and at least one leg. After taking the initiative to open ZBR U.S.A. he also began to do promo pictures/videos, art layouts and cassette j-card designs, among other things. Then he took on the brunt of Wax Vessel's shipping for almost a year. Truly a Dave of all trades. It has been incredible knowing this fine human being and running Zegema Beach Records together has led to my dream becoming a reality. I love you brother. Podcast #48 is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.

CHOKE - "Numb Phase" (CanaDave)

NEW GRASS - "Moksha(USofDave)
CIRCLES OVER SIDELIGHTS - "Duderstadt" (CanaDave)

MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS "All We Need is a Little Energon and a Lot of Luck" (USofDave)

VALANDORA - "Cheeky Curve" (CanaDave)
NEW ARMOUR "Sunflower River" (USofDave)
BIG DICK - "Too Hot to Trot" (CanaDave)



PODCAST #48 linked here

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