Sunday 21 October 2018

***BLIND GIRLS exclusive premiere***

"The Ghost In My Eye"
exclusive song premiere
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I've been following BLIND GIRLS for quite some time now, as the band sent me their 'Efflorescence' in late 2014. They've since released more material, gained a member, and preceding their completed 'Residue' album I visited the band on the Gold Coast in Australia earlier this year. So I've essentially been following the progression of the masters for nearly a year, and holy shit am I fucking stoked to finally share the first taste of their 11-song LP with the exclusive premiere of track six, "The Ghost In My Eye".

Before we move on, as both formats are very limited, we've got pre-orders up now for the 12" (black/150) and the tape (red/65), both of which are releasing on Zegema Beach Records and the band.

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Canada/International (here)
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(2018) BLIND GIRLS - "The Ghost In My Eye" (from 'Residue')
The song begins with tranquil guitar effects that seem as if they'll stretch on forever, but after the 30-second mark that peace is shredded and exchanged for passionately screamed vocals over top of ridiculous drumming and Euro-inspired ax-work. The song hits a swing at 57 seconds and rides that momentum until a much-needed catching of breath from 1:20 to 1:46 and then...and then holy shit. The song dives like an arrow from the heavens with A) phenomenal guitarwork, B) incredible cohesiveness and C) unworldy speed. That parts takes my breath away even now, after 20+ listens. There are 10 more tracks on this record and this isn't even my favourite. Expect more premieres from the band soon on blogs Apathy & Exhaustion, Sophie's Floorboard and Heavy Blog Is Heavy as well as a full album review by Jesse Mowery right here on OMSB.

If you have the chance catch BLIND GIRLS on tour with their new record in Japan with fellow Zegema Beach bands Sans Visage and Komusō.


'Residue' teaser trailer

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