Sunday, 14 October 2018

***PODCAST #28 w/Sean Warkentine + Adrian Copeland (An Ant And An Atom + Alder & Ash)***

In July of 2018 we had the first visitors to our Nanaimo home, as Sean Warkentine aka AN ANT AND AN ATOM and Adrian Copeland aka ALDER & ASH stayed over during their summer quest together that should have been called the "So Many Fucking As" tour. Both play genres that are out of my current grasp of proper comparisons, so I will just say they both play noise music with drone and doom undertones. In this four-part podcast we discuss a myriad of things and it comes off as the most intellectually stimulating of the 28 casts of pod this far. Be sure to check out band of their bandcamp and social media pages, and I've also got videos of An Ant And An Atom playing live at ZBR Fest linked here.

An Ant And An Atom (Bandcamp / Facebook / Sean's other band Touching God)
Alder & Ash (Bandcamp / Facebook / Official website )

HIRETSUKAN - "19 Year Barrier" (Adrian)
TODAY IS THE DAY - "The Cold Harshness of Being Wrong Throughout Your Entire Life" (Sean)
BUCKET FULL OF TEETH- "Capital Distracts and Imprisons" (Dave)

SHOSTAKOVICH - "String Quartet No 10, in A flat, Op. 118 - 2nd movement" (Adrian)
ARCA - "Alive" (Sean)

CARLOS CIPA- "Wide and Moving" (Dave)
MEMOTONE - "Ritual" (Adrian)

FOOD FOR ANIMALS - "Tween My Lips" (Sean)
GEZAN - "Man Machine" (Sean)

TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR - "Wartime at the Apollo" (Dave)
METH. - "The Mother's Garden" (Dave)



PODCAST #28 linked here

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