Monday, 8 October 2018

***TEN MILLION SPIDERS exclusive premiere***

"Chaos to the Fly"
exclusive EP premiere

For fans of: Yung Nat$, Black Flag, Christian Death, Rudimentary Peni, Moss Icon, Ink And Dagger, The VSS, Antioch Arrow, Synodus Horrenda and John Carpenter

TEN MILLION SPIDERS is a new band formed in Baltimore, Maryland during 2018. It features members of Synodus Horrenda, StaleA/N/D as well as Lovers Touch and the four songs were recorded and mastered by Matt Redenbo (of Eyelet) in Hagerstown. The EP releases October 19th, 2018 on New York City's Serenity Now Tapes and I am pumped to share these new songs with you below. Expect dark, brooding, synthy hardcore influenced by the likes of Christian Death, Moss Icon, Ink And Dagger, The VSS and Antioch Arrow. You can pre-order the tape here.

(2018) TEN MILLION SPIDERS - 1 - "Chaos to the Fly" (from 'Chaos to the Fly')

(2018) TEN MILLION SPIDERS - 2 - "Puppeteer" (from 'Chaos to the Fly')

(2018) TEN MILLION SPIDERS - 3 - "Hog Hunter" (from 'Chaos to the Fly')

(2018) TEN MILLION SPIDERS - 4 - "Eyes Sewn Shut" (from 'Chaos to the Fly')

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