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GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal / Sludge
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CountryBregens AUSTRIA
Years Active2005-present
Song: "Neither Flesh Nor Lust"
Album: "Thought Leader"
Year: 2013
For fans ofLentic Waters, Perth Express, Trainwreck, I Am A Curse, Euglena, Rosetta, Furnace, Spires, Birds In Row, Cult Of Luna, IsisRuined FamilesThe Baroness, Niboowin, Envy, Gray Ghost, Aporia, Knut, Breag Naofa, Kowloon Walled City and Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems.
Label(s): Synalgie Records / Aphel Records / From A Strangers Hand / Digital Kunstrasen / Ape Must Not Kill Ape / Per Koro
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I must have first heard I NOT DANCE when I collected the vinyl discography of Mr. Willis Of Ohio back in the late 2000s, as they did a split LP is 2007. Fast forward to late 2017 and I started jamming 'Thought Leader' a lot and that's when I decided to do this review.

In 2005 the band formed and quickly released the 'You Make Us Nervous Both Ways' cdEP. I've never heard it. They also released a 'Demo Spring '06' cdr. Again, never heard it. But in 2007 I picked up the aforementioned split 12" which is definitely a good starting point. You will find the "Mouths Open" demo here, as well as a longer demo version with a lush, instrumental opening of "What is Real...?" (both of which appear on the 2008 LP) and a third song titled "Black". The closer/exclusive track is a noisy and righteous jam that is the first song by the band that really steps outside the hardcore boundaries without losing sight of their true talents.

2008 showed I NOT DANCE creating and releasing some excellent music, as opener "time machine" on 'So You Think You Can Stop Me and Spit It My Eyes' houses some very progressive instrumentals but still brings the house down, and definitely reminds me of the stuff Lentic Waters did on 'The Path'. "what is real" and "mouths open" are punches to the facehole, as it the first half of "of mice and men", but the second half is much slower post-rock. "running madness" is a longer, brooding post-hardcore/post-metal tune and finale "in my eyes" is five-and-a-half minutes of ambient noise. This record has it all and is definitely a contender for best I NOT DANCE release.

On 2010's 'Holy' I am reminded most of Perth Express, early Lentic Waters and I Am A Curse. Opener "holy" is definitely one of the best I NOT DANCE songs, unrelenting in nature and boasting some awesome dual vocals to tie up an epic and concise conclusion. "blessed" is long, loud and sludgy while "+" is an ambient interlude. "cursed" is another bombshell that has some awesome, violently spacey guitar stuff happening amidst the chaos as well as some ridiculous bass riffs halfway thru. This EP concludes with "dead" aka another rollicking good time, making the release a perfect precursor to their penultimate full length unleashed three years later.

Leading up beautifully to the double LP is the 'Blckwvs split' 7" that contains the initial release and premiere of "Old Friends" (a phenomenal track that shows up on the 'Thought Leader').

I find myself coming back to 2013's 2x12"LP and quintessential I NOT DANCE release 'Thought Leader'. This thing brings it in all the good ways. Opener "Neither Flesh Nor Lust" is an amazing song that any Lentic Waters, Trainwreck and Perth Express fan will enjoy, and you may even notice the Our Lady Peace-esque guitar riff that takes hold at the 45-second mark. My wife and I come home from drives singing "Naveed" after that shit. Regardless it's my favourite I NOT DANCE song for sure. There isn't a bad track here, but "Face It", "Through All of You", "Old Friend", "All The Roads We Left Behind" and "The End...The Ground" are all certified fire.

The newest album 'We Are Guilty and So Are You' is a partial departure from their sound, at least during the opening track, but then directly after they tear shit up again with "Polarity" and utterly destroy on "Gloom"...for the first half at least. There are also some longer, epic post-everything tracks like "Gladiator" and "We Are Guilty" but my personal favourite is the banger that is "Cut You Down" which gives me a Birds In Row kinda vibe.

Based on the band's facebook page, I'm under the assumption that they are writing and likely recording new material in the near future. Excited!


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's 2007-2015 discography in mp3 form.

2005 - You Make Us Nervous Both Ways cdEP (if you have this please upload it!)

2006 - Demo Spring '06 cdrEP (if you have this please upload it!)

2007 - Mr. Willis Of Ohio split 12"EP (download here)

2008 - So You Think You Can Stop Me and Spit In My Eyes 12"LP (stream/download here)

2010 - Holy 10"EP (stream/download here)

2012 - Blckwvs split 7"EP (stream/donate/download here)

2013 - Thought Leader 2x12"LP (stream/download here)

2015 - We Are Guilty and So Are You 12"LP (stream/download here)


(2015) I NOT DANCE - "Cut You Down" (from 'We Are Guilty and So Are You')

(2015) I NOT DANCE - "Polarity" (from 'We Are Guilty and So Are You')

(2013) I NOT DANCE - "Neither Flesh Nor Lust" (from 'Thought Leader')

(2013) I NOT DANCE - "Face It" (from 'Thought Leader')

(2013) I NOT DANCE - "All The Roads We Left Behind" (from 'Thought Leader')

(2012) I NOT DANCE - "Old Friend" (from 'Blckwvs' split)
coming soon

(2010) I NOT DANCE - "Cursed" (from 'Holy')

(2010) I NOT DANCE - "Holy" (from 'Holy')

(2008) I NOT DANCE - "Empty Could Queens" (from 'So You Think You Can Stop Me and Spit In My Eyes')

(2008) I NOT DANCE - "Mouths Open" (from 'So You Think You Can Stop Me and Spit In My Eyes')

(2008) I NOT DANCE - "Of Mice and Men" (from 'So You Think You Can Stop Me and Spit In My Eyes')

(2007) I NOT DANCE - "Black" (from 'Mr. Willis Of Ohio' split)


I NOT DANCE 2007-2015 mp3 discography download / additional links


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