Wednesday 26 June 2013


This post's artist is from the May 2013 Mix, this is track #23.

Band: VAUX
Genres: Post-Hardcore / Punk / Screamo / Rock
Related artists: Eiffel.
Country: Denver, USA
Years Active: 1997-2007
Song: "Fame"
Album: There Must Be Some Way To Stop Them
Year: 2003
For fans of: Radiohead, Since by Man, Thrice, Vendetta Red, The Blood Brothers, Cave In and Codeseven.

I saw VAUX play the Warped Tour before it became a sham, and they were fantastic live - so I bought the album 'There Must Be Some Way To Stop Them' after their set and have been hooked ever since.

VAUX were a band that everyone who likes Radiohead or Thrice should know about. Because their material was released on labels that didn't properly promote the band - they never got proper backing and, for the most part, missed their target market. To describe the band's sound, if you can imagine Radiohead's 'The Bends' and 'OK Computer' meets Thrice's 'Illusion of Safety' era post-hardcore/metal - you're on the right track.

Honestly, VAUX were an extremely underrated band. Their early work is much harder, but as the band approached their final release, it was obvious that they had undergone a very gradual transformation into a hybrid of rock and post-hardcore that is accessible to every music lover that likes alternative/rock/indie/punk/metal/screamo/etc.

The two albums that showcase the band's split personality are the only two full length records that VAUX recorded, so I would suggest starting there. Also, make sure you try the embedded tracks a few times - as I'm sure the band will grow on you. Quickly.

The first 3 releases were under the band's initial name, EIFFEL
1998 - To Write a Symphony 7" (if anyone has this, please let me know!)

1999 - Audiblenarcotic cd (if anyone has this, please let me know!)

2002 - On Life: Living cdEP

2003 - There Must Be Some Way To Stop Them cdLP

2004 - Plague Music cdEP

2005 - Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice cdLP

2006 - Are You With Me cdEP (Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice bonus tracks)

youtube )))))embedded audio/video((((( link

VAUX - "Are You With Me" (from 'Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice') OFFICIAL
*disclaimer - super cheese video (it's for a John Travolta movie)
VAUX - "Plague Music" (from 'Plague Music') LIVE

VAUX - "Ride Out Bitch" (from 'There Must Be Some Way To Stop Them') audio

VAUX - "To The End" (from 'On Life: Living') audio


There's a good biography covering the band's existence )==> HERE


  1. Would it be possible for you to re-up the discography ?

  2. Doubt you're still looking after all this time, but I've posted a FLAC copy of Eiffel's Audiblenarcotic album to my blog: