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This post's artist is from the May 2013 Mix, this is track #1.

Genres: Rock / Indie / Emo / Punk Rock / Folk
Related artists: Right Away, Great Captain, Bad Books, Gobotron, Alaska Him Nicely, Kevin Devine, Brand New, Colour Revolt, and All Get Out.
Country: Georgia, USA
Years Active: 2004-present
Song: Simple Math
Album: Simple Math
Year: 2011
For fans of: Bright Eyes, Nada Surf, Harvey Danger and even The Barenaked Ladies.

If you haven't heard MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA, start right here, and be blown leaves.

MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA play an excellent blend of rock, alternative, punk and pop - which, as of late - are aurally displayed in epic, thematic albums. The band's last two full lengths have garnered some much-deserved attention, and would be the starting point that I would suggest for anyone looking to test out this band.

To be a bit more general, they play a very epic style of alternative rock. They are able to equally embrace subtle, quieter moments and heavy, driving passages. I would liken them to a heavier and darker Nada Surf. This is a band, truly, for anyone who enjoys emotional, catchy and intelligent rock music.

As stated earlier, I would strongly suggest starting with the 'Everything to Nothing' and 'Simple Math' first because the band really honed their sound in 2008. The first two EPs sound lighter, thinner an pack less of a punch - but do have a few decent songs, most notably "Slow to Learn" and "I'd Rather Have". Technically, 'Nobody Sings Anymore' was the band's first album, but is dismissed by the band as not being properly representative of MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA's musical direction, and has never been officially released. It is available online.

'I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child' found the band maturing and evolving their sound, while simultaneously crafting their own unique style. The epic closer "Colly Strings", the lullaby that is "Where Have You Been" and the catchiness of "I Can Barely Breathe" (which will have you singing, "When I fly solo, I fly so high" all freaking day), all embody the greatness that MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA have slathered their last two records in.

Lastly, I must say that Andy Hull is an amazing lyricist. The new albums are concept records and, obviously, are very well-thought out and well-written - but he grabbed my attention back in 2005 with lines like, "I'd rather have a punctured lung than waste my breath on you. I'd have rather have a broken arm then put my arms around you." Very emo. Good stuff, though.


2004 - 5 Stories cdEP

2005 - You Brainstorm, I Brainstorm. But Brilliance Needs A Good Editor cdEP
2005 - Nobody Sings Anymore not officially released/digital only release

2006 - I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child cd/12"LP

2007 - Wolves at Night cd/7" single (includes "Sacred Hearts")
2007 - Annuals split 7" (includes "Brother")

2008 - Let My Pride Be What's Left Behind cdEP/DVD (basically a demo/teaser for METN
           includes "I Was a  Lid", one of their best songs)

2009 - Mean Everything To Nothing cdLP
2009 - Fourteen Years Of Excellence cdEP (unreleased tracks from METN)
2009 - I've Got Friends single cd/7" single (includes "I Was a Lid")

2010 - Live at Park Ave. cdEP (acoustic)

2011 - Simple Math cd/12"LP
2011 - Simple Math 7" single (includes "The Plan")

2013 - Grouplove/Frightened Rabbit collaboration 12"EP
2013 - Thrice / O'Brother collaboration 12"EP

youtube (((((official music video))))) links

MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA - "Virgin" (from 'Simple Math')

MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA - "Simple Math" (from 'Simple Math')

MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA - I've Got Friends (from 'Mean Everything to Nothing')

MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA - Shake It Out (from 'Mean Everything to Nothing')

MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA - "I Can Feel a Hot One" (from 'Mean Everything to Nothing')

MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA - "I Can Feel a Hot One" (from 'Mean Everything to Nothing')

MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA - "Where Have You Been" (from 'I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child'

MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA - "I Can Barely Breathe" (from 'I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child'
MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA - "Golden Ticket" (from 'I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child'

To listen to 12 of their newer songs on myspace, click below.

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