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This post's artist is from the May 2013 Mix, this is track #13.

Genres: Screamo / Post-Hardcore / Punk Rock
Related artists: Lifeswallower, In Tongues, Heartwarmer, Tightwolf, Black Walls and August Moon.
Country: Kentucky, USA
Years Active: 2001-2004
Song: Cops
Album: Collection
Year: 2004
For fans of: Every good "hard" band that's ever existed.

KODAN ARMADA has got to be in the top 10 'relatively unknown bands' of all time. They could literally cross most punk/rock/hardcore/metal/screamo genres, and do so in a single song! I could sit and type my fingers through my keyboard and into my desk about this band, their amazingness, their ability to style-hop and their extremely short-lived career - but I would never be able to do them justice. Instead, I will do some comparisons in a vain attempt to hook fans of the following bands:

-Loma Prieta )=> listen to "Bullshit Buffet" and get your ass kicked in only 56 seconds - Who knows how many vocalists. Mayhem. Destruction.

-La Quiete and Neil Perry )=> listen to "Death Wears a Necktie" for great European screamo riffing that ends in a phenomenal bouncy and driving segment that Neil Perry fans will shit their pants over.

-Alexisonfire )=> listen to "" to hear what Alexisonfire could have been like if they got rid of almost all of their clean singing parts.

-Dear Tonight )=> listen to "Short Walks Down Long Roads" for very similar sounding vocals, and to attempt to digest one of KODAN ARMADA's amalgamation songs (a song where they have a riff from just about every genre).

-Orchid )=> listen to "Cops" for the greatest KODAN ARMADA song ever.

-Fear Before (the march of flames) )=> listen to "Say Something" for what I would assume was the band's closer at every show.

Almost all of their tracks are compiled on the 'Discography' cd that I have posted for download. On said cd, they also have live song explanations as introductions to each track. The releases found on this cd are the vinyl versions of the songs on the splits with Montcalm, Pretty Faces, What's Yr Damage? and Gospel. They also released 'Ohio Killed the Grey Ghost', which I only just found out about while researching for this post!

I have nothing else to say, except DOWNLOAD THE 'COLLECTIONS' ALBUM!!! You will not regret it. Plus, you will get those stupid, pesky and elusive scene points.

2003 - Ohio Killed the Grey Ghost cd (download full album here)

2004 - Collection cd/data disc with live video (download full album here)

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embedded are the tracks I have not linked already in the post above:

KODAN ARMADA - No Has Never Had 3 Letters


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KODAN ARMADA - The Butterfly Effect
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