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This post's artist is from the May 2013 Mix, this is track #9.

Genres: Post-Hardcore / Punk / Math Rock / Experimental
Related artists: Decahedron and The Black Sea.
Country: Washington, USA
Years Active: 1993-1999, 2009
Song: "The Earth Isn't Humming"
Album: ...And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea cd
Year: 2000
For fans of: These Arms Are Snakes, Decahendron, A Day In Black And White, Aeges, Apollo 18, Caravels, Cave In, Thrice (they did cover a FRODUS song), Christiansen, Criteria, Filter, The Impossibles and Nada Surf.

FRODUS was a mediocre rock band until they recorded and 'And We Washed Our Weapons In the Sea' - which back in 2000, was way ahead of its time.

The band had a relatively long and illustrious career, which spanned almost a decade over 10 releases - and was headed primarily by Shelby Cinca, who, post-FRODUS, created The Black Sea. They had to change their name to Decahedron, which basically sounds FRODUS 2.0 (in a good and bad way).

'And We Washed Our Weapons In the Sea' is the album I will quickly focus on, because their older material is inconsistent, varied and lacks character. That's obviously okay, because it acted as the cocoon for their final release. Boasting a minimal 3 members, FRODUS played a cross of shoegaze indie rock meets post-hardcore. The drums keep a very slow and deliberate beat, followed by subtle guitar tones and thunderous bass riffs, with everything culminating in one of two things:
1 - a very catchy chorus with some sweet guitar licks and clean vocals
2 - a throttling breakdown, followed by more powerful crescendos and screams galore
To give you a better understanding, here is their lighter stuff:
FRODUS - "The Earth Isn't Humming"
FRODUS - "6/99"
And here is their harder stuff:
FRODUS - "The Red Bull of Bull of Juarez"
 FRODUS - "The Awesome Machine"
FRODUS - "Year of the Hex"
...and a LIVE VIDEO from back in 1998! Ahead of their time, much?
FRODUS - "The Awesome Machine"

"The machines never died. We will be vindicated!!!"
-The Awesome Machine (FRODUS)
Their discography is huge, I only dig the last one and I'm lazy. Get their discography here.

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Check above, ya douche-bag.

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