Thursday 6 June 2013


This post's artist is from the May 2013 Mix, this is track #24.

Genres: Post-Hardcore / Metal / Punk Rock / Sludge / Crust
Country: Chicago, US
Song: Final Throes
Album: I
Year: 2012
Related artists: N/A
For fans of: Akimbo, Officer Jones and His Patrol Car Problems, Circles Over Sidelights,
                   Doomriders, The Catalyst, Maximum RnR and Every Time I Die 

Let's be honest, that's one very strange band name. Self-proclaimed metal/post-hardcore/punk rock act, ARBOGAST, live up to whatever hype is flying around at the moment. Equal parts gritty punk, powerful metal and mathy post-hardcore, their latest album 'I' inspired me to include them in this month's mix and reviews.

Their first split 7" is comprised of 3 tracks that rely much more on Black Sabbath style heavy riffing than their later material and is not unlike an unpolished version of The Sword or Red Fang. The song "...of Death" captures these similarities to a T.

Their 3 song, self-titled cd bridges the gap, and loses a bit of the punk and metal in favour of more post-hardcore leanings such as Tigershark and Circles Over Sidelights, while utilizing some insane drumming (see "Spirit of the Day" which is not unlike Ben Koller from Converge. That's the best compliment I can give a drummer. Koller puts god to shame.

The 'I' album is what really got me giddy. After hearing 'Final Throes' and 'Unnamed Guns', I nearly shat my pants. These tracks are far superior to the rest of the album, in my opinion, but I think that may be because the other tracks are much grittier and don't pack the same kind of punch - especially considering how phenomenal the breakdown at 1:10 in 'Final Throes' is, which is very reminiscent of Botch, and Doomriders. I also hear some Maximum RnR and The Catalyst, as they incorporate punk by using yelled gang vocals and the overall feel of the album seems to be rooted in punk rock.

I am eagerly awaiting a new release and North American tour. (Toronto, please!)

2012 - cd (stream/download here)

2011 - Arbogast cdEP (stream/buy here)

2010 - A Fucking Elelephant split 7" (stream/buy here)

2009 - Demo cdEP (PURCHASE HERE)

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ARBOGAST - Final Throes

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