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This post's artist is from the May 2013 Mix, this is track #14.

Genres: Garage Rock / Hardcore / Punk
Related artists: The Minor Times.
Country: Philadelphia, USA
Years Active: 2009-present
Song: "Divorce Drugs"
Album: 'Forget English'
Year: 2010
For fans of: Rye Coalition, Maximum R'n'R, The Minor Times, Drummers, Ultra Dolphins and Snack Truck.

"That's why it's called... that's why it's called... that's why we call this the past."

LADDER DEVILS first caught my attention in 2011 after releasing their debut EP, 'Forget English'. Considering they are 50% The Minor Times, who were a phenomenal Botch-style post hardcore band, my ears perked up. The EP was decent enough, especially considering it was the band's first solo release. The band straddles a fine line between Minor Times' style riffing and occasional breakdowns, coupled with a punk/garagey feel ala Drummers, Rye Coalition and Snack Truck/Ultra Dolphins. The vocals are generally yelled in unison by numerous band members and compliment the jarring and bass-driven instrumentals.

To be honest, the first EP left me salivating, while the second EP was a bit of a let down. They turned the Rye Coalition way up, which is more than apparent 10 seconds in to "Kids Get Meaner" - but this is the high point of 'Nowhere Plans', and it doesn't have the intensity of "Get OK" from 'Forget English'. The rest of the EP is decent, but, stylistically (for my taste, at least) it just doesn't hold up to their debut. My issues are; definitely part recording, as the instrumentals can't muster the sufficient power, and the vocals - which are dirtier and remind me of Maximum R'n'R.

Lastly, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, the song "Divorce Drugs". It's fucking incredible.
Get destroyed by "Divorce Drugs" in this amazing live video with two cameras.

2010 - Forget English digital-only EP release (stream/download/buy)
2010 - Kowloon Walled City / Fight Amp split 12"LP (stream)

2012 - Nowhere Plans 12"LP (stream/download/buy)

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LADDER DEVILS - "Get OK" (from 'Nowhere Plans')

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